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Rupert Sheldrake

Rupert Sheldrake
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Morphogenetic fields, Sheldrake's idea of formative causation (greatly simplified) is as follows:
information in formation... DNA

Morphogenetic fields are basically non-physical blueprints that give birth to forms. They carry internal linkinformation only, not energy, and are available throughout internal linktime and space without any loss of internal linkintensity after they have been created. They are created by the patterns of physical forms (including such things as crystals as well as biological systems). They help guide the formation of later similar systems. And finally, a newly forming system "tunes into" a previous system by having within it a "seed" that resonates with a similar seed in the earlier form. Thus, from this perspective, the internal linkDNA in the genes of a living system (like an oak tree) does not carry all the information needed to shape that system, but it can act as a "tuning seed" that tunes in the morphogenetic fields of previous systems of the same type. Morphogenetic fields are thus the repositories of what might be described as genetic habits.
memories... you're talking about memories... Carl Jung

In addition, these same concepts can be used to explain some of the mysteries about human internal linkmemory. In effect, our brains are not so much internal linklibraries as they are sending and receiving stations that leave a continuous trail of experience imprinted in morphogenetic fields and then "recall" previous experiences by tuning in to that trail....[thus] using morphogenetic fields as the carrier of memory implies no absolute separation between minds. Further, it suggests that our identity is dual, like an electron that is both a particle and a internal linkwave. We have aspects that are unique and totally individual, yet at the same time much of our thought and behavior is shaped by, and particpates in, and helps create transpersonal morphogenetic fields....We are thus both individuals and expressions of/creators of a group mind - like the Jungian   internal linkcollective unconscious, but more extensive, and in some aspects more changeable. Because our brains contain levels (mammalian, reptilian, etc.) that connect us to other species, that group mind includes all life. We may even find, as we explore the possibilities of consciousness associated with what we now think of as non-living matter, that we are linked in consciousness to all creation. We would thus be linked to the stars not only through the chemicals in our bodies, but through our minds as well. Accepting the idea of morphogenetic fields also opens the door to the scientific investigation of the idea that consciousness and mental internal linkprocesses can function without physical support. This would allow the existence of non-physical beings (gods, angels, life after death, etc.) - a subject of prime interest to most religious and spiritual traditions." (Robert Gilman, excerpted from external linkhttp://www.context.org/ICLIB/IC12/Sheldrak.htm )

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Sheldrake discovered that around 1920, three biologists -- Hans Spemann, Alexander Gurwitsch and Paul Weiss -- independently proposed that morphogenesis is organized by fields. (internal linkAlbert Einstein extended this field concept to include the internal linkgravitational field that holds the universe together.)
Albert Einstein collage gravity...

After Sheldrake took several extended trips to India, he developed his theory of "internal linkmorphic resonance." He put forth the notion that morphic fields influence everything from plant growth to migration patterns to what internal linkC.G. Jung called the "collective unconscious." He wrote, "As internal linktime goes on, each type of organism forms a special kind of cumulative collective memory. The regularities of nature are therefore habitual. Things are as they are because they were as they were."

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Sheldrake was heavily influence by internal linkGoethe.

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Extract from the internal linkMcKenna/Abraham/internal linkSheldrake _Trialogues_, on the subject of 'solar sentience':

Does the Solar System have a mind?

In any holistic model of internal linkreality, it seems entirely natural to suppose that internal linkGaia has a kind of mind, and that the Gaian mind is embedded in the Solar System mind, and the Solar System mind is embedded in the Galactic mind. These higher levels of consciousness, which may be hard for us to conceive of, seem likely to exist by a simple logical argument.

(More specifically) ...

What about the solar mind?

The internal linksun has a very complex internal linkresonant pattern of magnetic fields with cellular internal linkvortices throughout its whole surface.  It's a complex system of probabilistic turbulences and resonances with complete polar reversals about every eleven years, at the internal linktime of sunspot maxima. There's a physical internal linkinterface - if mind has to have a physical interface - that is an internal linkelectromagnetic one at that.  The Solar System as a whole involves all the planets, all the internal linkgravitational interactions, and the electomagnetic field of the sun, in which everything is made manifest through internal linklight.  This field includes us, sitting here in this room, and everything else that's illuminated by it.

If light and vision are associated, .. then all things illuminated by the sun may in some sense be seen by it. The sun in many cultures is called an eye. In Malay, for example, the word for the sun is 'mata hari', 'the eye of the day'. On the great seal of the United States, shown on every dollar bill, there is the internal linkEgyptian symbol of the Eye of internal linkHorus - the radiant eye - the sun - both a seeing eye and an emitter of light.

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