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Albert Hofmann

Albert Hofmann

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On April 19, 1942, chemist Albert Hofmann of Sandoz Laboratories in Basel, Switzerland, mixed up a compound he hoped would be a new and better cure for headaches.  Not knowing he had inhaled a great deal of the fumes, Hofmann got on his internal linkbicycle and started to peddle home for lunch.  He began to notice strange sensations.

Hofmann's trippy bike ride blotter

She had the eyes of a saint...

A 10-internal linkdimensional universe cracked into a 6-dimensional universe and a 4-dimensional universe.  There were gold ornaments and silk curtains and heavy internal linkincense: it hurt like a bastard.  Wild technicolor Maui trees and shrubs everywhere as Mother Superior raised the steel yardstick again - Uncle Mick understood with the same mathematical certainty that an egg within an egg gave birth to a internal linkquantum jump, huge lumbering reptiles.  These internal linkSun-Kings walking across the Brooklyn Bridge hiding behind a bush going cluck-cluck-cluck - the inertial system changes back to that damned swamp with the internal linkfrogs - he could see every black-head, every wart, every bead of sweat.  Art works considered "pagan" bowed to Rev. Yoshikami and came down the stairs to New York 1959... "he wears thick goggles and a kind of scuba-diving suit"...they help \us to understand  our hallucinations better.

Dr. Hofmann got off the bicycle, a Wilde surmise dawning upon him: Each man spills the drink he loves.

According to one school of thought, much in favor among practised meditators, there is no beginning, no ending, no linear progression, only an unbounded internal linknet of jewels each of which reflects and contains the reflection of each of the others.

Inra's Net of Jewels

internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - _A Net Of Jewels_ from internal link_Cosmic Trigger Volume 2_atomjacked inventory cache 

Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

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Albert Hofmann and Timothy Leary 1993 They Live - Rowdy Roddy Piper sees the light using Hofmann Lenses

in _They Live_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache(1987), Rowdy Roddy Piper discovers special sunglasses utilizing "Hofmann internal linkLenses" that enables one to see the world as it internal linktruly is: subliminal messages on billboards, magazines, ads, tv instructing consumer culture to buy, reproduce, and obey. the messages are from hostile internal linkaliens (i.e. the Republican political party) using Earth as their third world to exploit, and humans as cattle, turning the oxygen based atmosphere into "their atmosphere" through the greenhouse effect.

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The characteristic property of internal linkhallucinogens, to internal linksuspend the boundaries between the experiencing self and the outer world in an internal linkecstatic, emotional experience, makes it possible with their help, and after suitable internal and external preparation, as it was accomplished in a perfect way at Eleusis, to evoke a mystical experience according to plan, so to speak.

Meditation is a preparation for the same goal that was aspired to and was attained in the internal linkEleusinian Mysteries.  Accordingly it seems feasible that in the future, with the help of internal linkLSD, the mystical vision, crowning meditation, could be made accessible to an increasing number of practitioners of meditation.

I see the true importance of LSD in the possibitity of providing material aid to meditation aimed at the mystical experience of a deeper, comprehensive internal linkreality.  Such a use accords entirely with the essence and working character of LSD as a sacred drug.

-  Albert Hofmann -  "LSD Experience and Reality", Chapter 11 of _LSD, My Problem Child_


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