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Barron Burrow
This nOde last updated December 3rd, 2001 and is permanently morphing...
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Jon Leftwich wrote (Fri, 30 Jan 1998 11:46:43 -0600):

>BB -- I've been holding this Posting for some time just
>so I could give some thought to the dynamics involved
>and see if I might shed some internal linklight on this matter --
>    it seems to me that some folks simply feel that
>the degree of their personal acumen is so much greater
>and so far superior to that of others that they are justified
>in clinging to life while those who differ with them obviously
>have lesser acumen and Noetic prowess and therefore have
>no right to cling to life and occupy space and ground needed
>by the peer-group of Mutual Admiration Societies!

You're a painter, Jon, an artist in colour and internal linkfractal-form(self-similarity at all levels of scale) and true humanity, and you understand these things.Revolutions are *nonlinear* in the 4th-dimension, they break allthe clocks. But those who are too literal, and stuck in linear internal linktime, blame the messenger :-) Lawrence Crowell's gif of his cat was just about 'dead' space and time.  Whereas that portrait of yours of a young girl was majestically dignified and rich in the depths of silence it evoked -- it made me *feel*that spaceand time are Real Beings.

It was Mitchell Feigenbaum who discovered that there exists a universal constant (scaling) in internal linkchaotic/turbulent systems.  And it was he too who realised that the only things that can be universal, in a sense, are scaling things.  It's the human scale, and self-similarity that matter, in our case.  One has to look for scaling structures, how the big details relate to the little ones.  And speaking speaking specifically about art, hesays:

"In a way, art is about the way the world looks to human beings. It's abundantly obvious that one doesn't know the world about us in detail.What artists have realized is that there is only a small amount of stuff that's important ... you can study the horizons in Dutch inkdrawings from around 1600, with tiny trees and cows that look very real [and] if you look closely, the trees have sort of leafy boundaries, but it doesn't work if that's all it is -- there are also, sticking in it, little pieces of twiglike stuff.  There's a definite interplay between the softer textures and the things with more definite lines.  Somehow the combination gives the correct internal linkperception.  With Ruysdael and Turner, if you look at the way they construct complicated internal linkwater, it is clearly done in an iterative way. There's some level of stuff, and then stuff painted on top of that, and then corrections to that.  Turbulent fluids for those painters is always something with a scaling idea in it.
Information in formation


"I really do want to know how to describe clouds.  But to say there's a piece over here with that much detailed internal linkinformation, I think is wrong. It's certainly not how a human being sees those things, and it's not how an artist perceives them.  Somehow the business of writing down partial differential equations is not to have done the work on the problem" (quoted in internal link_Chaos_  (1987) atomjacked inventory cache by J. Gleick, Heinemann).
Chaos by James Gleick

In other words, to understand iteration and (human)scaling, as an artist does, you first have to 'let go' -- and experience chaos.In which case, art is a realisation of the notion that "anarchy (from Gr.*anarchos*, meaning 'without a ruler') is order".  And all the rest is ego: hierarchy.The world organises itself humanly, it would seem, if you are yourself authentically human.

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Ed Weinmann wrote (Thu, 22 Jan 1998 01:12:35 -0500):
>At 08:48 AM 1/22/98 +0800, Peter Fimmel wrote:
>>Jack S ties his warp drive hypotheses into internal linkBohm's qm interpretation and his
>>"uncanny encounter" to internal linkJacques Vallee's theory.
Jacques Vallee DNA

>>In comparison to the passage above J S's stuff on flying saucers and his
>>hopes for warp drives etc is positively meaningful. This is especially so
>>in view of its first line. In contrast for example, what does the following
>>bald assertion amount to?
>>"through the medium of "extra-corporeal 'internal linkDNA'", as it were (which
>>after all is all the written word is)"
>>What does all this mean? What are we to make of it? This is not remotely


Regarding "extra-corporeal 'DNA'", let me quote from "Life on Earth: A Natural History" by Sir David Attenborough (world-famous for his presentation of BBC TV programmes on this subject) (William Collins & Sons, 1979):

"Today, our internal linklibraries+, the descendants of those mud tablets, can be regarded as immense communal brains, memorising far more than any one human brain could hold.  More than that, they can be seen as EXTRA-CORPOREAL DNA, adjuncts to our genetical inheritance as important and influential in determining the way we behave as the chromosones in our tissues are in determining the physical shape of our bodies" (p. 308; my capitals).

Got that so far, Peter?

Okay.  Now think of a book like the internal linkI Ching (attributed to Lao-Tse), which has lasted for over 3,000 years. As such, from Attenborough's standpoint it comprises a kind of  'extra-corporeal. internal linkC.G. Jung (who worked very productively for some years with Nobel laureate for Physics, Wolfgang Pauli) summed up the I Ching's special significance, firstly, by noting that Chinese 'science' has not been based upon the principle of causality -- for, AS IN  modern physics, here causality is internal linkperceived as being only RELATIVE:
I Ching Carl Jung

"The East bases its thinking and its evaluation of facts on another principle.  We have not even a word for that principle.  The [right-brain] East naturally has a word for it, but we do not understand it.

The Eastern word is internal linkTaoTao.  My friend McDougall has a Chinese student, and he asked him:
'What do you mean by Tao?'  Typically [left brain] Western!  The Chinese explained what Tao is, and he replied: 'I do not understand yet'.The Chinese went out to the balcony and said: 'What do you see?'  'I see a street and houses and people walking and tram-cars passing'. 'What more?' 'There is a hill'.  'What more?'  'Trees'.  'What more?'   'The wind is blowing'.  The Chinese threw up his arms and said: 'That is Tao'.

"There you are.  Tao can be anything.  I use another word to designate it, but it is poor enough.    I call it internal linksynchronicity.  The Eastern mind, when it looks at an ensemble of facts [i.e. in terms of RHinternal linkfractal/sentient internal linktime], accepts that ensemble as it is, but the Western mind divides it into entities, small quantities.  The Chinese mind experiments with that being together and coming together at the right internal linkmoment, and it has an experimental method that is not known in the [left brain] West, but which plays a large role in the philosophy of the [right brain] East.  It is a method of forecasting possibilities, and it is still used by the internal linkJapanese Government about political situations; it was used, for instance, in the Great War. This method was formulated in 1143 B.C." [Cf. The I Ching or Book of Changes tr. Wilhelm/Baynes, 3rd edn., introduction, p. liii.] (Analytical Psychology: The Theory & Practice: The Tavistock Lectures, 1935; Routledge & Kegan Paul, 1968).  There are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, giving the numbers 64 x 6 'possibilities' The numbers 64 and 6 are prominent in my 12-dimensional psychophysical model (i.e. divide the internal linkgravity in each higher dimension by its complementary opposite and one finds that the ratio is 1/64 -- and there are 6 of these complentaries).  And it was the great physicist Matti Pitkanen who informed me that not only are there 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, but also that he had devised a rigorously mathematical 'association sequence' for the genetic code (cf. the 64-DNA triplets) that also took account of the fact that the upper bound for the number N(AA) of DNA triplets coding to a given amino acid AA is 6.  In other words, he had constructed a model of the genetic code in which the numbers 64 and 6 emerge naturally! Moreover, he did not believe that these numbers were "randomly determined" -- for he also pointed out that these numbers, 64 and 6, are the fundamental ones in the I Ching.

And he believed that the details of the "association code" that he had hit upon were truly a result of internal linkevolution.  Thus, it seems to me, the fact that 64 and 6 are of such significance to the 12-dimensional psychophysical model also, could hardly be without significance.  (Another theoretical physicist, Jack Sarfatti did not agree, and at this point  departed the list :-)  Now some months later, my nose was pointed in the direction of Chris Lofting's homepage -- and to my delight I found that his dichotomous analysis (one:many mapping) of the 64-bit binary tree also involved 6 (time) levels, which could be seen as a "universal template for metaphor".  His extraordinary and revolutionary one:many mapping of the 64-bit binary tree can be shown to 'explain':

It is abundantly clear that Chris Lofting's work validates and complements my own, in crucial ways.  His "universal template for metaphor" has the 64-bit binary tree to (six) internal linktime levels -- but if one ascends from this '6th-dimension' to the next level, my model shows that here the '7th-dimension' represents the "observer" -- which is in turn 1/64th of the gravitation in the opposite 1st-dimension, a string (with potentialyinternal linkinfinite   _internal linkgravity) -- and that (on a  symmetrically-divided sphere)  there is a total of 12-dimensions in all.  In my own work, I relate this to the 12-note chromatic scale.  And all this begins to tie in with the notion of Brian Josephson' (whom you will know as a Nobel prize-winner for Physics) that life may owe its origin to an "aesthetic subsystem" generated from atomic spectra. (As I was saying recently, he and I have exchanged correspondence on this.)  In fact, before I came across Josephson's work, I had already demonstrated that Life could have arisen as a consequence of Gibbs free energy acquired by chemical clocks (far-from-equilibrium systems) that thrust the system upwards through the pairs of complementaryinternal linkdimensions, till they have reached the 6th-/12th-dimension complementarity (where Life could have begun through the creation of Proper Crystal Genes (which A.G. Cairns-Smith has argued would appear to be a necessary precursor to actual RNA/DNA).

Science has not solved the problem of where qualia "come from". The 12-d psychophysical model postulates that they existed at the internal linkphoton  and string level since the big bang; and that if you posit them from the outset a 12-dimensional psychophysical model of cosmogony, Life and internal linkevolution follows as night follows day.

You make clear that you have a professional/financial -- and perhaps psychological -- prejudice in favour of the standard model, and 'hard science' generally.  So you may be tempted to somehow "avoid" seeing the facts in their totality.  Or you may simply be incapable at present of experiencing your own consiousness as a space-time event -- and thereby be incapable of experiencing the full pleroma of the universe ... It is a wonderful feeling (on a good day).  But, according to the psychoneurological (left/right brain) component of the model that I personally began with, due to the factor of suppresssion and repression you yourself may "block out" any desire to experience "the music of the spheres".  All of our modern Western science would seem to have begun with the internal linkSumero-Chaldeans' and Babylonians' mapping of the Zodiacal heavens in the "fossil science" of 12-d astrology (which Lofting also shows can be analysed in terms of his 'universal template'); and this epoch in history (Campbell shows, vide The Masks of God) also marked the transition from right  brain)matriarchy to (left brain) patriarchy -- accompanied by a new concomitant emphasis on the dimension of internal linkTimeinternal linkNewton postulates Absolute Space and Time. But we also know that he was at least as much an internal linkalchemist/astrologer, and that he called gravity "a metaphor for the music of the spheres" ... I believe I show that internal linkquantum gravity IS consciousness, is us, IS "the music of the spheres".

You may say "all this is not science".  Well, Lofting's model and mine have many, many other features that I have not space even to mention here.  I would claim the 12-d model (which Lofting's 6-d model to a large degree validates) comprises a *meta*scientific theory of everything, i.e. since it makes a synthesis of GR and QM (in a 12-dimensional theory of quantum gravity), religion, philosophy, and psychology -- and appears to explain a few things that present science cannot (e.g. consciousness, and why we have no final account of what is meant by mass, charge, etc.)

As David Chalmers has brilliantly made clear, something else will be needed BEYOND the physical laws to explain consciousness; and he posits the need for an experiential and internal linkinformation state -- which the 12-d model also provides.

The model will in due course be testable, I believe.  But for the moment, it is so compelling as metascience that it cannot -- or should not -- be ignored, in my view.  (If it were just "pseudoscientific rubbish"you, as a scientist, would simply ignore it, my friend; you would not even take the trouble to demean it as "Barron's stuff".)

Chris Lofting's homepage is at: external linkwww.ozemail.com.au/~ddiamond

My homepage is at: external linkhttp://www.users.dircon.co.uk/~maximus/

Do let us know if you make any sense of all this.  I somehow suspect that you will not  :-)

Barron Burrow

>>"the medium of "extra-corporeal 'DNA'"" What on earth does this
>>I have worked for many years as a professional scientist and reviewed Ms's
>>for publication from some pretty far out authors. According to the way my
>>mind works, this is definitely not even wrong.
>>Peter Fimmel

>    Barron Burrow *probably* has in mind something like internal linkDawkin's
>"internal linkmemetic-genetic" model, which is an interesting conceptual extension of
>internal linkevolutionary theory. The stuff about the "higher internal linkdimensions" *does* sound
>like gobbledygook to me, too, however... the kindest thing I can say about
>it is that he is perhaps just carrying a literary conceit too far to be
>    It also occurs to me that he is just showing an influence which we all,
>westerners, bear... the line of thought which is exemplified, among other
>places, in the Gospel of St. John, and its emphasis on the "word"
>(internal link_logos_), and the "spirit" (_pneumos_). Barron shows no sign of being
>*aware* of this influence, as by acknowledging it (besides being
>unfashionable, it would just complicate his presentation even more, and who
>would want that?), but one thing gets clearer and clearer to me as I
>approach the half-century mark (having just this January 1 turned 49... the
>"big one" is coming up!)... and that is, that *all* of us are very deeply
>influenced by ideas, mindsets, world-views, and epistemic models that we
>are not *consciously* aware of being influenced by, and which we may even
>overtly *reject*!
>    You are no doubt aware of the maxim "drive nature out with a pitchfork,
>and she will return by another door". I think the same is true for such
>things as the Gospel of St. John. It may seem like something from "long,
>long ago, in a galaxy far, far away..." but in fact it is right between
>your ears. :)
>    The same is true for Plato, and Platonism. I think it will be "with us
>always", because it *is* us.

Yup.  That's why it's desirable to "make sense" of it all as a (12-dimensional) totality, I believe, i.e. in terms of ALL the disciplines I list above :-)

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