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Wizard Of Oz

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(9 Et'znab (Flint) / 6 Muwan (Owl) - 178/260 -

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In case you haven't already heard about the strange cosmic internal linksynchronization that occurs when you play internal linkPink Floyd's _"Dark Side of the Moon_ in place of the original _Wizard of Oz_ movie soundtrack, here's the rundown. Start your Pink Floyd _Dark Side of the Moon_ CD at the precise moment the MGM lion finishes it's third and final roar and you will find some very interesting coincidences.

Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon

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Wizardry Of Oz
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  • internal linkAnomalog: internal linkShouting Questions At The Wizard Of Oz's Wife Is Not Allowed In Da Fathaland
  • internal linkacid breakbeat track _Off To internal linkDemention internal linkX (mixed 4:43)_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by The Wizard Of Oh off of _Tricked Out_ MixCDatomjacked inventory cache by Omar Santana on Moonshine (1997)
  • big beat track track _The Wonderful internal linkWizard Of internal linkDub_ MP3 (vK) atomjacked inventory cache by Boom Boom Satellites
  • release _Ooger_ CD by Oz Artists on AE Recordings #001 (1998)
  • 6. _As If The Living Were Moving_ MP3 (320k)atomjacked inventory cache(22.2megs)
  • 7. internal link_Matrix Noise_ MP3 (320k)atomjacked inventory cache(25.8megs)
  • 8. _Art Of Wresling_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
  • internal link604 release _Wizardry Of Oz_ compilation 12"x2atomjacked inventory cache on internal linkTransient (1997)

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    vinyl internal linkmatrix etching on a release from internal linkTwisted records:

    (a) "if you want to find the wizards of internal linktrance, follow the yellow brick road . . .
    (b) but clicking your heels will not save you now."

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    Today, Oz (from the Wizard of Oz) seems like such a common term that we don't really consider where it came from.  The name for Oz was thought up when the creator of the story, Frank Baum, looked over at his filing cabinet and saw: A-N and O-Z.

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    film _Zardoz_ (vhs/ntsc) atomjacked inventory cache(1972) - a ridiculously grand sci-fi flick from the director of the brilliant _Deliverance_atomjacked inventory cache a year earlier.  the premise of the film is that an entire society is based on the story _Wizard Of Oz_ ("zard oz").  Loin cloth and bandoleer clad Sean Connery learns to read and comes to this realization.
    Zardoz is Wizard of Oz Zardoz - realization

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    The internal linkSimpsons:

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