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Psychedelic Trance

This nOde last updated July 29th, 2002 and is permanently morphing...
(2 Ik' (Wind) / 15 Xul (Dog) - 2/260 -

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The Theory of Hyperspace

     According to Superstring theory, before the Big Bang, our cosmos was actually a perfect ten-dimensional universe, a world where interdimensional travel was possible. However, this ten-dimensional universe "cracked" in two,  creating two separate universes: a four- and a six- dimensional universe. The universe in which we live was born in that cosmic cataclysm. Our four-dimensional universe expanded explosively, while our twin six-dimensional universe contracted violently, until it shrank to almost infinitesimal size. This would explain the origin of the Big Bang. If correct, this theory demonstrates that the rapid expansion of the universe was just a rather minor aftershock of a much greater cataclysmic event, the cracking of space and time itself. The energy that drives the observed expansion of the universe is then found in the collapse of ten-dimensional space and time. According to this theory, the distant stars and galaxies are receding from us at astronomical speeds because of the original collapse of ten-dimensional space and time.

     This theory predicts that our universe still has a dwarf twin, a companion universe that has curled up into a small six-dimensional ball that is too small to be observed.

Dr. Michio Kaku - Professor of Theoretical Physics
     _Hyperspace_, pg.27

fusion telex

fusion telex

Oct 28, 1996 from Braden L. Albert:

Hey Everyone,
I had a very weird thing happen to me while at a party in Cleveland on Saturday night. I was in the main room of this rave at the time. It must have been about 4:00 A.M. or so. I had been dancing to this great hypnotic trance for a couple hours. It winded its way from acid to psychedelic to tribal and back to psychedelic trance like the thumping, swirling swing of a grandfather clock on LSD. Anyway, after working up a righteous sweat, I took a breather on a bench. The venue was a converted roller skating rink, so there were plenty of benches on which to sit. As I was grooving in my repose to the still rising tide of scintillating tunes, I looked at this object in front of my and my mouth dropped. It was this huge mail bag that had the letter "604" inked on the canvas. But the inking was done in such a way that the "6" looked just like a "G" and the "4" looked like an "A". So "604" was actually "GOA" in disguise. Considering the music and where my head was at the time, it was quite a moment. Talk about signs, huh?
Braden Albert

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_@-Om_ by Shiva Chandra
_010 Seti 101_ by Digital Mystery Tour
_5th Dimension_ by X-Dream
_23 Degrees Under The Sun_ by Ceiba
_23 Mantra_ by Moksha
_23rd_ Century by Charasmatix
_23rd Chromosome_ by Noosphere
_1947_ by Manmademan
_2001_ by Eupsychia [as well as S-Range]
_2012_ by Higher Self
_A Pinch Of Psychedelic_ by Abel & HJ
_Absolute Zero_ by Total Eclipse
_Accusing Light_ by Grey Area
_Acid For Blood_ by Xenomorph
_Acid For Nothing_ by 1200 Mics
_Acid Level 33_ by Wizzy Noise
_Acid Moon_ by Juno Reactor
_Acid Rain_ by Laughing Buddha
_Acid Rain Over Bombay by V-ger & Soma
_Acid Soul_ by Organic Noise
_Acid Tester_ by Ominus
_Acid Theater_ by Zerotonine 
_Acid Tonik_ by Osom
_Adios Amoeba_ by Pan

_Adoration of the Aum_ by Transwave
_Akasha_ by Element
_Alchemista_ by Moksha
_Alien Airport_ by The Infinity Project
_Alien Banker_ by Comadose
_Alien Ethernet Experience Encounter 1_ by Krang
_Alien Funk_ by Maskalin
_Alien Homes_ by Orichalcum & The Deviant
_Alien Nation_ by Children Of Paradise
_Alien Pets (Free Tibet m ix)_ by Prana
_Alien Prophecy_ by State Of Trance
_Alien Pump_ by Tandu
_Alien Resonator_ by In R Voice
_Alienloop_ by Kiwa
_Aliens_ by Total Eclipse
_Allchemical_ by Sugar
_Almost Spooky_ by Waterjuice
_Alpha Rhythms_ by Somaton
_Alternate Dimension_ by MFG
_Altered Axis_ by Antix
_Amandla's Voodoo Experience by Elysium
_Ambience_ by Astral Projection
_Ambientation_ by DPOD
_Amtheremin (Shakta Remix)_ by Tetra Clash
_Ancient Jewelled Moon_ by Peyote People
_Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix)_ by Hallucinogen
_Anomalie_ by Eargear
_Anti-Gravity_ by Divinorum
_Atlantis_ by Inscape
_Ancient Information_ by Annunaki
_Ancient Suns_ by Fluro Conspiracy
_Annunaki_ by XIS
_Apollo (Twisted Remix)_ by Ree K
_Aqua Sufi_ by Industrial Suicide Tribe
_Are You Ready To Go?_ by Shaolin Wooden Men
_Area 51_ by Total Eclipse
_Arecibo Calling_ by Silicon Attic
_Around The World In A Tea Daze_ by Shpongle
_As Above So Below_ by Turban Bloc
_Atar.i.p. by Shakta
_Atlantis_ by Section X [as well as Inscape]
_Atomic Armadillo (the fluffening)_ by Green Nuns Of The Revolution
_Atomic Energy Dragon_ by Ree K
_Atomic Mantra_ by Distortion Orchestra
_Atomic Powwow_ by Space Tribe
_Aurora Borealis_ by SFX
_Automatic Data Processing_ by Jaffa
_Australia_ by Psychopod
_Babylon Ntng_ by Tristan And A Green Nun
_Backwards Into Chaos_ by India Drop
_Bamboo Bola_ by Rastaliens
_Bali Frogs_ by Shiva Chanra
_Banana Lassi_ by Sweird vs. Visual Paradox
_Basic Tribal Pattern (Sid Mix)_ by Mekkanikka
_Bassic (Flow mix)_ by Deep Dive Corp.
_Batman vs. Puzzler_ by Squaremeat
_Bees_ by Maskalin
_Beat Static_ by Alien Project & Orion
_Beats In Our Time_ by Psyless Groove
_Beethoven_ by Necton
_Beetlesnuff_ by Dimension 5
_Beezlebubbles_ by Neum
_Beware Of The Dragon_ by Miraculix
_Beyond The Singularity_ by Chi A.D.
_Blade Runner_ by Total Eclipse
_Blair Witch_ by Esterian Project
_Blue Sun Shrine_ by Doof
_Body Snatchers_ by Lotus Omega
_Boundless (Black Cat Mix)_ by Prana

_Brain Rush_ by Lish
_Braindance_by Kaaya
_Brainfusion Part 1_ by Proton
_Brainstorm_ by Jaia
_Brother Ray_ by Shaolin Wooden Men
_Bubble_ by Lunar Asylum
_Bubble & Squeek_ by Mumbo Jumbo
_Bubble Trubble_ by Qlap
_Bubbles_ by Electric Universe
_Bubbles In The Stratosphere_ by Low Radiation
_C 12 Omega_ by Chi A.D.
_Call Of The Delta_ by Ekko
_Carnival On Mars_ by Mindfield
_Carnival Tribe_ by 3.Turn
_Cartographers Of The Univers_ by Zodiac Youth
_Cartoon Land_ by Slide
_The Caterpillar_ by Growling Mad Scientists
_Chai Machine_ by f Mad Sheer Khan
_Chakra Active 8_ by Etnica
_Chaos By Design_ by Chaos by Design
_Chaos Engine_ by Dopamin
_Chaos Infinity_ by In R Voice
_Chaotic Systematic by Neuromotor
_Chapel Perilous_ by Fluoro Conspiracy
_Chocolate Icetea_ by Phony Orphants
_Chrysalis_by UX
_Circadian Rhythm_ by Shapeshifters
_Circle Makers_ by Manmademan
_Clearlight_ by Mystic Force
_Clockwork Orange_ by Psychlopedia
_Close Zen Counters_ by Tristan
_Coca Coma_ by Synchro
_Coldcut_ by Element
_Cosmo Shiva_ by Syb Unity Nettwerk
_Contact_ by Factor [as well as Disco Volante]
_Cognitive Dissidents_ by Quirk
_Compact Living_ by Logic Bomb
_Corridors Of Chaos_ by Hunab Ku
_Cosmic Trancer_ by Masaray
_Cosmic Trigger_ by Shakta
_Counting Spirals & Loops_ by Hujaboy
_Creative Anomaly by Psychaos
_Crescent Suns_ by Shpongle
_Cristal Splitter_ by Shiva Chandra
_Critical Mass_ by Xenith
_Cube_ by Paps
_Cube 3_ by The Nam Shub Of Enki
_The Curse Of Uqbhar_by Orichalcum & The Deviant
_Cutting Edge_ by Source Unknown
_Cyberbaba_ by Cyberbabas
_Cybernetic Hunter by Psyside
_Cyclic Evolution_ by Microwave Prince
_Cyberphunk_ by Synchro
_Da Groove_ by Blacklight
_Dada_ by Mic In The Bush
_Dance Like Nobody Is Watching_ by Space Tribe
_Dance Ov Thee Pink Elephants_ by Lumukanda
_Dance  Of The Witches_ by S.U.N. Project
_Dance With The Devil_ by Quirk
_Dark Matter_ by Quirk
_Dark Memory_ by Dark Soho
_Darshannon_ by Celtic Cross
_Datura Dreaming_ by Wavelink
_Dead Crows Don't Fly_ by Gegga
_Dead Expressing_ by Phony Orphants
_Delta 1.73_ by Nuclear Ramjet
_Desert Fly_ by Adrenalin Drum
_Desert Sun_ by M.F.G.
_Devabansha (Tantric Laswell Mix)_ by Makyo
_Didgeridoo_ by Magnetrixx
_Digital Antichrist_ by Noma
_Digital Hangover_ by Kiwa

_Digital Humanoid_ by Mr. Peculiar
_Dimension Shift_ by Space Tribe
_Disciplinic Flow_ by Tribal Drift
_Disco Shiva_ by Luna & Slide
_Disneyland_ by Miko & Har-El
_Dissolve (2012 Mix)_ by Kode IV
_Distorted Waves Of Om_ by Nervasystem
_Divine Moments Of Truth_ by Shpongle
_Djinn_ by Dreamweaver
_D.M.Turner_ by Kox Box
_DMT_ by DMT (also by 1200 Mics)
_Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?_ by Growling Mad Scientists
_Docklands Anomaly_ by In R Voice
_Doktor Mesmer_ by Kox Box
_Doppelgänger_ by Kox Box [as well as Tegma, Eat Static & Kaksoilento]
_Dr. Berber's Enigma Elevator_ by Encion
_Dragonboat_ by Lando
_Dragonflight_ by Rastaliens
_Dreams Down Under_ by Cosmix
_Dreamtime_ by Ganguru
_Dropout_ by Synchro
_Druidic Endeavors_ by Deviant Species
_Drumatrix_ by Absolum
_Drum Explorer_ by Jaia feat. Gil
_Dubstuff_ by Walter Ego
_Dumpfound_ by Logic Bomb
_Duck_ by Darshan
_Dzhopa Dream_by Eat Static
_E Goes In, Egos Out_ by Magus
_E-Wire_ by Joujouka
_Ecstasy_ by 1200 Mics
_Ectoplasma_ by Tarsis
_The Edge_ by Electric Tease feat. Sophie Moleta
_Edge Of Harmonix_ by Cybersnack
_The Eighth_ by Orion
_Eighth Hole_ by Coma
_Einstein's Nite Life_ by Einstein
_El Nino_ by Children Of Paradise
_Electric Moss_ by Whirling Merkabas
_Electric Voodoo Man_ by Ubar Tmar
_Electrical Distribution_ by Neural Rectifier Syndrome
_Electricity_ by Ticon
_Electromagnetic_ by X-Dream
_Electromagnetic Miracles_ by A.B. Didgeridoo Oblivion
_Elektrik_ by Synchro
_Elektro Implant_ by Eat Static
_Elephantommm_ by Timo94
_Elevator_ by Manmademan [as well as S.U.N. Project]
_Endorian Gravity_ by Endora
_Energia Magica_ by SUN Project
_Enlightened Evolution_ by Astral Projection
_Esther Alien_ by Space Safari
_Eternal Feedback_ by Vibrasphere
_Ether Relay_ by Masaray
_Evolution_ by Man With No Name [as well as Pylon]
_Evolution 3.3_ by Nuclear Ramjet
_Evolution Of X_ by Man Of The Last Third
_Ex-Whales_ by Growling Moon Spirits
_Extended Sun_ by Space Safari
_Fairy In The Dragonforest_ by Children Of Paradise
_Fallen Frogs_ by Son Kite
_Fast Forward The Future (Hallucinogen Mix)_ by Zodiac Youth
_Fear (Sense & Catt's Twisted Casa Mix)_ by Slide vs. Healey
_5th Dimensional Craft_ by Evolution
_Firedance_ by Sonic Fusion
_First Contact_ by Slide
_First Go!_ by Pope Of Gegga
_Flight Of The Pterodactyl_ by Parasonix
_Flight Path (Touchdown Dub Mix)_ by HP Source
_Flipout the Dolphin (Voodoo edit)_ by Space Tribe
_Flow_ by Aeternum [as well as Talamasca]
_Flow Control_ by Data Entry
_The Fly_ by Cat On Mushroom [as well as Sibilant]
_Fly High Go Hard_ by Hopefiend
_Flying Inuit_ by Neuwerk
_Flying Saucer Landing (Dancing Yoda Mix)_ by Ubar Tmar
_Focus_ by Space Safari
_Follow That Camel!_ by Eat Static
_Fortean Times_ by Tristan
_Four Dimensional_by Exilir
_Four Stations Of The Sun (hallucinogen remix)_ by Killing Joke
_Freakuency Fiasco_ by Green Ohms
_Free Tibet_ by Astral Projection
_Fractal Gates_ by Etnica
_The Frog_ by X-Dream
_Frogrock_ by Bitmonx & Haldolium
_Full Moon_ by Element
_Full Moon Mongoloid (U R THEE)_ by Texas Faggot
_Full Moon Over Parvatti_ by Doof
_Full Moon Project_ by Asia 2001
_Funktrance_ by Timebees
_Fused_ by Dienzephalon [as well as N-Tropic]
_The Fusion_ by Dark Soho
_Fusiononium_ by Endora
_Future Uncertain_ by Logic Bomb
_Galaxy Remote_ by Amaruvision
_G-Force_ by Sandman
_Gates Of Karma_ by Mittelstandskinder Ohne Strom
_Gather Information_ by Manmademan
_Ghost In The Shell_ by Fractal & Benza
_Ghost Rider (time tunnel mix)_ by Sandman
_The Gili's Voyage_ by Etnica
_GM Telephone_ by Silk
_Gnocchi_ by Miranda
_Go Hard_ by Senthetia
_Go! People_ by Shaolin Wooden Men
_Gobi Desert_ by100th Monkey and Tristan
_God Is God (Front 242 god zilla remix)_ by Juno Reactor
_Godstar (Sirius Mix)_ by Black Sun
_Godzilla_ by Systembusters
_Going With The Flow_ by S.U.N. Project
_Gong Song_ by Deep
_Goldendawn_ by Lunar Asylum
_Gravitation_ by Interlect 3000
_Gravity Waves (zombie remix)_ by Xerox & Freeman
_Green Coloured_ by Shiva Chandra
_Green Dreams_ by Bypass Unit
_Green Giant_ by Bufo
_Green Light_ by Lagoon
_Green Man_ by Miranda
_Green Pleasure_ by Squaremeat
_Green Show_ by Lish
_Greenflow_by Subcouds
_Groom Lake_ by Miranda
_Groove Moderator_ by Saiko Pod
_Groove On Dream Off_ by The Auranaut
_Groover_ by Spectral
_Groovy_ by Gump
_Groovy Symptomes_ by Phoetus
_Gypsy Trance_ by Mandra Gora
_Gyroscopic Force_ by Centrifugal Man
_H2Om_ by Doof
_Hallucinogenic Hyperdrive_ by Ominus
_Hard Wired_ by Space Safari
_Have A Good Time All The Time_ by DSP
_Havoc (Voodoo Jedi Lounge Collective Remix)_ by Cass & Slide
_The Heavens (Monolith Mix)_ by Juno Reactor
_Heavy Water_ by ASAP
_Heinous Groove Gland_ by Higher Spin States
_Herr Ubermann_ by Logic Bomb
_Hi Izuru Tokoro (Alien Commune Mix)_ by Ree K
_Higher (bamboo mix)_ by Kailash
_Highways Of Light_ by Aeternum
_Hill Of Shining Beings_ by Manmademan
_Head Rush_ by Growling Mad Scientists
_Hoffman Dub_ by 100th Monkey
_Holo Highway_ by Sonic Body
_Hologram_ by Etnica [as well as Altom, Eternal Basement, Rastaliens]
_Holy Water_ by Kopfuss Resonator
_Horney Mushrooms_ by I.L.O.
_Huxley's Medicine_ by Moksha
_Hyperactive (Acid Rockers Mix)_ by The Infinity Project
_Hypno Puzzle_ by Squaremeat
_I'm Real_ by Atomic Pulse vs. Dj Dede
_I Squid_ by Deviant Species
_I Think We Can Go To The Moon_ by Doof
_Ice Cube_ by Juno Reactor
_If I (Goodgroove Remix)_ by Montauk P
_Illusion Quest_ by Melicia
_Imagina_ by Timo2001
_Impossible Vortex_ by Children of the Doc
_The Improbable Voyage_ by Digitalis
_In Imaginary Time_ by Kode IV
_In Memory Of Terence McKenna_ by Cosma Shiva
_In The Hands Of The Shaman_ by Space Tribe
_In The Midst Of Midi_ by Data Transfer Switch

_Indra's Net_ by Shakta
_Infinite Depth_by Laughing Buddah
_Infinite Image_ by Encens
_Infinite Personality Phase_ by Disco Slickers
_Infobahn_ by Mindfield
_Infusion_ by Drift
_Insoma_ by Saiko Pod
_Intense Visitation_ by Etnica
_Intensity One_ by Brian Shiva
_Intensive Psychedelic Care_ by Chakra & Nada
_Into The Light_ by Bill & Seb
_Invisible Cities (internal linkNeuromancer Remix By Transparent)_ by Black Sun

_Invisible Contact_by Pigs In Space
_Japanoid_ by Prisoners Of The Sun
_Jinny_ by Eargear vs. DJ Magical
_Just Another Transmutational Process_ by Lumukanda
_Just Dream_ by Element
_Just Legalize It_ by Cosmoon
_Kabbalah_ by Astral Projection
_Kali_ by Quartermass (as well as Astrix)
_Karma_ by Laughing Buddha
_Karmachanics (Silver Mix) by Cwithe
_Karmaflage_ by Manmademan
_Karmic Implications_ by Fractal Glider
_Kept In Captivity_ by Reefer Decree
_Kesh U Later Oscillator_ by Synchro
_Kiksu-UFO_ by Cesmes
_The Kindly One_ by Deviancy
_King Lois' Banana Boogie by Von Aum
_Koori Dream Spirits_ by Mantaray
_Kundalini_ by OOOD (Out of our Depth) [also by Shiva Space Technology and Spectral]
_KV23_by Process and Tristan
_Kyma_ by Darshan
_La Conquete de la Banane Pyramide_by Joking Sphinx
_Language Of Silence_ by Fractal Glider
_The Law_ by Exaile
_Lemuria_ by Texas Faggot
_Lepton Head Part III_ by Shakta
_Let The Drums Begin_ by Ticon
_Let There Be Light_byAstral Projection
_Levitate_ by Son Kite
_The Light At The End...?_ by Zen Paradox
_Lighthouse_ by LotusOmega
_Lightning Rode_ by Cydonia
_Lightware_ by Genuine
_Like Magic_ by Kode IV
_Liquid Sun_ by Astral Projection
_Llamas On Lavazza_ by Little Blue Men
_Loads Of Flow_ by Kox Box
_Lofi Scifi_ by Quirk
_Looking Glass_ by Mantaray
_Loop & Digit_ by Stoop & Fidget
_Loop In Control by Sandman
_Loopy Loo_ by Space Tribe
_Low Gravity_by Aeternum
_LSD_ by Hallucinogen [as well as 1200 Mics]
_LSD In 1960_ by Cosmoon
_Lt. Ripley's Little Pets_ by Zerotonine
_Lucid Dreams_ by Masala
_Lunar Llamas_ by Manmademan
_Luxor (Coldcut Remix)_ by Luxor
_Machine Karma_ by Gabriel Le Mar
_Maestro, Let The Drums Begin_ by Ticon
_Magic Flow_ by Element
_Magic Fly_ by XIS
_Magic Frequency_ by Witchcraft
_Magic Interface_ by Bio Tonic
_Magic Machines_ by Ouija
_Magic Moments (Remix)_ by X-Dream
_Magic Morning_ by Full Moon Fashions
_Magic Mushrooms_ by 1200 Mics
_Magic Nosegoblins_ by Frank Kukat & Tatar Shunthala
_Maia_ by The Pleiadians
_Maian Dream_ by Astral Projection
_Man To Ray_ by Juno Reactor
_Mandrogora_ by Medicine Drum
_Martian Arts_ by Tristan
_Mason Groove_by Fingertwister
_Matrix_ by Amphasis
_Maya Moon_ by MFG
_MDMA Tuning_ by AkashaProjekt
_Mekong Delta_ by Prometheus
_Memory In Paradise_ by Mystic Force
_Memphisize_ by Germinator
_Mentallica_ by Weardo Beardo
_Messages From Jupiter_ by Acid Rockers
_Metamorpheus_ by Orion
_Metafizix_ by Hopefiend
_Mi-Loony-Um (A Floating Butterfly Stings Like A Bee Mix)_ by Hallucinogen
_Microchip 23_ by S-Range
_Millenium Light_ by Millenium Light
_Mind Control Implants_ by Magus
_Mind Over Gravity_ by UX
_Mind Puzzle_ by Xenomorph
_Mocking Laugh Of The Cruel Ninja_ by Shaolin Wooden Men

_Moments Of Truth_ by Mystic Force
_Monkey Puzzle_ by Humito
_Monkey Slime_ by ECT & Mass
_Monolith_ by Distortion Orchestra
_Moon In Your Window_ by Pleiadians
_Moonchild_ by 100th Monkey feat. Angele
_Moonraker (Man With No Name mix)_ by Disco Volante
_Morphic Resonance_ by Darshan [as well as Cosmosis and Third Eye]
_Mossman_ by Ekko
_Movement Within The 4th Dimension_ by Cyclics
_Ms. Frankenstein_ by Total Eclipse

_Mushroom Maze_ by Menis
_Mushroom Messiah_ by Psyburbia
_Mushroom Symphony_ by Sandman
_Muta-Gen (Thermoplasmic Mix) by EON Project
_My Mud Is Bubbling_ by Necton
_Mystery Brain_ by Kailash
_Mystery Of Imagination_ by Man Of The Last Third
_Nano Cycle_ by Distortion Orchestra
_Nanobots_ by Electron Wave
_Nanoteque_ by Goat Ranch
_Nazca Spider_ by Orion
_Nebula_ by Synchro
_Neuro Tunnel_ by Man With No Name
_The Neuromancer_ by Shakta [as well as Native Radio]
_Neuroscan_ by Exile
_Neuroscanner_ by Darshan
_Neuron Tranceiver_by Electron Wave
_Nexus Plexus_ by Darshan
_Nexus Warriors_ by Monolyte Altaraz
_Nexxus (DJ Feuerhake Mix)_ by Klangstrahler Projekt
_Night In Shining Alma_ by Doof
_No Conspiracy_ by Shakta
_No Lights Without Darkness_ by Etnica
_No Process_ by X-Dream
_No Sense Incense by Moksha
_No-one Ever Dreams_by Astral Projection
_Nostradamus_ by Sandman
_Numerous Numerics_ by Hux Flux
_Nylon Groover_ by New Disco Science Alliance
_OhmShiva_by Tim Schuldt
_Occam's Razor_ by Wood Dragons
_Om_ by Amaruvision
_Om Rock_ by GroovyIntent
_Ones And Zeros_ by Frequency Deluxe
_On Lydia's Sixth Moon_ by Another Green World [album title from Brian Eno]
_Online Information_ by Electric Universe
_The Only Process_ by Atmos
_Optical Feedback_ by Adrenochrome
_Optimum Flux_ by Sonic Sufi
_Oracle_ by Genetic [as well as Digby & Oliver]
_Orb Warning_ by Logic Bomb
_Orion_ by Arcana [as well as Acid Rockers]
_Oscillation_by Temple Of Dreams
_Oscillator_ by The Infinity Project [as well as X-Dream]
_Our Man In Nirvana_ by Eat Static
_Ouroboros_ by Somaton
_Outer Limits_ by Cosmosis
_Out Of Control_ by Space Tribe
_Out Of Memory Too_ by Lumen
_Out Of Your Control_ by X-Dream
_Over The Moon_ by Phreaky
_Panfandango_ by Up & Atom
_Panfried (Mind Over Matter Mix)_ by The Light

_Paradise Pills_ by Quirk
_People Can Fly_ by Astral Projection
_People in UFO's_ by Doof
_Perception Of Reality_by Psychaos
_Perfect State_ by Electric Tease
_Petemoss_ by SciFlyvs. Tweek
_Peu Ohm Peu_ by Qlap
_Peyote (Contact)_ by I.L.O.
_Philter_ by PLN
_Phlux_ by Dienzephalon
_Phoenix_ by Asura
_Phosphoressence (Doors of Perception Mix)_ by The Infinity Project
_Photon Generator_ by Electron Wave
_Photon Tribe_ by Plasma Pleasure
_Pi-Man_ by Eargear
_Pi-Symptom_ by Haldolium
_Ping_ by Quirk
_Ping Pong_ by Cyanescens
_Plasma_ by Haldolium
_Plexus Energy Flow_ by Freak Quency Generator
_Po Tolo (B Sirius Mix)_ by The Nommos
_Point Zero_ by Source Experience
_Poltergeist_ by Droidsect
_Porn Bass Zero_ by Pope Of Gegga
_Porno Poltergeist_ by Necton
_Pomp Plasma Seepra_ by I.L.O.
_Postpone The Phone_ by Hux Flux
_Pow Wow_ by Navajo [as well as Lando]
_Power Of Celtic_ by Shiva Space Technology
_Present Moment_ by In R Voice & Shakta
_Principles Of Gravity_ by Somaton
_Prisoners Dilemma_ by Matenda
_Psi-Lock_ by XIS
_Psychedelic Sun_by Encens
_Psychedelicatessen_ by Synchro
_Psycho Toons_ by Sandman
_Psychoacoustically_ by Wrecked Machines
_Pulp Fiction_ by BLT
_Pulsar_ by Excession
_Pulsar Glitch_ by Total Eclipse
_Pulsating Thing_ by Double Dragon
_Pulse (Man Of The Last Third Mix)_ by Magnetic Pulstar
_Pulse_ by Planet BEN [as well as Absolum]
_Pulse II_ by Anti-Matter
_Pulse Of Light_ by Ceiba
_Pulse Train_ by Reefer Decree
_Pulstatic_ by Adrenalin Drum
_Pure Kali_ by Logic Bomb
_Purple Merlin_ by Manmademan& Tristan
_Puzzle_ by L.A.B.
_Pyramids of Giza_ by Gravity One
_Quantum Flux_ by Electron Wave
_Quantum Glow_ by D-Function
_Quark_ by Shakatura
_The Quickening_by Gumbo
_Re-Oscillation_ by Kox Box
_Re-Processed_ by Atmos
_Re-Psycle Frequency_ by Joujouka
_Real Interaction_ by Grey Area_
_Reality_ by Rastaliens
_Reality Check_ by The Visitors
_Red Is Like Green_ by Weird Alchemy
_Red-eye Jed-I_ by Haltya
_Relaxed Vortex_ byTotal Eclipse
_Relic Raiders_ by Fabel
_Remember The Slime_ by Shaolin Wooden Men
_Resonance_ by In R Voice
_Restricted Flow_ by Ooze
_Return To The Force_ by Star Sounds Orchestra
_The Rezwalker_ by Transwave
_The Right Stuff_by Joujouka
_Ring Of Fire_(Eat Static remix) by Green Nuns Of The Revolution
_Road To Sirius_ by Gabriel Le Mar
_Room 23_ by Shpongle
_Run To The Sun_ by Spirallianz
_The Rush_ by Zorba
_Satori Razor_ by Sirius 2
_Saturnalia_ by Slide
_Scherzo_ by All Sonic Include
_Schizoid_ by Acid Rockers
_Sci-Fi Hi-Fi_ by Genetic
_Science Fiction_ by Earth as well as Psychaos
_Screaming Butterfly_by Etnica
_Searching For UFO's_ by Astral Projection
_Search For Infinity_ by Monolyte Altaraz
_Second Wave_ by Alien Soap Opera
_Secret Of Mana_ by Amanite FX
_Secret Sun_ by Doof
_Section 8_ by Bus
_Self-Oscillation_by Deedrah
_Self Transforming Machine Creatures From Hyperspace_ by Nervasystem & Aether
_Serotonin Sunrise_ by Man With No Name
_Seven Sisters_ by Sounds From The Ground
_Sex, Drugs & Acid TrancePart II_ by S.U.N. Project
_Shaddah El Chai_ by Avatara
_Sh-Maniac_ by Ree K
_Shakesphere_by Dienzephalon
_Shaman's Path_ by Hertz
_Shamanic Bass_ by Biodegradable
_Shamanic Tea_ by Tripswitch
_Shamanix_ by Hallucinogen
_Shango_ by Snake Thing
_Shapeshifter_ by Ominus [as well as Encens & Visible Sound]
_Shifting Shiva_ by XIS
_Shining With You_ by Lemurians
_Shrigara (alaap, gat, dub, om)_ by Makyo
_Shroom_ by Sonic Sculpture
_Silent Running_ by Saiko Pod [as well as Alien Project]
_Silicon Trip_ by Shakta
_Single Child Syndrome_ by Chris Organic & Prisoners Of The Sun
_Singularity_ by Magnetrixx
_Siouxpernature_ by Medicine Drum
_Sirius (Der Dritte Raum Mix)_ by The Moon & The Sun
_Skidzow_ by Concentrix

_Skitzophrenik_ by Tripsters
_Slipstream (Green Nuns vs. Slinky Wizard mix)_ by Atmos
_Slipstream_ byMedicine Drum
_Slipstream Dub_ by Medicine Drum
_Small Paper Squares_ by Tristan
_Smile Power_ by Paps
_Snot Green_ by The Name Shub Of Enki
_Snuff Stuff_ by India Drop
_Soap Bubbles_ by Sesto Sento
_Soft Focus_ by Quirk
_Solar Power_ by Space Tribe
_Solid Bubbles_by Joti & Avi
_Solstice 23_ by Tripiatrik
_Soma Junkies_ by Digitalis
_Sonic Mandala_ (Crop Circles mix) by Space Tribe
_Sorcerer_ by Prodigal Sun
_Sorcery_ by Nomad
_Space Interface_ by Kox Box
_Space Mantra 3_ by Infected Mushroom
_Space Midi_ by Omputer
_Speach Dancer_ by Yamo
_Sphynx_ by Mindfield
_Spiritual Contact_by Messenger
_Spiritual Excitation_ by Tristan
_Split Personality_ by Matenda
_Spontaneous Human Combusion (Burning Man mix)_ by Slide and Mark Van Der Vlugt
_Square Root Of 529_ by Lumukanda
_Squeeze Your Karma_ by Zen Lemonade
_Squid_ by Reefer Decree & Aslan
_Star Wars_ by Xerox& Freeman [as well as GMS & Systembusters]
_Starbuck_ by Sunkings
_Stargate Avalon_ byCeltic Cross
_Stay Psychedelic_ by Kox Box
_Step Dragon_ by Subphonic
_Stonehenge_ by Human Blue [as well as Universal Sound]
_Stratofierce 2001_ by Kox Box
_Sun God_ by Dendron
_Sundance_ by Dogma
_Supernatural_by Slinky Wizard [as well as Droidsect]
_Supreme Beings_ by Plexus [Luminus vs. Plexus]
_Surreal Killer (doppelganger remix)_ by Growling Mad Scientists
_Sweet Dreams_ by B.L.T.
_Symmetrik Symbiose_ by Timo95
_Synchronicity_ by Melrob
_SynchronicityConverger_ by Unconscious Collective
_Taiyo (Joujouka & Snake Thing Remix)_ by Prana
_Talking Drum No Maho_ by Joujouka
_Tee Bea Tea_ by Mino
_Techno Prisoners_ by Phreaky
_Technosaur_ by Metal Spark
_Teleport_ by Man With No Name
_Telerush_ by Midilitto
_Tempest_ by Salamander
_Temple of the Moon_ by Anubis
_Tentacles of a Jellyfish_ by Growling Mad Scientists
_There Is A Time_ by Prometheus
_They Oscillate_ by B(if)tek
_Third Gate Of Dreams_ by Makyo
_This Stuff Is Real_ by Synchro
_Three Moons In The Maze_ by Electroslide
_Thriller (The Delta Remix)_ by 3.Turn
_Tibetan Strawberries_ by The Visitors
_Time Bandits_ by Bufo
_Time Began With The Universe_ by Astral Projection
_Time Bubbles_by Xerox & Freeman
_Time Code_ by Yumade
_Time Gate_ by Yokota
_Time Slice_ by Puls
_Time Twister_ by Proteus
_Time Traveler Of Trance_ by Masaray
_Tin Drum_ by Double Dragon
_Tip Hop_ by Synchro
_Tolkien's Hammer_ by Droidsect
_Tommy The Bat_ by Infected Mushroom
_Tongues Of Fungus_bySun Kings
_Tornado_ by Phreaky
_Total Perspective Vortex_by Chi A.D.
_Towards The Still Point_ by Third Eye

_Trance Dance_ by Astral Projection
_Trancemission_ by Genetic
_Tribal Oscillation_ by Kox Box
_Tribute To Tim Leary_by Yopo
_Trouble (Hallucinogen'spsyllocibin remix)_ by Beast
_Tribal Force_ by Klangstrahler Projekt
_Tribes Of Resonance_ by Mr. Peculiar
_Trickster_ by Shaolin Wooden Men
_Trip On Nexus_ by Amtinaous
_Tron_ by Saikopod
_Tryptamine Dream_ by Astral Projection
_Turban Kaos_ by Drop And Dash
_Twilight Zone_ by Taran-Te
_Twisted Face_ by Psycho Talk
_Twisted Fantasy_ by Peak PIilots
_Twisted Harmonics_ by Prodigal Sun
_Twisted Love_ by Wizzy Noise
_Twisted Tale_ by Multiplex
_Twister_ by Lunar Asylum
_Two-D_ by Noma
_Two Gongs_ by Exanimo
_U.R.The Alien_ by Brainman
_Ulhuru_ by Medicine Drum
_Ultimate Goal_ by Kode IV
_Ultragroove_ by Orion
_Ulysses (Voyage 2)_ by Transwave
_Uncertainty Principle_ by Electron Wave
_Underworld_ by 1000 Micro DATS
_Universal Chaos_ by X-Dream
_Universal Oscillator_ by Distortion Orchestra
_Urban Forest Odyssey_ by Psyburbia
_Utopia_ by Mandala [as well as Astral Projection]
_Utopian Dream_by Dimension 5
_Vampire  State Building_ by Planet BEN & Synchro
_Vampire Strikes Back_ by Growling Mad Scientists & Manitu
_Vampires_ by Authentik
_Venus Tongue Sandwhich_ by Unknown Controllers
_Vimana_ by Etnica
_Virtual Reality_ by Psyside
_Virtual Voyage_ by Infected Mushroom
_Visions Of Nasca_ by Astral Projection
_Vision Quest_ by Transwave [as well as Lando]
_Voodoo Child_ by Psychonaut
_Vortex_ by Electron Wave
_Voyage Of Ulysses_by Zorba feat. Chicago
_Wake Up And Start Dreaming_ by Rip Van Hippy
_Waking Dreams_ by Space Tribe
_Warped Dimension_by Darshan
_Wasp Or Fly (melo mix)_ by Auricular
_Water_ by Medicine Drum
_Water Margin_ by Lunar Asylum
_Water Spirit_ by Evolution

_Water World_ by Zabra
_Wave Drops_ by PPS Project
_Wave Shadow_ by Psyside
_Wave Table_ by Bamboo Forest
_WMCF (Feng Shui Arrangement)_ by Haltya
_Weird, Sick, Twisted_ by Mumbo Jumbo
_Weird Karma_ by Doof
_West Into The Sun by Benza
_Wetware_ by Double Dragon
_Whales_ by Ju Ju Space Jazz
_What Is Consciousness_ by Space Tribe
_What Is Real? by Mr. Peculiar

_When The Light Is Gone   (live at Arasaki beach, 96 summer of love)_ by Ubar Tmar
_When Time Has No Meaning_ by Sensphere
_When You Smile To The Cows_ by Yumade
_Whirling Dervish_by Nervasystem [as well as Crazy Party]
_Whirling Of Water_ by Underhead
_White Light_ by The Nam Shub Of Enki
_White Lotus_ by BLT & DJ Gidi
_White Whales_ by Great Leap Forward
_Wicked Dream_ by Miranda
_Wicked Filter_ by NBR
_Wind Chime_ by Darshan
_Wired Karma_ by Doof
_Wires_ by Ausgang
_The Wizard_ by Slinky Wizard
_The Wizard Demo (live)_ by Deedrah
_Wizard's Brew_ by Medicine Drum
_Wormhole_ by Palombini Power [as well as Mudspirit]
_Xyber Siva_ by Masaray
_Yoshi Angst_ by The Nam Shub Of Enki
_Yeti Part 3 (Total Eclipse Remix)_
_You Can Be Shiva_ by Space Tribe
_You Create Your Own Reality_ by Space Tribe
_Youth of the Galaxy_ by Doof
_Youth Machine_ by Star Sounds Orchestra
_Z Plane Sunrise_ by Etnica
_Zen Garden_ by Zorba
_Zen Koan_by Divinorum
_Zentral Wheel_ by Mantaray
_Zero_ by Astral Projection
_Zero Density_ by Transwave
_Zero Gravity_ by Sensorium [as well as Twelve Moons]
_Zoobubbles_ by Sibilant

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personal space/time relevancy: 1996 through 1999.  staple labels either stop releasing (Matsuri) or compromise/change (Flying Rhino, TIPWorld).  many more reasons, including ego, bickering over media, medium, attire, changes in attitude, and a lack of seriousness and fun, all signal a time to move on.  the always elusive memetic energy progression...

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nothing psy related, but interesting synchronicities in film:

"we got a shady hotel across the street and a bar on the corner..."
"any apartments?"
"looks like we're a go... load in tomorrow at sundown..."
"that's 6:03pm"
"then i'll see everyone at 6:04..."
"oh wait a minute, i got one more thing..."
"what's that?"
"police station's three blocks away..."
"remember, no obstacles... only challenges..."


then i'll see everyone at 6:04... Groove - 6:04pm
Human Traffic - 604

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Goa (go´e)
A former Portuguese colony (1510-1961) of southwest India on the Malabar Coast.


goa (go´e) noun
A gazelle (Procapra picticaudata) native toTibet and having backward-curving horns in the male.

[Tibetan dgoba.]

Goa beach

Goa, state in western India, south of Mahârâshtra state and east of the Arabian Sea. It is India's smallest state, covering an area of 3702 sq km (1429 sq mi). The capital city is Panaji. Goa has sandy beaches and a tropical climate.

Goa has a population of 1,169,793 (1991 census). Ethnic groups include native inhabitants and Portuguese descendants. The official language is Konkani, although English, Hindi, and Marathi are also spoken. Most of the native inhabitants are Hindu, and many of the Portuguese descendants are Christians. Agriculture is the main economic activity. Chief products are rice, nuts, fruit, teak, blackwood, bamboo, and fish. Goa has a 40-member legislative assembly.

The ancient Hindu city of Goa lies in ruins. Nearby, the city of Old Goa was founded about 1440 and conquered by the Portuguese in 1510. By the early 18th century, attacks by natives and rival Dutch traders had almost destroyed the city. From 1962 until 1987, when it attained statehood, Goa was part of Goa, Damân, and Diu, a union territory of India.

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The name Goa itself can be traced to the Gubi of Sumerian tablets (2100 BCE), the Gouba of Ptolemy, the later Govapuri and Gopapuri, and the Munda word Goen-Bab for an inclined ear of corn.

- _Indian Food - A Historical Companion_ by K.T. Achaya

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