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(3 Ix (Jaguar) / 17 Mac - 94/260 -

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internal linkNolan Bushnell
later to create Chuck E. Cheese's Pizza Gallery 

Nolan Bushnell loves Go!

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Atari PC

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Blade Runner neon ATARI
Blade Runner 2049 ATARI logo

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BBS Atari 850 Express Atari ASIA BBS

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atari teenage riot Atari Teenage Riot - Delete Yourself Atari Teenage Riot - The Future Of War on DHR (1997)



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Sigue Sigue Sputnik - Flaunt It 12inch on Cleopatra (1986) Ben Wa - Disciples Of Retro-Tech on Stray (2001)
Little Brother - The Listening 12"x2 + 7"
Little Brother - The Listening 12"x2 (terracotta vinyl)

Little Brother - Mr. Dream Merchant / Atari 2600 7"

The Spinto Band - Nice And Nicely Done 12" (2005)


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During its first years in business, Atari under the management of internal linkNolan Bushnell (Atari's Founder), a young video game designer while building a new video game called  Breakout was working on the side with his rather strange friend who used to come to Atari in the middle of the night to play video games for hours on end.  Well this young video game designer approached Nolan Busnhell with his idea for the design of a home computer system. Nolan turned the idea down but gave the young video game designer and his strange friend some names and tele#s of contacts who might help them with their budding computer venture.    Well the 2 friends went off, designed their new computer and began to sell it, it was called The internal linkApple computer and the young video game designer was named Steve Jobs (The current CEO of Apple) and his strange friend?   None other then The WOZ, internal linkSteve Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

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In 1983 - internal linkJaron Lanier, an engineer for Atari, Inc. developed the DataGlove, which could be used in internal linkVirtual Reality Games, what happened to the technology and whether or not it was applied to any applications by Atari or an Atari licensee is unknown.

Atari Dataglove Jaron Lanier

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STEVE JOBS began his high-tech career at Atari.  He was known to walk around barefoot, kick up his dirty feet on executives' desks, and talk continuously about going to India to meet a guru.  Not only did he do the latter, he designed BREAKOUT before leaving Atari for good. 

Breakout - designed by Woz and Jobs

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In the mid eighties, Atari was bought out by the Tramiel Brothers.  Jack Tramiel headed Commodore in the C64 heyday.  A short while later, they bought a southern California electronics chain called _The Federated Group_ to stock their new line of XE and ST computers.

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Rubik's Cube videogame by Atari

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A sort of cross between _Missile Command_ and _Space Invaders_. You control three guns protecting the legendary city of Atlantis, which is being invaded by an enemy known as the Gorgons. The Gorgon fleet attacks from the air and attempts to destroy your city. Use your guns to shoot the enemy ships down. The game is over when the entire city is destroyed.

Atlantis for Atari by Imagic - front cover Atlantis for Atari by Imagic - back cover

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Atom And His Package - Redefining Music on Hopeless (2001)

synth punk track _Atari Track & Field/New Controller internal linkConspiracy_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Atom & His Package off of _Redefining Music_ on Hopeless (internal link2001)

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_Yar's Revenge_ (ROM)atomjacked inventory cache(1982) for Atari 2600atomjacked inventory cache

yar's revenge

A highly original shooter, Yars' Revenge has players maneuvering a "fly simulator" around the screen, avoiding Swirls and guided missiles while firing at an energy shield that protects an enemy laser base (called a Qotile), which moves vertically along the right side of the screen. The objective is to shoot a hole through the shield (which is comprised of cells) and destroy the laser base. However, standard shots cannot kill the Qotile; players must activate the Zorlon Cannon, which appears on the left side of the screen when the internal linkfly simulator comes in internal linkcontact with (and thus devours) a cell. Destroying the Qotile requires strategy and planning as well as a nicely aimed shot from the cannon. The fly simulator moves with a sense of urgency and precision, making this a fun and fast game. Full-screen explosions and a no-fire neutral zone (a colorful, glittering strip down the center of the playfield) give the game graphical flare, but an annoying buzzing sound grates on the nerves. Despite audio deficiencies and the lack of a two-player simultaneous mode (oh, what could have been...), this is a great game with a huge following.

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_ADVENTURE_ (flash)atomjacked inventory cache - An old Atari 2600 video game that hacker Knight Lightning played when he was seven and discovered secret rooms. This led to an interest in finding secrets in computers. Interestingly, the secret room KL found (which contained the initials of a programmer) is often considered to be the first internal linkeaster egg ever put in a commercial program.

Adventure - Atari 2600 - instructions

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internal linkUsenet: alt.atari.2600

first mention of Atari in Usenet:

Subject: INFO-MICRO Digest V3 #45

Newsgroups: fa.info-micro

Date: 1981-05-22 15:01:37 PST

INFO-MICRO AM Digest     Thursday, 21 May 1981      Volume 3 : Issue 45

Today's Topics:      Micro Architecture - 8086/Z80 & NSC16000,
                     Micro internal linkNetworking - CP/M,

                     Lisps - Choices & Plisp & Oregon Lisp,

                  Mince - Onyx, Atari Expansion, Circuit Analysis,

                  Data Ram Query,  Video Boards - NEC & MATROX

Date: 29 April 1981 14:51-EDT
From: John Howard Palevich <TANG at MIT-AI>

Axlon, Inc. (made up of former Atari engineers) has an add on page 371 of the May 1981 _Byte_ for a product called the Axlon 256.  I called them up and here are the details:

Cost: $895 (for the box, the disk software and 64K) $2100 for 256K Conections to Atari: 1 card slot in back, one joystick port up front. (the joystick port is used to select the bank of internal linkmemory, the card is for the address and data line.)

What it does: $4000 to $7FFF becomes bank switched with fifteen other banks of 16K.  They give you a patch to DOS so that you can pretend that you have this super fast disk. . . .

What it might do: They claim to be working on a co-internal linkprocessor that can use at the memory you aren't looking at.  They are also finishing up (release July) a 128K board that switches in internal linkeight sixteen K banks, so you can have 256K that switches in 32K banks, or eight whole address spaces to play around with.

They have also internal linkinterfaced this thing to the Apple II and the Apple ///.

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