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ubiquity (y¡-bîk´wî-tê) noun
Existence or apparent existence everywhere at the same time; omnipresence: "the repetitiveness, the selfsameness, and the ubiquity of modern mass culture" (Theodor Adorno).

[New Latin ubìquitâs, from Latin ubìque, everywhere : ubi, where + -que, and, generalizing particle.]

ubiquity (noun)

generality: pervasiveness, rifeness, ubiquity, presence
space: everywhere, ubiquity, presence
presence: being everywhere, ubiquity, ubiquitousness, omnipresence

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the green telephone - Ma Bell (i got the ill communication)


Pink Floyd - The Wall

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pink flamingos
The father of the Pink Flamingo (the plastic lawn ornament) is Don Featherstone of Massachusetts.  Featherstone graduated from art school and went to work as a designer for Union Products, a Leominster, Mass., company that manufactures flat plastic lawn ornaments.  He designed the pink flamingo in 1957 as a follow up project to his plastic duck.  Today, Featherstone is president and part owner of the company that sells an average of 250,000 to 500,000 plastic pink flamingos a year.

      "I did it to keep from starving."
      - Don Featherstone - flamingo creator

"I want to thank everyone for this great award. Most artists have to die before anybody ever notices they've done anything good.  I'm lucky you didn't wait that long." Don Featherstone, on accepting a prize for creating the plastic pink flamingo.

real pink flamingos in Kenya on Lake Nakuru - aerial shot

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Ubiquity drives increasing returns in the internal linknetwork economy. The question becomes, What is the most cost-effective way to achieve ubiquity? And the answer is: give things away. internal linkMake them free.

internal linkKevin Kelly - _New Rules For The New Economy_

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some proper noun products that have morphed into common nouns:

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Lali Puna - Tridecoder on Morr Music (1999)
The Orb - Orblivion Naked directed by Mike Leigh
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