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"pound for pound, the amoeba is the most vicious organism on earth..."


amoeba also ameba (e-mê´be) noun
plural amoebas or amoebae (-bê)
A protozoan of the genus Amoeba or related genera, occurring in internal linkwater and soil and as a parasite in other animals. An amoeba has no definite form and consists essentially of a mass of protoplasm containing one nucleus or more surrounded by a delicate, flexible outer membrane. It moves by means of pseudopods.
[New Latin, genus name, from Greek amoibê, change, from ameibein, to change.]
- amoe´bic (-bîk) adjective


ameba (e-mê´be) or amoeba, one-celled PROTOZOAN in the phylum Sarcodina. Amebas constantly change their body shape as they form temporary extensions called pseudopods, or false feet, used for feeding and locomotion. Most amebas range from 5 to 20 microns in diameter. They engulf their prey (diatoms, algae, or bacteria) with their pseudopods, forming vacuoles in which food is digested by ENZYMES. Reproduction is usually by binary fission (splitting) to produce two daughter amebas, the nucleus dividing by MITOSIS; some also reproduce sexually. Amebas live in fresh and marine waters and the upper layers of soil. Many are PARASITES of aquatic and terrestrial animals, and some cause disease, e.g., amebic dysentery.

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amoeba n. Humorous term for the Commodore Amiga personal computer.

- _The New internal linkHacker's Dictionary_atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkEric S. Raymond 

New Hacker's Dictionary by Eric S. Raymond

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Life uses borders and life violates borders and life constructs media of its own to fill up the extra spaces. The amoeba and the fertilized egg are both sacs of juice and slime -- one grows by splitting itself, the other by being split. Viral-like DNA is "freely exchanged" in gushes of juice and internal linkslime -- liquid with paradoxical form -- the very liminality of form itself -- secret secretions -- the viscous slippery in-betweeness of the organic -- the placental wetness of becoming.

- Hakim Bey - internal link_Boundary Violations_ 

remember the slime...

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internal linkDancing as part of aboriginal culture, ancient internal linkMayan civilisation, neanderthal man - you name it - is all part of an even longer tradition that goes back deep into pre-prehistory.

You see, the reason 'primitive'/'tribal'/'naive' cultures like to dance is because it feels good, and it feels good because those rhythms internal linkresonate with the vibrations of their internal linkDNA.  So we're tied up with dancing/raving at a sub-cellular level.
Mayan glyph DNA

As we become more 'advanced' or 'civilised' we travel away from that basic awareness and it becomes harder for us, as individuals, to get in touch with the vibrations of our DNA.  There are several techniques which we can use to overcome the boundaries thrown up by our intellectual advancement; one of the most important is the use of internal linkpsychedelic plants, which internal linkdissolve those boundaries and enable us to get in touch with our DNA.

Of course, this goes down to an even deeper level.  The reason your DNA's vibrating is because it, in turn, is resonating with the carrier wave of internal linkreality itself.  One day, when you get properly in rhythm with your sub-cellular vibrations, you'll be able to locate that carrier wave and take a ride on it, away from Samsara and into the realm of the ideas.  This will be A Worthwhile Exercise.

Of course, less advanced creatures than humans have much less difficulty feeling their DNA vibrate.  I reckon amoebas are seriously going off :-)

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Future Sound Of London - Amoeba FSOL - Amoeba

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DJ Brian - Hardesertrance 2

The Orb - Orblivion Naked directed by Mike Leigh
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