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Babalon Working
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In one of the most celebrated feats in internal linkmagickal history, internal linkJack Parsons and pre-_Dianetics_ internal linkL. Ron Hubbard  performed ‘The Babalon Working,’ a daring attempt to internal linkshatter the boundaries of internal linktime and space and internal linkintended to bring about, in Parsons own words, "love, understanding, and internal linkDionysian freedom [...] the necessary counterbalance or correspondence to the manifestation of internal linkHorus."


The apostles of the new forms of gnosis unearthed by the Babalon Working will be art, the inspired initiator of sacred science and the torch of Gods appearing in new and unexpected forms in the unfolding of the divine drama. The poets, artists, philosophers and thinkers will form the first ranks of perfected humanity and no rules will apply save for freedom and nobility beyond the Kali Yuga.

But this will not happen without a struggle between the internal linkforces of control, black internal linkmagick, and oppressive boredom on one hand and the Luciferian agents of wisdom, unleashed creativity and anarchic rebellion on the other. What we have been brainwashed to believe is ‘good’: patriotism, so-called ‘free’ enterprise, private property, christianity (not the teachings of Christ, but the hateful travesty that the religion bearing his name has become thanks to the likes of Pat Robertson and his filthy ilk), is now beginning to be seen by the emerging generation of the crowned and conquering child to be the deathtrip bullshit it truly is.

A whole culture is collapsing and a new one is about to be born. Jack Parsons would be pleased.

- Richard Metzger

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Parsons and an associate attempted to bring about some sort of incarnation of the goddess Babalon. To understand Parsons' attitude towards Babalon, one can refer to his "Freedom..." essay:

"She will come girt with the sword of freedom, and before her kings and priests will tremble and cities  and empires will fall, and she will be called BABALON, the scarlet woman....And women will respond to her war cry, and throw off their shackles and chains, and men will respond to her challenge, forsaking the foolish ways and the little ways, and she will shine as the ruddy evening star in the bloody sunset of Gotterdamerung, will shine as a morning star when the night has passed, and a new dawn breaks over the garden of internal linkPan"

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Parsons, on February 28, 1946, went out into the internal linkMojave Desert in order to invoke Babalon, thus taking down 77 clauses of what came to be known as his Book of Babalon.
Mojave Joshua Trees

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Outrageous Cherry - Electric Child Of Witchcraft Rising on Poptones (2001) Ambient Temple Of Imagination - Mystery School

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