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Titan/Titanic Synchronicities
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One of the most famous celebrated fictional cases thought by parapsychologists to demonstrate unconscious forknowledge is the 1898 novel by Morgan Robertson, _The Wreck Of The Titan_; or, _Futility_.  It has recently been reissued, together with Ian Stevenson's investigation, _Paranormal Experiences Connected With The Sinking Of The Titanic_, with a forward by William H. Tantum IV, Vice-President of The Titanic Historical Society.  The wreck of the Titanic in April 1912 corresponded with striking detail to Robertson's fictional _Wreck Of The Titan_.  As Tantum notes on the book jacket:

The details of robertson's story paralleled the actual events of the greatest of ocean disasters with uncanny, almost unbelievable faithfulness.  In his story Robertson pictures the Titan, big, fast, luxurious.  She starts on her maiden trip in April (the same month the Titanic went down.)  She is out to make a record.  Aboard her is the wit, beauty, and wealth of two worlds.  She is speeding along the Northern lanes of Atlantic travel - an iceberg is sighted, there is a shock-thunder of buckling steel, and the Titan is wounded to death.  Even to the inadequate lifeboats this genius of the sea saw with the eyes of a seer.

Dr. Ian Stevenson, Carlson Professor of Psychiatry of the Division of Parapsychology of the University of Virginia Medical School in Charlottesville sums up the evidence, after noting that the fictional Titan was also believed unsinkable, by virtue of its watertight compartments.

number of persons aboard: titan - 3,000, titanic - 2,207
number of lifeboats: titan - 24, titanic - 20
speed at impact with iceberg: titan - 25 knots, titanic - internal link23 knots
displacement tonnage of the liner: titan - 75,000, titanic - 66,000
length of the liner - titan - 800 ft., titanic - 882.5 ft.
number of propellers - titan - 3, titanic - 3

I think we can consider the correspondence either exact or internal linkimpressive on the following ten points: the name of the ship; myth of unsinkability; collision with iceberg; sinking in month of april; displacement tonnage; lengthy of ship; speed of ship at impact; number of propellers; number of life boats; enormous loss of life.

In his discussion, however, Ian Stevenson says that inference cannot be ruled out on a number of these points, though it is difficult to say where logical inference ends and psychic intuition begins.

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