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Through The Cosmic Looking Glass
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From Fox News,
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Through the Cosmic Looking Glass
7.00 a.m. ET (1100 GMT) November 10, 1999

England, 1871 Lewis Carroll's Alice goes through the looking glass and physicists all over the world are ready to follow. Lewis Carroll internal linkdreamt of a little girl who goes through a mirror and enters a world inhabited by internal linkchessboard characters. Fifty years later physicists also imagined a universe filled with intriguing characters: white dwarfs, red giants, internal linkblack holes.

Alice at the edge of the internal linkwormhole to Wonderland

Indeed, space science is but a game of chess against natural preconceptions such as a flat Earth. Nevertheless, according to the creative English writer, "any one who will take the trouble to set the pieces and play the moves as directed," will find the solution "to be strictly in accordance with the laws of the game."

There's only one way Alice could have left our world for another hidden behind an ordinary mirror. She must have gone through a wormhole. That is, there must have been a miniature Black Hole on the surface of the looking glass that sucked her in and then a White Hole on the other side that spewed her out.

A Black Hole can be imagined as an ordinary sink painted black with a drain sucking anything leaning too close to its edge into an invisible universe. A White Hole, as its name indicates, is the reverse of a Black Hole: a white sink turned upside down into which nothing can fall, only fall from.  Connecting these two appliances is an internal linkEinstein-Rosen bridge the plumbing what is popularly referred to as a wormhole.

The main problem with Alice going through a wormhole on the surface of a mirror, is that it breaks the rules of the game. And the rule here is the second law of thermodynamics, namely that when an event takes place it cannot be undone without effort. For example, to return the grounds behind the looking glass to their original state after the Red Queen's tea party, someone is going to have to do some work. This seemingly obvious statement means that internal linktime is not reversible for large-scale events.

Stabilizing a wormhole with exotic matter

Since a White Hole reverses the events of its nemesis effortlessly, it goes contrary to the second law of thermodynamics. The game must be played according to the rules, but physicists are still figuring these out. At the
center of a Black or a White Hole, for instance, lays a internal linksingularity: a tangible location with mass and internal linkzero volume, and thus internal linkinfinite density.

Alice would surely be crushed nearing a singularity.

Even the wormhole connecting either side of the looking glass is not a safe gateway. It is highly unstable and can quickly collapse into a singularity as well. In fact, a spaceship approaching a wormhole would be accelerated by the large internal linkgravitational field (of the Black Hole) and start emitting what are called gravitational internal linkwaves a bit like a moving speedboat creates waves in the surrounding internal linkwater. These waves would disrupt the wormhole's stability and cause it to collapse.

A creative scientist, however, might keep a wormhole's throat open by using a trick: filling the Einstein-Rosen bridge with matter that would have negative mass and gigantic outward pressure. The gravitational field of a negative mass would be repulsive, instead of attractive, thus prying the wormhole open. The gigantic outward pressure (thousands of times that at the surface of a neutron star) would keep the tunnel from collapsing.

At this point I should mention this solution is rather controversial (to say the least). It is difficult to figure out what is and is not "strictly in accordance with the laws of the game." For example, time is in fact reversible on microscopic levels, such as when particles are created and annihilated to create energy. This is observed in accelerators around the world. So traveling through a wormhole may be possible for subatomic particles.

On the other hand, there is no exotic matter that we know of with negative mass. So there seems to be no way to connect either side of Alice's mirror if it has two sides.

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From the co-internal linkevolutionary point of view, past and present seem to exist together in a higher-internal linkdimensional    internal linkreality we call the future."

- Dr's Briggs and Peat - internal link_The Looking Glass Universe_

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