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zero (z??, z?ro) noun
plural zeros or zeroes
Abbr. z.
1. The numerical symbol 0; a cipher.
2. Mathematics. a. An element of a set that when added to any other element in the set produces a sum identical with the element to which it is added. b. A cardinal number indicating the absence of any or all units under consideration. c. An ordinal number indicating an initial point or origin. d. An argument at which the value of a function vanishes.
3. The temperature indicated by the numeral 0 on a thermometer.
4. A sight setting that enables a firearm to shoot on target.
5. Informal. One having no influence or importance; a nonentity: a manager who was a total zero.
6. The lowest point: His prospects were approaching zero.
7. A zero-coupon bond.
8. Informal. Nothing; nil: Today I accomplished zero.

1. Of, relating to, or being zero.
2. a. Having no measurable or otherwise determinable value. b. Informal. Absent, inoperative, or irrelevant in specified circumstances: "The town has . . . practically no opportunities for amusement, zero culture" (Robert M. Adams).
3. Meteorology. a. Designating a ceiling not more than 16 meters (52 feet) high. b. Limited in horizontal visibility to no more than 55 meters (180 feet).

verb, transitive
zeroed, zeroing, zeroes
To adjust (an instrument or a device) to zero value.

- phrasal verb.

zero in
1. a. To aim or concentrate firepower on an exact target location. b. To adjust the aim or sight of by repeated firings.
2. To converge intently; close in: The children zeroed in on the display of toys in the store window.
[Italian, from alteration of Medieval Latin zephirum, from Arabic sifr, nothing, cipher.]

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876 C.E. First recorded use of the symbol for zero occurs in India.

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Ancient geometry rests on no a priori axioms or assumptions. Unlike Euclidean and the more recent geometries, the starting point of ancient geometric thought is not a internal linknetwork of intellectual definitions or abstractions, but instead a meditation upon a internal linkmetaphysical Unity, followed by an attempt to symbolize visually and to contemplate the pure, formal order which springs forth from this incomprehensible Oneness. It is the approach to the starting point of the geometric activity which radically separates what we may call the sacred from the mundane or secular geometries. Ancient geometry begins with One, while modern mathematics and geometry begin with Zero.

the Network

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Zero is nothing. It is the absence of all things. It is empty. Nada. Nil. Zero represents a numerical value (the absence of value), but it also represents the void,  the vast stillemptiness which existed before all of creation and will probably exist long after the death of our universe. The universal symbol for zero is an empty circle.

Linear internal linktime does not exist in the void, nor do events, actions,  matter, or space. It is a stark nothingness without self, ego, or  awareness. The void is timeless and eternal. It is the blank canvas awaiting inspiration. It is the uncarved block of the internal linkTaoTao It is the uncluttered mind ready to receive knowledge. It is the  unfertilized ovum.

Because the void exists outside of material space, it has no corresponding internal linkchakra or body position. The void can only be experienced preceding birth, following death, or through a . near death. or . out of body. experience where the trappings of physical self and ego are temporarily removed.

- James Kent - _The internal linkGalactic internal linkHarmonic Primer_

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Science, 1000

The Indian mathematician Sridhara recognizes the importance of the zero.

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This sign on pushbuttons or keys of office machines means total clearance or back to zero. When one presses this key the machine deletes all stored data and is ready to be used for new activities.
  Used as a modern washing internal linkinformation sign on clothes 47:8 has the meaning cannot be dry-cleaned
  In old marine technology and navigation it appeared as a sign for the widest section of a ship, dead flat. Here 47:8 is related to 47:6 for center of internal linkgravity.

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Total Eclipse
Song Of Zarathustra - Birth Of Tragedy on Troubleman (2000) Public Enemy - It Takes A Nation Of Millions To Hold Us Back
Otto Von Shirach - 8000 BC on Lucan/Mailboat (2001) DJ Spooky - Riddim Warfare Alan Watts
Neurosis - Souls At Zero
Bill Laswell - Dub Chamber 3 on ROIR (2000) Zerotonine - Cygnus Loops on Global Trance Network (2001)
Japanic - The Social Disease on Plethorazine (2001) Consolidated - Friendly Fascism on Nettwerk (1989)
Hot Snakes - Automatic Midnight on Sympathy For The Record Industry (2000) Console - 14 Zero Zero 12inch on Payola (1999)
Barcelona - Zero One Infinity on March (2000) Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi 12inch x3 on Warp (2002)
Minus 8 - Beyond Beyond on Higher Ground (1998) Sugarcubes - Here Today Tomorrow Next Week! (1989)
Hux Flux - Divison By Zer0 12"x2 on Spiral Trax #017 (2003)

fusion telex Nearly 36 billion years ago, almost twice as long as the age that modern astrophysics supposes to be the age of the universe, the set of mutually reflective relations that constitute the paired universe of matter and antimatter began to enter and, thereby, define three-internal linkdimensional space.  Following a major shift of epochs, hydrogen began to appear spontaneously near the center of the spatial topology. Denser atomic materials followed in due course; first internal linkhelium, via the Critchfield formula for H-H internal linkfusion, which can proceed in pur hydrogen. All of these material entities spring at their point of origin from the same source as the topological manifold of space, that is, from a higher spatial dimension. Why a higher spatial dimension is ingressing at an ever-accelerating rate into space-internal linktime we shall perhaps not understand until we achieve, through a concrescence of time, a return to the higher topological dimension. "We" in this case means the interspecies' internal linknetwork of internal linkDNA shared by all life. As in Jonas's myth, deity thus achieves a redefining and clarifying of the nature of itself through the efficacy of its works. Whatever the reasons energy entered space-time, each expression of itself in time has taken the form of a further sophistication of organization. The path of return sought by internal linkevolution on all levels is through antientropic organization. The original particles, which began entering the space-time continuum some 36 billion years ago, had, by 12 billion years ago, given rise to the epoch of the primal aggregate of the Big Bang theory, although the great majority of stars are less than 5 billion years old. This internal linkwave-hierarchy theory of time manages to avoid some of the dualisms inherent in the Steady State of Big Bang schools of cosmological theory, since it offers a mechanism by which an entire universe can spring into existence and yet not violate any physical laws by doing so. In its general outlines, the cosmology that our theory has built into it is in accord with recent ideas put forth by Edward Tryon. Both his model and ours predict a universe that is homogeneous, isotropic and closed and consists equally of matter and antimatter. All of these contentions are consistent with, and supported by, the present state of astrophysics.

We have proposed that internal linkquantum-mechanical phenomena organize matter at every level; Tryon (1973) suggests that the universe itself is a very large instance of a quantum-mechanical phenomenon that is common-place when of brief duration. Tryon points out that universes can spring from nothing without violations of physical law so long as they have specific properties. Chief among these is the requirement that such a universe must have a zero net value for all conserved quantities. The quantities that physics considers conserved fall into two categories, continuous and discrete. It is the discrete quantities that characterize the elementary particles: spin, strangeness, internal linkelectric charge, and so on. These quantities have equal magnitude, but opposed signs, in the case of particles and antiparticles. All that the laws of discrete conservation imply, therefore, is that if a universe appears from nowhere, it must consist equally of matter and antimatter. It is very possible that we live in a universe that possesses zero net values for all of its conserved quantities. Such a universe could well have sprung from nothing.."

- _The Invisible Landscape: Mind, internal linkHallucinogens and theinternal linkI Ching_internal linkTerence & Dennis McKenna

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Robert Kaplan, author of _The Nothing That Is: A Natural History of Zero_:

The first evidence we have of zero is from the internal linkSumerian culture in Mesopotamia, some 5,000 years ago. There a slanted double wedge was inserted between cuneiform symbols for numbers, written positionally, to indicate the absence of a number in a place (as we would write 102, the '0' indicating no digit in the tens column).

The symbol changed over time as positional notation, for which zero was crucial, made its way to the internal linkBabylonian empire and from there to India, via the Greeks (in whose own culture zero made a late and only occasional appearance; the Romans had no trace of it at all). Arab merchants brought the zero they found in India to the West, and after many adventures and much opposition, the symbol we use took hold and the concept flourished, as zero took on much more than a positional meaning and has played a crucial role in our mathematizing of the world.

The mathematical zero and the philosophical notion of nothingness are related but aren't the same. Nothingness plays a central role very early on in Indian thought (there called "sunya"), and we find speculation in virtually all cosmogonical myths about what must have preceded the world's creation.

Our own era's physical theories about the Big Bang cannot quite reach back to an ultimate beginning from nothing. although in mathematics we can generate all numbers from the empty set. Nothingness as the state out of which alone we can freely make our own natures lies at the heart of existentialism, which flourished in the mid-20th century.

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