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greyhound (grâ´hound´) noun
Any of a breed of tall, slender dogs, having a smooth coat, a narrow head, and long legs and capable of running swiftly.

[Middle English grehound, from Old English grìghund : grìg, gray + hund, hound.]


Greyhound, breed of hunting dog noted for its speed. In recent years it has been used as a racing dog. Greyhounds are large, slender, and graceful, weighing from 29 to 32 kg (65 to 70 lb). The breed is characterized by a long, narrow head; small, pointed ears; a well-arched back; a deep, wide chest; long legs; and a long, tapering tail. It has a coat of smooth, short hair that is white, black, gray, or a combination of these colors.

Transportation, 1926

Greyhound Corp. is incorporated to compete with intercity passenger rail service (see 1922). General Motors will be the largest Greyhound stockholder until 1948.

Transportation, 1934

Greyhound cuts fares between New York and Chicago to as little as $8 in a rate war with competing bus lines (regular fare is $16). The company operates 1,800 33-passenger nickel-plated buses in 43 states, buys the buses from General Motors for $10,000 on a cost-plus contract, pays its drivers $175 per month plus a mileage rate, and grosses $30 million.

Transportation, 1929

Greyhound Corp. buys out Pioneer Yelloway for $6.4 million (see 1926; 1928; 1934).

Communications and Media, 1972

Federal Express is founded at internal linkMemphis by local millionaire Vietnam veteran Frederick W. Smith, 27, whose father built the Greyhound bus system in the South. Smith has raised $72 million in venture capital- the largest such capital assemblage yet- to start an overnight delivery service with its own aircraft (14 French-built Falcon jets) and fleet of trucks. On its first night of operation next year it will deliver 16 packages. By 1981, when it adds letter delivery, the company will be handling 100,000 parcels and letters nightly, a number that will grow to 1 million by 1989.

Transportation, 1914

Greyhound Bus has its beginnings in the Mesabi Transportation Co. founded at Hibbing, Minn., by Swedish-American diamond-drill operator Carl Eric Wickman, 30, who had opened a Hupmobile and Goodyear Tire agency but was unable to sell the Hupmobile. He runs the car on a regular schedule across the range to nearby Alice charging iron miners 15¢ one way, 25¢ roundtrip (local taxis charge upwards of $1.50 each way). Wickman takes in a partner, is soon building his own bodies and mounting them on truck chassis, and by 1918 will have 18 buses operating in northern Minnesota with annual earnings of $40,000.

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