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A Clockwork Orange

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Stanely Kubrick

film _A Clockwork internal linkOrange_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(avi)atomjacked inventory cache(665.9megs) (1971 )
directed by internal linkStanley Kubrick


The Empire
Darth Vader...or Clark Kent?

X-Dream - Radio
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a clockwork orange by anthony burgess

Clock DVA - spirograph eye

Moloko Vellocet - Nadsat

Clear? ...like an unmuddied lake.

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Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

David Prowse and the crippled author Darth Vader does not drink
Afro Woman painting Afro Lady painting in The Shining
Frank Alexander's realization A Clockwork Orange original poster

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Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

Directed by
internal linkStanley Kubrick

Writing credits
Anthony Burgess (novel)
Stanley Kubrick

Genre: internal linkSci-Fi

Tagline: Being the adventures of a young man whose principal interests are rape, ultra-violence and internal linkBeethoven.

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  • A Clockwork Orange - Beethoven


    Plot Outline: The adventures of a young man who loved a bit of the old ultra-violence, went to jail, was brainwashed and came out cured, or was he?

    Full Cast and Crew for
    Clockwork Orange, A (1971)

    Malcolm McDowell  ....  Alex DeLarge
    Patrick Magee ....  Frank Alexander
    Michael Bates .... Chief Guard Barnes
    Warren Clarke .... Dim
    John Clive .... Stage Actor
    Adrienne Corri  ....  Mrs. Alexander
    Carl Duering ....  Dr. Brodsky
    Paul Farrell ....  Tramp
    Clive Francis  ....  Lodger
    Michael Gover  ....  Prison Governor
    Miriam Karlin  .... Cat Lady
    James Marcus ....  Georgie
    Aubrey Morris  ....  P.R. Deltoid
    Godfrey Quigley  .... Prison Chaplain
    Sheila Raynor  .... Mrs. DeLarge ("M")
    Madge Ryan ....  Dr. Branum
    John Savident ....  Conspirator Dolin
    Anthony Sharp  ....  Minister
    Philip Stone  ....  Mr. DeLarge ("P")
    Pauline Taylor   ....  Dr. Taylor
    Margaret Tyzack  ....  Rubinstein
    Steven Berkoff  .... Constable
    Lindsay Campbell ....  Detective
    Michael Tarn .... Pete
    David Prowse  ....  Julian (Frank Alexander's Bodyguard, Therapist)
    Barrie Cookson
    Jan Adair  ....  Handmaiden
    Gaye Brown
    Peter Burton
    John J. Carney  ....  CID Man
    Vivienne Chandler ....  Handmaiden
    Richard Connaught ....   Billy-boy
    Prudence Drage ....  Handmaiden
    Carol Drinkwater ....  Sister Feeley
    Lee Fox
    Cheryl Grunwald ....  Rape victim
    Gillian Hills  .... Sonietta
    Craig Hunter  ....   Doctor
    Shirley Jaffe
    Virginia Wetherell ....  Stage Actress
    Neil Wilson
    Katya Wyeth  ....  Girl

    Produced by
    Stanley Kubrick

    Si Litvinoff (executive)
    Max L. Raab (executive)
    Bernard Williams (associate)

    Original music by
    Wendy Carlos
    (as Walter Carlos)

    Additional music by
    Edward Elgar  (from "Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1")
    Henry Purcell (from march from "Music on the Death of Queen Mary")
    Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov  (from "Scheherazade")
    Gioacchino Rossini (from "Barber of Seville/Wilhelm Tell/La Gazza Ladra")
    internal linkLudwig Van Beethoven (from "9th symphony")

    Cinematography by
    John Alcott

    Costume Design by
    Milena Canonero

    Production Design by
    John Barry

    Film Editing by
    William Butler

    Other crew
    Olga Angelinetta ....  hair stylist
    Ron Beck   ....  wardrobe supervisor
    David Beesley  .... assistant film editor
    Brian Blamey  ....  sound editor
    ou Bogue ....  best boy;  electrician
    Frank Bruton   ....  property master
    Peter Burgess  ....  assistant film editor
    Terence A. Clegg  ....  location manager
    Derek Cracknell ....  assistant director
    Tony Cridlin ....  grip
    Barbara Daly .... make-up artist
    Ernie Day  .... camera operator
    Andros Epaminondas  ....   production assistant
    Laurie Frost  ....  camera assistant
    Peter Glossop  ....  boom operator
    Russell Hagg  ....  art director
    Peter Hancock  .... prop man
    Jan Harlan   ....  assistant to producer
    Eddie Hoben  .... internal linkdubbing mixer
    Tommy Ibbetson  ....   prop man
    John Jordan  .... sound recordist
    Mike Kaplan  ....  production co-ordinator
    Christiane Kubrick  ....  paintings;   sculptures
    David Lenham ....  camera assistant
    James Liggat  ....  casting
    Cornelius Makkink  ....   painter;  sculptor
    Herman Makkink ....  sculptor;  painter
    Mike Molloy .... camera operator
    Liz Moore   .... sculptures; paintings
    George Partleton .... make-up artist
    June Randall .... continuity
    Iris Rose .... production secretary
    Bill Rowe   ....  dubbing mixer
    Roy Scammel  .... stunt arranger;  stunt co-ordinator
    Gary Shepherd  ....  first assistant editor
    Peter Shields  .... art director
    Dusty Symonds ....  first assistant director
    Frank Wardale  .... gaffer
    Bill Welch .... construction manager
    Freddie Williamson ....  make-up artist

    Runtime: UK:137
    Country: UK
    internal linkLanguage: English
    Color: Color
    Sound Mix: Mono
    Certification: UK:(Banned) (withdrawn by the director) / USA:R / internal linkFinland:K-18 /
    France:-16 / Germany:16 / internal linkAustralia:R / Netherlands:16 / Norway:18 / Sweden:15 /Italy:VM14 / Chile:18

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    soundtrack score for the film _A Clockwork Orange_

    Wendy Carlos - A Clockwork Orange

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    Nova Express coffee house located on Fairfax Avenue near Melrose in Hollywood, Ca.

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    internal linkWhy Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

    Alexander DeLarge: It was fagged of it's domy, me droogies,  and wanted to secure a bit of the ol' ultra-violence.

    Why Did The Chicken Cross The Road?

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