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acid (ŗsīÓd) noun
1. Chemistry. a. Any of a large class of sour-tasting substances whose aqueous solutions are capable of turning blue litmus indicators red, of reacting with and dissolving certain metals to form salts, and of reacting with bases or alkalis to form salts. b. A substance that ionizes in solution to give the positive ion of the solvent. c. A substance capable of yielding hydrogen ions. d. A proton donor. e. An electron acceptor. f. A molecule or ion that can combine with another by forming a covalent bond with two electrons of the other.
2. A substance having a sour taste.
3. The quality of being sarcastic, bitter, or scornful.

1. Chemistry. a. Of or relating to an acid. b. Having a high concentration of acid.
2. Having a sour taste.
3. Biting, sarcastic, or scornful: an acid wit; an acid tone of voice.
[From Latin acidus, sour, from acÍre, to be sour.]
- acīidly adverb
- acīidness noun

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 This is one of the signs for acid in later internal linkalchemy.
  Synonyms were , and other signs. 


 A sign used in seventeenth century chemistry for crucible, i.e. a pot in which for instance metals were melted. Crucible was also drawn 24:31 and52:8.
  This sign is also known as the crutch cross, the Jerusalem cross, or the cross of the Holy Cross
  This sign was also used for acids in alchemy and old chemistry. Hydrochloric acid, for example, could be written , where 30:1 signified salt.


This sign was first seen in the 1960s although it was not extensively used until the 1980s. It is called the internal linksmile or acid sign. Acid, apart from being a word for the drug internal linkLSD, denotes a music style, a strange, dance provoking blend of American soul and European disco music. Thus the music, the sign, and its name, acid, are somewhat associated with the pleasure drug internal linkecstasy and the psychedelic drug LSD. This sign, however, is also the logotype for the international ecology organization Asian Pals of the Planet.
  This sign is also drawn 20:16


 This sign meant acidum arsenici, or arsenic acid in alchemy and early chemistry. The sign is composed by 48:17 for arsenic and 09:3 for acid.

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Hardfloor - TB Resuscitation 12"x2 (yellow vinyl)
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