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Australia (ô-strâl´ye)
Abbr. Aus., Aust., Austl.
1. The world's smallest continent, southeast of Asia between the Pacific and Indian oceans.
2. A commonwealth comprising the continent of Australia, the island state of Tasmania, two external territories, and several dependencies. The first British settlement, a penal colony at Fort Jackson (now part of Sydney), was established in 1788. The present-day states grew as separate colonies; six of them formed a federation in 1901. In 1911 Northern Territory joined the commonwealth and the Capital Territory, site of Canberra, was created. Canberra is the capital and Sydney is the largest city. Population, 15,544,500.

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As many as 70 percent of the Punjab tribe of Fiji use the internal linkleft hand by preference. There is also a consistently higher occurrence of left-handedness in aboriginal tribes of North and South America, South Africa and Australia.

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Ayer's Rock - internal linkUluru

  • tribal techno track _Ayers Rock (internal linkDidgeridoo Mix)_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache by Mario Piu off of _Ayers Rock_ 12" on BXR (internal link2001)

    Uluru - Ayer's Rock

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    A Major Problem In Australia The Sounds Of The Earth 12

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    ERS-1, Europe's remote-sensing satellite, snapped some pictures of Australia's Nullarbor Plain that have geologists scratching their heads. The Nullarbor Plain, which has long been billed as a vast, featureless desert, is crossed by five long, parallel lines, 15 kilometers wide and 600 kilometers long. These huge stripes would seem to be too big to miss, but ground-based surveys see nothing obvious. Even more curious, infrared sensors on a US weather satellite also see the five stripes. As the Nullarbor Plain cools off at night, the stripes are found to be about 2°C cooler than the surrounding terrain.

    Could they be fault lines? Geologists have not found any in the area.

    (Anderson, Ian; "Satellite Spies Strange Stripes in the Desert," New Scientist, p. 10, September 3, 1994.)

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    We are all familiar with the internal linkNazca Lines of South America and the wild theories about the aliens that drew them on the high arid plateaus.
    "...now, new patterns have appeared on some parched ground in remote north-western Australia, a series of spirals, circles and broken wavy lines by the North West Coastal Highway near Roebourne.

    "Dick Smith noticed them while flying over the area in June 1988. By virtue of their large size they are, like their ancient counterparts, clearly visible only from the air. Dick photographed them and in due course asked me to try to find out what they were. Simple, I thought, they must be for erosion control or some other form of land management."

    C. Hill inquired at several government agencies to no avail. No one knew anything about them.

    (Hill, Chris; "Tractors of the Gods?" Australian Geographic, p. 25, July-September 1990. Cr. L.S. Nelson)

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    "What are trees?! I tell you they are like your internal linktelephones, only better. They keep growing, they help us breathe and they offer themselves freely. Learn to listen to trees and they will let you talk through them."
    GUBOO TED THOMAS, Chief Aboriginal Elder, Yuin Tribe of Australia)

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    film internal link_The Right Stuff_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (1983)
    it was probably fictionalized, but according to the film, when John Glenn orbits the Earth (the first time a human being has ever done so), there is a pass over Australia.  during this pass over, Glenn sees "fireflies" that he describes as "being alive", and gets very excited but never determines what those things were.  the film hints that it was probably due to a loose heat shield or afterburner sparks.  this sequence is highlighted by the notion that Australian Aborigines were "helping" the craft, they themselves being familiar with the stars, the internal linkmoon, the milky way...

    The Right Stuff - as above... The Right Stuff - so below...he knows the moon, he knows the stars, he knows the milky way...
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