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Timothy Leary
interviewed by Mark Katzman September, 1995
captured from Zavtone Issue #11atomjacked inventory cache

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MK: What higher power brough the computer into being?

TL: The Brain.  The brain wants internal linklight.  The brain is drinking our bodies around to bring her light.  We have the equipment waiting there, it's internal linktime to wake up and use it.

MK: You've said that over time this will eliminate the barriers of internal linklanguage that have been responsible for most war and conflict.  Is this the way to a kind of global, empathetic consciousness?

TL: Absolutely.  Most of the quarrels in human history are based on different language groups.  Kids growing up in the 90's are going to be exposed to global internal linkinformation by the time they're crawling or toddling.

MK: It's all moving at light speed, isn't it?

TL: That's been an aspiration, a hope of visionaries all the time.  They want to be able to move like light.  The metaphors, poetically, have been there.  We're a young, very very young adolescent species and we're now just catching on to the fact that your body is your brain.  That's important.  The body is just the vehicle for your brain.  Technologically, we can now use that language of the brain, which is light-clusters on your screen.
Chaos and Cyberculture by Timothy Leary

MK: In internal link_Chaos & Cyberculture_atomjacked inventory cache (1995) you talk about the 1967 Human Be-In where you challenged a crowd 30,000 people in Golden Gate Park to Turn on, Tune in, Drop out.  You call it the dawning of the internal linkpsychedelic-internal linkcybernetic  age.  For nearly 10 years now Michael Gosney has been holding a internal linkDigital Be-In annually in San Francisco in which you've participated.  What's happening with this kind of leap?

TL: Gosney's taking that wonderful concept of the Be-In and some of the spirit of that time and bringing it to the next level of internal linkreality, which is electronic internal linkvirtual reality and multimedia.  Same message passed on in a better form now because when you get into internal linkelectric light media, you're working with light as a basic language.  That's good.  Michael's one of the few great pioneer humanists in the digital world.

MK: And our neurons need this stimulation?

TL: That's what my brain tells me.  It's starved.  It wants more electricity.  More light.  More change.  She can handle a hundred and twenty five million signals a second, and I'm going along with like one...two...three...four [laughs].  Big deal.  Up it.

MK: You're moving towards a transition.

TL: We all are, the human race.  The tide, the surf is there.  I've been surfing it.  Calling your internal linkattention.  Hey, look over there the big wave's catchin' up.  Get ready for it.

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