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Anubis (e-n¡´bîs, e-ny¡´-) noun
A jackal-headed internal linkEgyptian god and the son of Osiris. He conducted the dead to judgment.

The Unknown

Mystery has its own mysteries, and there are gods above gods. We have ours, they have theirs. That is what's known as internal linkinfinity.
Jean Cocteau (1889-1963), French author and filmmaker. Anubis, in The internal linkInfernal Machine, act 2 (1932; repr. in Collected Works, vol. 5, 1948).


Anubis, in Egyptian mythology, god of the dead. He was considered the inventor of embalming, the guardian of tombs, and a judge of the dead. The Egyptians believed that at the judgment he weighed the heart of the dead against the feather of truth.

Anubis (jackal) (noun)

Egyptian deities: Apis (sacred bull), internal linkThoth (ibis), Anubis (jackal), Sekhmet (lioness), Sebek (crocodile), Bast (cat), Setekh (hound), Uadjit (cobra), Taurt (internal linkhippopotamus)

Sirius A & B

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The Anubis Cell clearly has long range order extending over at least 8.7 internal linklight years.......Our solar system and the Sirius system are elements of a much larger entity which is a self-organizing OPEN SYSTEM.......Both solar systems must have a shared movement in relation to the Galaxy.  The  two systems must also be in continuos internal linkharmonic    internal linkresonance with one another.  I may be presumed that a significant perturbation of one would affect the other, and that this could apply to very high internal linkfrequency events including 'mental', 'thought', or ' internal linkinformation', events.  Membership of the same cosmic cell implies the potential for the modulation of some shared field [of an unknown type, but possibly not unlike the 'internal linkquantum potential ' proposed by my
friend the late internal linkDavid Bohm to solve the Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen Paradox in physics - a subject I cannot go into here. ! ].
Information in formation

For purposes of communication between the systems. Let us here call it the 'cell potential'. In other words, internal linkelectromagnetic amplitude modulation such as radio, for signalling in the traditional manner may be unnecessary. The strange aspects of long range order may mean that in some way yet to be discovered by us, instantaneous communication between the systems might be possible, which would seem to overcome the limitations of the speed of light for communication between them. Psychic communication and even non-material interactions of souls might be possible. the ancient Egyptians said that the Sirius system was where people go when they die. internal linkThe Dogon say the same thing, and perhaps the Sirius system is the actual location of the ' Other World ' in more senses than one. Inspiration may even come to humans on Earth from the Sirius system by harmonic resonance.

The Anubis Cell can thus....defy time and space and act as a single neuron....... and instantaneously transmit not as a signal but by harmonic resonance..... within this cosmic cell. The Anubis Cell maybe analogous to a 'marcroscopic neuron' seen from the point of view of Galactic scale. And this brings us to an another possibility : THE ANUBIS CELL MAY BE ALIVE. This vast Ordering Principle may be an entity. Even if it were not an entity to start with, it must long ago have spontaneously generated considerable consciousness, if only by weighted connections in parallel distributed processing. And we can be sure that it has had a few billion years to do it's thinking.

It may be that one communicates with the entity by modulating the Anubis Field, with ones thought patterns - a procedure generally known as prayer.

From _The Sirius Mystery_ ......By Robert Temple.New Edition January 1998.

Delta - Scizoeffective

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Bill Laswell - Sacred Systems Chapter 2 on Roir (1997) Paul Schutze and Phantom City  - Site Anubis on Big Cat (1996)

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internal link604 entity Anubis
Members:internal linkSimon Posford, Chris Decker of internal linkMedicine Drum, and Neera

The Governor - Simon Posford Eclipse on Twisted Sacred Sites
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