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THX sound system
_THX 1138_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(1970)
"THX" stands for "Tomlinson Holman's eXperiment''.  Tomlinson Holman was a friend of director George Lucas, and inventor of the THX sound system used extensively by Lucas.

 _American Graffiti_ (1973)
License plate on John Milner's  deuce coupe is "THX-138''.

internal link_Star Wars_  (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(1977)
_A New Hope_ the cell block in the Death Star that Leia is held in is cell block 1138.
Rebel Alliance

internal link_The Empire Strikes Back_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(internal link1980)
General Rieekan says, "Send Rogues ten and eleven to station three-eight."

_ Raiders of the Lost Ark_ (vhs/ntsc) atomjacked inventory cache(1981)
When Indy is fighting the bald guy the number on the wing of the plane is THX-1138

_The Phantom Menace_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1999)
One of the battle droids that walks by when the Princess and others are being led out under arrest has 1138 stenciled on his back. In the final battle Jar Jar knocks over a battle droid with serial number 1138 on his back.

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace - Battle Droid 1138

At internal linkDisney World, while you're waiting for Star Tours, an announcement says (something like) "Will the owner of a landrover with vehicle number THX 1138 please move your vehicle? You're parked in a non-hovering zone."

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THX-1138 - LUH THX and LUH

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THX-1138 - up against the wall... THX-1138 - carried off...

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THX 1138:4EB (1967)

Directed by
internal linkGeorge Lucas
George Lucas

Writing credits
George Lucas

Genre: internal linkSci-Fi / Short

Plot Outline: While monitored and pursued, a man races to escape through a futuristic labyrinth.

Complete credited cast:
Dan Natchsheim  .... 1138
Joy Carmichael   ....  7117
David Munson    ....  2222
Marvin Bennett   ....  0480
Ralph Steel  ....   9021

Also Known As:
Electronic Labyrinth (1967)
Runtime: USA:15
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color
Sound Mix: Mono

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Simpsons - THX

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THX 1138 (1970)

Directed by
George Lucas

Writing credits
George Lucas
George Lucas

Genre: Sci-Fi

Cast overview, first billed only:
Robert Duvall (_Apocalypse Now!_atomjacked inventory cache)  .... THX 1138
Donald Pleasence  ....   SEN 5241
Don Pedro Colley  .... SRT
Maggie McOmie ....  LUH 3417
Ian Wolfe  .... PTO
Marshall Efron  .... TWA
Sid Haig  .... NCH
John Pearce  ....  DWY
Irene Forrest  ....  IMM
Gary Alan Marsh  .... CAM, the radical
John Seaton  .... OUE
Eugene I. Stillman ....  JOT
Raymond Walsh  .... TRG
Mark Lawhead   .... Shell Dweller in Prison
Robert Feero  ....   Chrome Robot

Runtime: USA:95
Country: USA
Language: English
Color: Color (Technicolor)
Sound Mix: Mono

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