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A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe by Michael S. Schneider

A Beginner's Guide To Constructing The Universe
The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science

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_A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe : The Mathematical Archetypes of Nature, Art, and Science_ atomjacked inventory cache
by Michael S. Schneider
Paperback - 384 pages (November 1995)
Harperperennial Library; ISBN: 0060926716 ; internal linkDimensions (in inches): 1.05 x 9.19 x 7.39

In the spiral of the nautilus shell, in the veins of a maple leaf, in the bonds of the benzene ring--everywhere he looks, Schneider sees a cosmic geometry. Of course, the lines of this geometry have long attracted the internal linkattention of probing minds, including internal linkPythagoras, Plato, the Psalmist, Demetrius, and Plotinus. The author weaves the insights of these thinkers and many more together in a tapestry of reflections (richly illustrated) on celestial harmonies. Once initiated into the ancient mysteries, the reader will recognize profound meanings--not merely scientific utility--in squares, internal link triangles, and other common shapes. The reader needs no extraordinary expertise in mathematics to explore these pages, just a relish for intellectual adventure. Schneider helps us discover just how much mental energy can fit within the circle of new horizons.

An imaginative tour of the numbers one through ten that illustrates how they consistently internal linkrecur in everything from nature, technology, art, and science to mythology and the unconscious in archetypal patterns and principles. Richly illustrated with computer graphics and classical art.

For those who know where to look, the principles that guide the construction of our world are plain to see, in  everything from cucumbers to cathedrals. This spectacular volume shows us exactly where we can look - in our buildings, our internal linklanguage, our myths, our environment, even our own bodies - to behold the myriad ways in which the numbers one through ten serve as the universe's blueprint. Modern scientists are reaffirming what the ancients observed in their world and taught in their myths: that a consistent language of geometric design underpins every level of the universe, from atoms through galaxies. Michael Schneider translates that surpassingly eloquent language in lyrical, straightforward prose and hundreds of eye-opening illustrations. Here we learn, for example, why circles have come to symbolize perfection, why triangles are associated with divinity and balance, why squares represent generation and pentads regeneration, why multiples of six are used to measure internal linktime and space, and why seven has always been associated with mystery. Schneider makes the abstract real with dozens of easy exercises the reader can do using pencil, paper, compass, and straightedge that demonstrate how our astonishingly intricate world unfolds from the pure simplicity of nature`s geometry. _A Beginner's Guide to Constructing the Universe_ combines science, philosophy, and common sense in a thoroughly novel way, showing us the world's wonder and harmony hidden in familiar places, a wisdom neither ancient nor new age but timeless.

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