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Giant Timber Bamboo


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bamboo (bàm-b¡´) noun
plural bamboos
1.Any of various usually woody, temperate or tropical grasses of the genera Arundinaria, Bambusa, Dendrocalamus, Phyllostachys, or Sasa.
2.The hard or woody stems of these plants, used in construction, crafts, and fishing poles.

noun, attributive
Often used to modify another noun: bamboo furniture; bamboo sticks.

[Malay bambu, of Indic origin.]


Bamboo, common name for about 45 genera and about 480 species of perennial, woody, usually shrubby or treelike plants of the grass family. Bamboos occur mostly in tropical and subtropical areas. They are most abundant in southeastern Asia, but some species exist in the Americas and Africa. The plants range from about 1 to 50 m (about 3 to 164 ft) in height.

Bamboos have woody, jointed stems called culms. The culms consist of hollow sections called internodes, which are interrupted by regularly spaced solid partitions called internal linknodes. At each node a sheath protects a bud, which may develop into either a branch or a flower cluster. Bamboos are used widely by humans. In the tropics they are used for constructing houses, rafts, bridges, and scaffolding. Split and flattened culms can be interwoven to make baskets, mats, hats, and fish traps; culms of large species may be used as containers for liquids. Young shoots are eaten as a vegetable.

Scientific classification: Bamboos belong to the family Gramineae.

bamboo (noun)

grass: pampas grass, elephant grass, bamboo, sugar cane


Shakuhachi, musical instrument, internal linkJapanese end-blown flute made from bamboo, with four finger holes and one thumbhole. The player blows against a slip of horn, ivory, or plastic set into the tube's beveled end. The opposite end incorporates the slightly curved root section of the bamboo stalk, which is decoratively trimmed. Found in a variety of lengths and pitches, the shakuhachi is used in traditional meditative solo pieces, in the classical chamber repertory, and in contemporary music.

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Ooioo - Feather Float on Polystar (2001) OOIO - Feather Float blue vinyl

Hardcore Devo Vol.1 Ikue Mori - Garden on Tzadik (1996k) The Clash - s/t


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Huntington Library - bamboo aura - atomjacked February 1, 2001

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3320 Fourth Avenue, San Diego, California

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