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original military network that morphed into the internal linkInternet as we know it today.

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Norway (and Britain) were the first two countries outside of the US to be connected to Arpanet (1973).

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electro-techno glitch release _Wireless Internet_ 12"x2 by Arpanet on Record Makers (2002)
Arpanet - Wireless Internet on Source (2002)

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1970 - ARPANET

Computer-to-computer communication expanded when the Department of internal linkDefense established four nodes on the ARPANET: the University of California-Santa Barbara and UCLA, SRI International, and the University of Utah. Viewed as a comprehensive resource-sharing internal linknetwork, ARPANET's designers set out with several goals:  direct use of distributed hardware services; direct retrieval from remote,  one-of-a-kind internal linkdatabases; and the sharing of software subroutines and packages not available on the users'  primary computer due to  incompatibility of hardware or internal linklanguages.

ARPANET 1969 - 4 nodes

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first mention of Arpanet on internal linkUsenet:

From: ucbvax!mark (ucbvax!mark)
Subject: internal linknetwork name change is in effect
Newsgroups: net.general
Date: 1981-05-12 12:39:01 PST

I have renamed all the arpanet newsgroups from NET.whatever to fa.whatever. This includes arpa-bboard, internal linkinfo-cpm, internal linksf-lovers, human-nets, info-terms, info-micro, arms-d, energy, unix-internal linkwizards, teletext, and home-sat.

If you are a subscriber to one or more of the above, you should use netnews -s to change your subscription from, for example NET.human-nets to fa.human-nets.

If you are a system administrator for netnews and you have not already fixed your .sys file to know about the new names, you should do so at once, or risk losing news.


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