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I Sing The Body Electric
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In his poem "I sing the body electric,"  Walt Whitman gave voice to the opposite tendency in the internal linkelectromagnetic internal linkimagination.  For Whitman, electric life meant the erotic life, and his love of bodies, his desire to "charge them full with the charge of the soul," only led him to embrace the most exuberant of heresies: that the body was the soul.  Unlike the internal linkmesmerists, who pointed to the new technology of photography as proof thtat the physical world was really made up of the mental vibrations of internal linklight, Whitman recognized that the vital spirit of electromagnetism - with its internal linklightning strikes of charge, its dynamic polariities and visceral attractions - was more a internal linklanguage of Eros than a internal linkmantra of transcendence.  After all, Mesmer's original magnetic techniques had nothing to do with the inner planes, and everything to do with stoking the convulsive life of desire in order to heal real bodies.

 - Erik Davis - _Techgnosis: Myth, internal linkMagic & Mysticism In the Age Of Information_atomjacked inventory cache

imagination manifests realities... lightning... Information in formation Techgnosis by Erik Davis

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the Network DNA

The rule of thumb is that consciousness manages 7 +/- 2 chunks of data at a internal linktime. How that figure is arrived at I don't know, but the idea behind it is expressed in Marvin Minsky's (internal linkMIT) _A Society of Mind_. Consciousness occurs at all levels of our body, traces of brain matter are found throughout our entire system, awareness occurs from trillions of points of "experience"...much of this happening outside of waking consciousness. At this internal linkmoment rillions of neural and muscular firings are occurring orchestrating a complex internal linknetwork of articulated "activity" and hopefully, "thinking" all operating in a sort of "specialized environmental awareness" (I am not cognizant of the twitching of my right foot until consciousness is directed there). So there is a lot of empirical and anecdotal data concerning limitations in conscious awareness, as opposed to the vast sea of data management occurring at the unconscious level all the time.

A variation on the internal linkquantum model of consciousness looks a lot like the spiritual model of consciousness. It is theorized in some circles that "thought" doesn't originate in the brain. Brain cells and their shaping of "liquid" within them, suggests those cells potentially could serve as transmitters and receivers. These could internal linkprocess "subtle energy" transmissions in a "scalar" of thought which would shape our thinking. This sort of follows the model of body/soul in many religious circles. I think it was Becker (sp?) the author of "The Body Electric" who discovered a internal linkbattery-like current in the human body that acted as a sort of pre-firing mechanism. Microseconds before the complex "internal linkdance" of neural and muscular activity it takes to move an arm, "something" outside of consciousness has dictated that movement...a sort of "over soul". I believe this "over soul" is introduced to us in hypnosis. Watching a hypnotic subject one observes a "stranger" now in control of the hypnotized person. This possessing spirit moves stiffly, slowly, does not distinguish subtleties of internal linklanguage and yet when properly addressed...can alter our very internal linkDNA... or raise burn welts from the touch of a cool eraser tip...it is that powerful.

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Mathlete - Lincolnwood Tech on Blackbean (2000) Sincebymen - We Sing The Body Electrice on Revelation (2003)


Grace Under Pressure Tubeway Army - Replicas 12inch (1979)
Steve Roach And  Vir Unis - Body Electric on Projekt (1999)

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episode _I Sing The Body Electric_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache of internal link_The Twilight Zone_
face: internal linkVeronica Cartwright


The Twilight Zone Veronica Cartwright in I Sing The Body Electric
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