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psi... 23rd letter


This nOde last updated December 30th, 2006 and is permanently morphing...
(5 Caban (Earth) / 10 K'ank'in - 57/260 -

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i propose a new genre.  one that i hope won't catch on (we all know what happens when a new genre "catches on".  it becomes a label and it becomes dead).


i propose the morphing of what was traditionally called "goa internal linktrance" just four short years ago for various reasons, has now become "psy-trance".   before labels, before a lot of frat boys and clubbies got involved in this genre, it was a very refreshing experience not knowing exactly what to call the vibe, the music, the parties, and the people.  i'm always looking for that bit of mystery, that secret gathering.  it's happening all the internal linktime around us.  each of us i think has the responsbility of finding our own particular group.  it'll be internal linktemporary, and it will dissipate eventually.  i'm learning how to not hold on to habits, and learn how to internal linkflow.  my next internal linkquest is that of a "psi trance" gathering.  low key, secret recipes for truly internal linkmagical experiences involving:  music that is constructed with the outcome of telepathy in mind.  my internal linkdream has always been to communicate with strangers and friends on a non-verbal level.  i felt that in extreme internal linkmoments such as internal linkmoontribe, and other "key parties" that had opened my internal linkperceptions as to what this is all about.  this is no pretense about "family".  we are all part of the family.  the imposition of this egotistical notion is counter productive.  those "key moments" were completely spontaneous.  it wasn't anything planned.  these moments are happening more frequently, to a wider group people, than ever before.  where is it going?  that is what i need to find out.

oh yeah, and the lunar cycle is definitely an all important factor. - @Om* 2/3/2000

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psi (sÌ, psÌ) noun
The internal link23rd letter of the Greek alphabet.

[Middle English, from Late Greek, from Greek psei.]


psi (sÌ, psÌ) or  p.s.i. abbreviation
Pounds per square inch.

psi (noun)

intuition: internal linklight of nature, internal linksixth sense, extrasensory perception, ESP, psi, psi faculty

J particle ( jA´ pär´tî-kel ) noun
A neutral meson having an unusually large mass (about 6,060 times the mass of an electron) and a long lifetime (about 10-20 second). Also called psi particle.

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Psi Performer - Art Is A Division Of Pain 12inch x2 on Kanzleramt (2001) Plasmalamp - Void Travelling on Worm Interface


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internal link604 release _Psionic Sounds_ compilation CDatomjacked inventory cache on internal linkDigital Psionics (1999) 604 release DPSI 002  _Psionic Medicine_  compilation 604 release _Psionic Tonic_ compilation (2001)

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604 release internal link_Shamanic internal linkTrance: Psiberfunk_ Mix by internal linkMark Alleninternal linkReturn To The Source

Return To The Source Shamanic Trance 2 Psiberfunk

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track _Modus Operandi (Part Two)_ by internal linkSymbiosis off of  _Clandestine Electronic Subculture_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Domestic Recordings (1996)  
Symbiosis - Clandestine Electronic Subculture

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internal linkUsenet: alt.psionics

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external linkDigital Psionics
external linkPsi Explorer

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