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Antero Alli
This nOde last updated May 7th, 2003 and is permanently morphing...
(11 K'an (Corn) / 12 Uo - 24/260 -
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internal linknew edge author, playwright, mediamaker

born: 11/11/52; Helsinki, internal linkFinland.

_ANGEL TECH:  A Modern internal linkShaman's Guide To internal linkReality Selection_  (New Falcon 1986); _ALL RITES REVERSED: RITUAL TECHNOLOGY FOR SELF-INITIATION_ (New Falcon, 1987); _THE internal linkAKASHIC RECORD PLAYER_ (New Falcon, 1988); _A MODERN SHAMAN'S GUIDE TO A PREGNANT UNIVERSE_ atomjacked inventory cache(New Falcon, 1988); _ASTROLOGIK_ (Vigilantero,1990); _LETTERS, ESSAYS, PREMONITIONS_ (Vigilantero, 1993); _THE VERTICAL internal linkORACLE (Vertical Pool, 1997)

plays written, directed & produced:
_CIRCLES_ (1976); _CORONATION AT STILLNIGHT_ (1977); _THE CONJUNCTION_ (1978); _AS THE WORM TURNS: A Psychic Soap Opera_ (1979); internal link_CHAPEL PERILOUS_ (1982); the previous work produced in Berkeley, CA; _AS THE WORM TURNS: A Radio Play_ (1986; Boulder, CO); _HUNGRY GHOSTS_ (1998; Seattle WA)

mediamaker :
(docudramas, documentaries, shorts & *features by A. Alli)
*_REQUEIM FOR A FRIEND_ (1990), _ARCHAIC COMMUNITY_ (1991), _MASS OF THE ICONOCLASTS_ (1992), _BOMBS & PRAYERS_ (1992), _BLACK SEA_ (1992), *_THE ORACLE_ (1993), _THE COUPLE NEXT DOOR_ (1993), _LIVE! AT THE PUSS PUSS CAFE_ (1994), _THE COLD internal linkFORCE_ (1994), _THE WORD, WEIRD_ (1994), *_THE DRIVETIME_ (1995), *_LILY IN LIMBO_ (1996) & others

music and audio production:
_THE FROZEN BEAUTIES: A new wave punk band_ (internal link1980; lyrics & guitar; Berkeley CA); _SEXUAL ENERGY MEDITATIONS, EARTH ENERGY MEDITATIONS_ and _PSYCHIC ENERGY MEDITATIONS_ (Sounds True, 1988) _BABES IN THE ABYSS: Original Solo Piano_ (1990; recording; Seattle)

ritual and theater director:
ParaTheatrical ReSearch (since 1977): an ongoing exploration of how theatre, ritual, poetry, music and spirituality coincide and collide in non-performance, as well as
performance, mediums; a internal linkprocess that rearranges itself over internal linktime for different groups and purposes.

columns & essays featured in:

_TALKING RAVEN QUARTERLY: A Journal of internal linkImaginative Trouble_ (1991-95, Seattle WA); VIGILANTERO PRESS (1986-93; Boulder CO and Seattle WA)

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When Data Became internal linkDada

If internal linkinformation was no longer the known statistics of dead data but fresh experience -- spontaneous, unknown and alive -- then twentieth century culture began with its creative assimilation. What the scientist finds out through thinking, the artist discovers through new ways of perceiving, hearing and feeling. While internal linkEinstein made scientific history with his theory of relativity and Heisenberg with his internal linkuncertainty principle, the internal linkSurrealist "dada" revolution (Dali, Cocteau, Satie, etc.), internal linkJames Joyce's omnicultural _Finnegans Wake_, and the music of Jazz brought the living experience to the people. Both scientists and artists recognized this dynamic shift from a "internal linkreality" that was once "predictable, solid and set" to one that seemed wilder, more plural, malleable and unfathomable. To those minds awakening from the slumber of nineteenth century "certainty" internal linktrance, our so-called "reality" entered the realm of immeasurable possibilities with countless interpretations. Any culture failing to assimilate this transformation in internal linkperception, never enters the twentieth century let alone, the twenty-first.
information in formation... Albert Einstein collage


The very spirit of imagination demands the redefinition of intelligence, if only to begin thinking like twentieth century brains, instead of eighteenth or nineteenth century ones. Intelligence thrives on information. Before the twentieth century the most widely accepted and scientific definition of "information" was the common-sense internal linkprocess of accumulating known data; knowledge was inert, predictable, and easily categorized. The universe, or so it was thought, could be mapped out in surgical precision like some deux machina that followed understandable laws. How many of us still think this way ?

Jamesy Joyce x3

At the turn of the twentieth century, Einstein, Heisenberg, and Schroedinger, amongst others, turned the world of intelligence on its ear; the world, according to the new physics and internal linkquantum mechanics, is infinitely more mysterious and strange than ever previously imagined.   One outcome of this important update was the redefinition of what constituted "information." In light of living in a universe of greater internal linkuncertainties, information was redefined as "the unpredictability of a message". This means, the more unpredictable the message, the more information there is in it. At this point, author internal linkWilliam Burroughs' axiom from _NAKED LUNCH_ "Nothing is true; everything is permitted" might've made terrible sense to the internal linkcutting edge scientific community.


On one end of the chronological spectrum, internal linktime is not money; it is the measure of your life, as in "the time of your life." The measurement of nature -- the thirteen internal linklunar cycles, the internal linksolar eclipses, the seasonal shifts -- is as close as it gets to "galactic" time, the time which knows no beginning or end but a metamorphosis of duration. At the other extreme, there's the 60 second/60 minute/12 month manmade organization of available time into measurable bits and pieces, usually connected with the punch-clock of employment; time as commercial regulation.

 - Antero Alli - _Occulture: The Secret Marriage of Art and Magick_

Luna Sol

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Uluru shadow - photo by Ben central nervous system...

Meanwhile, back at the foot of Ayer's Rock (internal linkUluru), thousands of whites and blacks gather around to hear the invocation of a chief aboriginal elder. "This is the working of the ceremony to save theinternal linkgreen ants, the aboriginal people and the dreamtime that holds the world together. The white people are too young to know this and too old to understand. Yet, you must listen to these words now and hear with your hearts, the singing of the mountain. The mountain sings. It sings like it has never sung before...it is singing now for you...for us...for every living creature on this beautiful Earth. The mountain sings its first and last song. The music comes from far, far away yet it is inside you...inside the mountain...inside the trees...inside the rising internal linksun...inside the stars...inside the little pebbles in the river... inside the kangaroo...inside the green ants...inside your mother...inside your father...the song is singing by itself inside every living thing. Now, the mountain sings to keep the world alive. When you hear the song inside your hearts, sing back to the mountain. Sing back to the mountain...sing back to the mountain..."

To the backdrop soundtrack of a hundred dijeridoos and clapsticks, thousands of people sound a rainbow chorus of tones, chants and melodies... internal linkcadencing into an aural patchwork of multitudinous wordless song.


As humans endure the multi-faceted awareness of simultaneously converging internal linkinformation sources, they learn to dial and fine tune those internal linkfrequencies appropriate to the concerns of the time and place they are in. With persistence, the development of a internal linkreality selection circuit (in the internal linkCentral Neural System) encourages High-Velocity Interaction with other humans by virtue of tolerance. (As humans distinguish and qualify various levels within their own being, they tend to tolerate internal contraries thus, vicariously allow for differences in others).

- Antero Alli - internal link_Akashic Record Player_

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"The physical body is the visible manifestation of the so-called Subconscious Mind. The body is the fingerprint of the soul, a internal linkRorschach of the Self. Nothing can be hidden. The body communicates it all."  These last two sentences may be the motto of internal linkDavid Cronenberg's work; the unconscious is never as un-conscious as we like to think.

- Antero Alli

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One of the many lesser known facts about internal linkTimothy Leary is his invention of a whole-brain model for intelligence (_INFO-Psychology_; Falcon Press)  which has since spawned two additional versions; one by myself (_ANGEL TECH_; Falcon.) and one by internal linkRobert Anton Wilson (internal link_PROMETHEUS RISING_atomjacked inventory cache; Falcon.).   Dr. Leary's "internal linkEight-Circuit Brain" theory suggests that "intelligence" is fundamentally plural by definition; an interaction of intelligences, or brains, begets more intelligence. Eight interactive functions of intelligence are defined by Leary and, in the creative internal linkprocess of  making them my own, redefined as: physical, emotional, conceptual, social, sensory, psychic, internal linkimaginative and spiritual intelligences (readers of ANGEL TECH may notice a change from "mythic" intelligence to the more psychological "imaginative" intelligence).

- Antero Alli - _World internal linkEntertainment War_

Timothy Leary's finger... Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid Prometheus Rising by Robert Anton Wilson imagination manifests realities...

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"The activation of internal linkKundalini does not always occur from practicing Kundalini Yoga, etc. ... It has been known to erupt spontaneously in those people on the verge of major spiritual breakthroughs, regardless of their ideas of how enlightened they are."

- Antero Alli

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