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Treepeople at Jabberjaw - photo by Chrissy Piper

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Treepeople t-shirt
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2/14/98 - 7:01 PM
i was so fucking into this band when no one was paying internal linkattention.  i think the vocalist went on to Built To Spill.  i think he also had his roots in State Of Confusion.  what's funny is that they are from Kent McClard's home state, which is the only reason why (i think) he played them on his radio show, the Restless Intellect back in 1988.

the following is excerpted from my voluminous notes on hundreds of internal linkpunk bands from the mid eighties to early nineties:

Treepeople -
     they put out a lot of shit... four 7", four 12", one split 7", and one comp track that i know of... one loser 12", but other than that, everything about them is incredible... three ex-State Of Confusion members (pretty hardcore shit), belt out somber, extremely sad, backwoods post punk... a wave of tears and philosophical observations permeate the feel... no lyric sheets are required, it's all pure feeling... interesting leads that don't get too rocky... it can get grungy, but enough one string guitar structures to give it that spacey feel... a lot of the production for their stuff is hollow, which detracts but their newer stuff is on the money... _Time Whore_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache, with internal link_Tongues On Thrones_, _This Point_, _Size Of A Quarter) (with some interesting use of sampling as a structural centerpiece), their first 7", _Making The D_, and everything about their newer stuff is innovative art music.  live, their tight as fuck, the drummer kicks ass, and the trade off on vocals is perfect.  in my opinion, one of the great satisfactions of my life...

     saw them live last night at internal linkJabberjaw... i don't know if it was the fact that i was there by myself, with no friends to talk to, or not (haven't done that in awhile.  i mean, to go to a show to actually experience the music as priority), but their music moved me to tears.  it was that good.  the only comparison i could make was seeing internal linkSamiam for the first time, or totally rockin out to Rocket From the Crypt for the first time (the first show i went to by myself), or Thatcher on Acid at Spanky's.  i was saying to myself that this was SO good... just seeing them move, and the vocals are cries.  they were nerds and dorks in their late 20's singing about relationships and the human condition.  the drummer was again, excellent.  this was a SHOW.  not something to hang out at, or meet new people, or buy vinyl, or anything else.  i experienced the MUSIC for the first time since...well, they played last time....   they played all the good stuff... Tongues On Thrones, Outside In, a lot of their new material, Handcuffs, Radio Man...
     they have this wacky method of guitar arranging... they use a lot of one string notes strung together with no accent but it's almost like the epitome of songwriting... there's no flash.  just notes, but strung together and rearranged in creative way...
     Outside In - Treepeople/7" and Just Kidding 12"
     their 7" version is grungier, wackier, and more chaotic.  excellent.  their LP version is different but just as effective. a lot more pretty, a lot more sad.  one of the greatest longings in the world... clean guitar.  "Trying to lose my sound.  I wonder where I'm from."
     one of my faves still is Tongues On Thrones off the 6song 12inch.  "Habits break like bombs and shake like tongues on thrones."  their lyrics mixed with music is totally original.  an equal point of sarcasm, angst, poetry, and mood.  very disturbing indeed, almost a subdued effervescent nightmare... it's a trip.

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Treepeople - Guilt, Regre, Embarassment Treepeople - Just Kidding

Treepeople - Actual Re-Enactment on Volcano (1994)
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