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The Golden Age Is...
by Clive Austen

This nOde last updated April 23rd, 2002 and is permanently morphing...
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The Golden Age Is... by Clive Austen - from _Dream Creation_ magazine March/April 1997atomjacked inventory cache

The internal linkelectric afternoon of the cyberprophets.  TV in daylight, curtains drawn, creates a static cocoon.  Post-rave, head buzzing - simply a mass of sub atomic particles, held together by the intermittent, routinely dissolving notion of individual existence.  Is this me? Is my existence qualified by drives for substances..., imbibing, absorbing, ejecting and comparing the effects of each drug, food or piece of art.

The way of hedonism is a strange path to find oneself on.  All polite discourse (and much impolite circuits substances - going to get some, needing, feeding, working and purchasing.  Our words buzz like flies around the object of our desire.  If that desire is freedom through intoxication, then our communication will be liberated at the point of satisfaction.

The addictiveness of the "party" or "happening" is because it seems to accentuate these qualities - like minded people in a stimulating environment - perfect coincidence. internal linkLights, music and creative potential all concentrated into an area in which we can fantasize for a period of internal linktime.  New personal and spatial/internal linkdimensional relationships can be formed, we learn to internal linkdance or chill, talk or think, without the qualifications of peer and dress codes, which so dominate the status quo.

So why do things run out of steam, why do we have to change the formats, the music, the images?  Paradoxically, why do some people choose to stick to the same formula for so long?  Partly because certain things work - i.e. tribal internal linkdrumming affects brain internal linkwave function - internal linkacid synth sounds seem to stimulate certain parts of the brain - big bottom end vibrates your molecules -  but you can be moved through a variety of conscious experiences in the comfort of someone's lounge, with a sprinkling of narcotics and some top-class audo/visual stimulation.  Preferably this will be fresh stuff, which pushes a few internal linkperceptive boundaries, not the familiar thing we do in meaningless ritual, every time we turn the television on.  The lines are becoming blurred between internal linkentertainment and religion, spirituality and matter.

We are an internal linkelectromagnetic wave form which exists in a fluid medium, surrounding a calcium structure - a form of coral if you like.  All land based life forms are an enclosed sea with varying amounts of salt and trace elements.  If we dry out we are dead, 70% of our body is internal linkwater.  As a creature we take social organization from every past present and future model.  Primate hierarchies, insect hives, herding animals, combine to form 'human' society.  What separates us from these forms is our movement into external, technlogical development of thought.

At the moment we are choosing to internal linkinterface with the electromagnetic machine.  we are not the computer, the television, the satellite or the brain.  These are the tools which allow manifestation of the knowledge obvious in visible movement - patterns imposed from a natural organizing principle.  These devices allow us to glimpse our unconscious internal linkprocesses - how we maneuver, how we attract and repel things.

They also enable certain individuals to control others without their consent.  The manipulation of mass media already controls most of our basic drives.  If we actively question every stimulus we can decide what is beneficial and what isn't, but it takes research and will power to make a decision which goes against the grain, and as tribal animals, we are more likely to follow the dominant trend.

Once the spirit, or for modernity's sake the 'occupant' gains control of the brain, it takes some time to learn how to use it effectively.  There may be many other functions and transformations our bodies are capable of we have yet to discover.  If we can conceive of our basic drives as that of higher primates, and that various glands around the body secrete powerful substances when appropriate stimuli are applied to the sense organs, it becomes obvious that drugs play a massive part in domestication of the mammalian form.  Through performing and djing music I've witnessed the effect of electromagnetic drugs on people (as i'm sure have many others) and though adrenaline seems to play a major part in the vibe, other chemical centres can be accessed which lead to that intangible oneness through which true spiritual feeling can internal linkevolve.

Hence the internal linkdance scene has naturally fragmented in an attempt to cope with these new expressions of emotion and in the process has been snapped up by the music industry seeking an expanding market.  The internal linkreality of our state of being appears to be as follows; our conscious as opposed to instinctive existence may inhabit a tangible medium such as water, bacterium, via an electromagnetic field which flows through our physical being.  It may also exist in other internal linkdimensional states as yet unclassified.  It is possible to imagine oneself as some minute particle cradled in a furnance or nerves, receptors and organic machinery blazing much like a reactor core or internal internal linksun.  there may be people on earth who blaze constantly - sometimes we internal linkelevate these people to a godlike state and they become our spiritual leaders.  From what I can observe we seem to spend only a fragment of our lives 'switched on' - mostly we are domesticated mammals, with no 'bright pilot' to enjoy discovering with.  Quite reasonably the mammal feels persecuted, helpless, crushed by the overbearing control of the organizing principle we call society, civilization, technology, jehovah.

The mammal is happy when it is gratifying its master.  This is why technological media/medium devices are the most powerfully addictive phenomena we have created.  The brain can interface directly through the hands, keypad, etc. allowing the 'occupant' to explore basic movement in cyberspace - a kind of inner gymnasium - we still like to move as primates.  Even in our minds.  This is not to say we can't enjoy the same thing linguistically or through sound, but a changed quality, in pitch or internal linkflow, seems to characterize the emergence of this state, and almost certainly, bodily secretions are coming from glands at these times to facilitate the internal linksynergy of internal linklanguage and thought.  In more 'unstimulated' situations, the quality of our language differs in varying degrees of coherence, internal linkrelevance and communicative success - it is not synergized.

the Internet... wormholes...

This is why we seek out the parties, the chance meetings, the festival, the enhancements of our being.  Cyberspace objects, lifted with power of the mind, the accesible form of telekinesis, effortless gymnastics. internal linkInternetinternal linkwormholes created in space through which thought/internal linkinformationinternal linkbubbles travel at high speed.  Music created from the mind translates a concept of motion as it passes through the medium of body and car on the way to the mind of another.  Sound enters the body with or without our consent, hence as a medium for ideas and emotions it is very successful in bypassing social conditioning and aspects of domestication we find disadvantageous.  However, the necessity of artificial devices for experiencing freedom of 'spirit' poses several questions, and characteristically, in the internal linkcyber age they contain much duality.  To become too immersed in one channel is a little like the amphibian that remains a tadpole and never develops into the internal linkfrog.  Eventually the pool dries up, or the power is cut.

At some future point we may well discover that the world we call present existed only in the minds of certain people who maintained a dominant mind set through the sheer act of will and copious amounts of electronic brainwashing.  Nothing else can explain the blind illogicality of current establishment attitudes towards progressive sub cultural movements, of a humanitarian and internal linkevolutionary nature.

As a species we internal linkcannot control everything all of the time.  Mainly because we are seeing without peripheral vision - we know that something we do has a certain effect, but there may be many other side effects which are invisible to us in our internal linkimmediate situation.  Reconnection to the 'oneness' is the crux of all religious practice.  All ritual and ceremony was originally designed to inititate this feeling.  Rave culture simply took the raw elements of internal linkecstatic experience and created a new internal linkshamanic/hedonistic culture.  I don't see this phenomenon in any one situation, music, drug or art form.  The feeling can occur whenever people choose to be of like mind and desire to evolve in some way.

The frontiers are boundaries of internal linkmetaprogramming which once assimilated can be explored like familiar paths through the woods.  Certain subjects are used as adreno - psychic triggers, which when hit upon in conversation and performance stimulate chemical activity in the mind body and soul.  The soul/occupant appears at these times and shines through to the assembled congregation, love internal linkflows, because when we truly see ourselves we can feel nothing but pure sparkling emotion.  We emit internal linklight.  Our chemistry glows as we reach the essence of universal being.  All of our physical processes are internal linkfocused on this event. internal linkPsychedelic drugs are an instant turn on to this state, which until the 60's lay dormant in the western psyche for all but the few liberated individuals.  The excesses of the hedonistic state are the shock internal linkwave of realizing our future potential and attempting to immerse it once gain in substance.

Peripheral vision is one of the main characteristics of an intoxicated state; internal linkhallucinogens merely allow a clearer experience of the vision than say alcohol or normal stimulants.  Sleep deprivation however is freely available to all, and induces a similar state of mind whereby such visions and insights can be experienced, and I feel that this is one of the main benefits to be gained from mind altering substances - it's not how wasted you are, or disorientated, or what visual/aural distortions you've witnessed, but when it begins to get light, and you've been up all night, the 'comedown' period into the next day reveals some extraordinary truths both in conversation, self-realization and fluctuation of mood leading to lightness of the spirit for some time after the event.

The internal linkalien will outlive us - we will  become it in the future.  We will need to develop peripheral vision.  All of our imagery of the 'greys', etc. is merely a symbolic representation of our vision and our minds developing beyond our present physical form into something more suited to our true needs.  The children are becoming more beautiful because they have a choice of form - we will become more conscious of ourselves prior to birth and will be able to decide the perfect circumstance of our arrival.  The children of the stars are born to savages.  The noblest attributes of humanity cannot be contained in mammalian form unless we begin to control our own brain chemistry and flow as a more holistic being.  We like the monkey form, we find great beauty in it, but if its internal internal linkprocesses lead it to destroy its environment then it is an evolutionary dead end.

The mind's desire to interact now as much as the bodies need to, hence the repressive laws begin to be repealed.  We are most probably a bisexual society, but the majority of us choose to be intimate with the opposite sex rather than the same sex.  Mentally however I think both males and females reach levels of internal linkecstasy with same or mixed sex friends without any intimate physical activity.  And this is where our evolutionary goal lies.  We achieve a internal linkharmonic, molecula/hormonal internal linkresonance within a group of people, synergized through social drug use/conversation and setting.  An understanding is reached and we leave, carrying a metaphorical torch; proclaiming the emotional outcome.

This feeling/understanding is the idea internal linkfiltered out to the rest of society through social situations and the idea spreads.  This is subculture, this is the essence of life.

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