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Alternating Current
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AC has at least four advantages over DC in a power distribution grid:

1.AC suffers from significantly less line loss than DC when transmitted over long distances because it is easy to step it up to extremely high  voltages.

2.Large electrical generators happen to generate AC naturally, so conversion to DC would involve an  extra step.

3.Transformers must have alternating current to operate, and the power distribution grid depends on transformers.

4.It is easy to convert AC to DC but expensive to convert DC to AC, so if you were going to pick one or the other AC would be the better choice of the two.  The power plant therefore produces AC. However, it produces three different phases of power simultaneously, and the 3 phases are offset 120 degrees from each other. Out of every power plant comes 4 wires: the 3 phases plus a neutral or ground common to all 3.


internal linkflow of electrical current which increases to a maximum in one direction, decreases to internal linkzero, and then reverses direction and reaches maximum in the  other direction and back to zero. The cycle is repeated continuously. The number of such cycles per second is equal to the internal linkfrequency and is measured in ‘’Hertz’’. U.S. commercial power is 60 Hertz (i.e. 60 cycles per second).

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 These structures are in essence made up by two identical interconnected graphs representing one of the basic elements of Western ideography, 14:9. Ideographically, 14:1 is a sign for one complete internal linkoscillationor one whole wave. If we take the straight line as our graphic reference, then the complete wave of a guitar string when strummed, will move back and forth above and below the straight line, graphically 35:1 (the sign for frequency). Consequently, 14:1 represents all types of internal linkwaves in Western ideography.
    In musical notation 14:1 stands for grupetto, i.e. that one should play a group of four notes, the note above, the note itself, the note below, and the note itself.
  In eighteenth-century chemistry 14:1 meant solvere, to dissolve, and solutio, or solution
  In propositional logic, 14:1 P means that the opposite of P is true
  In internal linkelectrical contexts 14:1 stands for alternating current
  In dictionaries 14:1 stands for words that have been referred to earlier or indicates that a term or expression is interchangeable with another.
  In mathematics 14:1 can stand for varies as, is similar to, or is a complement of.
  In Spanish and Portuguese writing 14:1 used over certain letters indicates a certain pronunciation and is called tilde
  In meteorology 14:1 has been, or is used to indicate ice or a coating of ice. The latter is also drawn 14:1 and 36:4.
  In genealogical contexts 14:1 and 14:1 can mean baptized.


14:5 · When14:1 is doubled it stands in mathematics for approximately the same as.
  In the context of electricity 14:5 can mean alternating current, or, in specific situations, alternating current that is within the audible frequency range.


This ideogram is used in some mathematical, geometrical and other sign systems with the meaning internal linkisomorph with or congruent with, i.e. of the same form as. It can also mean approximately equal to. Taking the equals sign10:7, as a starting point, the upper line has been replaced by the sign for a complete oscillation,14:1.
  This implies an equality in one internal linkdimension and a variance in the dimension of quantity.
  Compare with 35:1 for frequency. 
  In electrical contexts 18:23 signifies alternating current, which also can be drawn 14:114:5, and 14:6
  The sign 14:1 often appears in unexpected places, for example in , one of the many Jesus monograms of the type beginning to be used in the seventh century. In Latin the monogram IHS can be interpreted as I(n) H(oc) S(igno) vinces, that is, In This Sign You Will Be Victorious, or I(esus) H(ominem) S(alvator), that is Jesus, Saviour of Men. As 14:1 is the sign representing a complete oscillation, it might be that 14:1 in  refers to Christ's defeat and victory, death and resurrection.


This ideogram is often used to represent alternating current and sometimes frequency. With the former meaning 53:31 is synonymous with 14:514:6 and 18:23, whereas frequency can also be drawn as 35:1.
  Note that 14:1 is the sign for one whole wave or oscillation.


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