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blade runner

Blade Runner

This nOde last updated January 15th, 2008 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Et'znab (Flint) / 6 Muwan (Owl) - 178/260 -

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soundtrack promo CDatomjacked inventory cache  by Vangelis on Atlantic (1994)

_Blade Runner 1993 Private Release_ CD on Offworld (1993)

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based on the bookatomjacked inventory cache _Do Androids internal linkDream of internal linkElectric Sheep?_ (txt 352kb)atomjacked inventory cacheby internal linkPhilip K. Dick

Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? by Philip K. Dick

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[Loosely based on Phillip K. Dick's _Do Android's Dream of Electric Sheep_; title _Blade Runner_ comes from the name of a totally unrelated internal linkWilliam S. Burroughs novel about black market surgeons, which was itself based on a story by Alan E. Nourse.]

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Barcelona - Zero One Infinity on March (2000)
White Zombie - Astro-Creep 2000 12" (red splatter vinyl) 1995
White Zombie - Astro-Creep 2000 12" clear red splatter vinyl 1995

White Zombie - More Human Than Human - i want more life fucker i ain't done

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memories... you're talking about memories...

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The Tyrell headquarters seem to be modeled on a internal linkMayan temple. Internally, its architecture and design is eclectic. A visionary future is held at bay by size. As with the internal linkelevation of Deckard's apartment, here the only concession to the future--albeit an imagined future--is enormity. Conversely, other architectural possibilities  are provided by the transformation of the given; however, the transformation in question is decay.   What comes to be juxtaposed within the cosmopolitan urban fabric is decay--the continuity rather than the teleology of decay--and the modern vast. The replicant is seen as a threat within this context. It is as this point that the constraint governing both architecture and film needs to be  reintroduced.

- Andrew Benjamin - _At Home With Replicants: The Architecture of Blade Runner_

blade runner Mayan glypth

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internal linkESPER -- A high-density computer with a very powerful three- internal linkdimensional resolution capacity and a cryogenic cooling system.  The police cars and Deckard's apartment contain small models which can be channeled into the large one at police headquarters.  This big apparatus is a well-worn, retro- fitted part of the furniture.  Among many functions, the Esper can analyze and enlarge photos, enabling investigators to search a room without being there. [The January 1995 issue of internal linkNASA Tech Briefs includes a description of an Esper-like machine called Omniview.]

- from the Blade Runner internal linkFAQ

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The Voight-Kampf test is the internal linkTuring Test in reverse.  It is used to detect artificial life forms.

Deckard with Voight-Kampf machine VK Eye

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do you like our owl?

Rachael: Do you like ourinternal linkowl?
Deckard: Is it artificial?
Rachael: Of course it is.
Deckard: Must be expensive
Rachael: Very. It seems you feel our work is not a benefit to the public.
Deckard: Replicants are like any other machine - they're either a benefit or a hazard. If they're a benefit, it's not my problem.

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release _Blade Runner End Title_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache by Sector 7 on internal linkYeti (1998)

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Shakta - Out Of Sight UFO! - The Future Is Listening on Thermal (2001)

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Writing credits (in credits order)
internal linkPhilip K. Dick based on his book internal link_Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?_atomjacked inventory cache 

Philip K. Dick

internal linkHarrison Ford ....     Rick Deckard
Rutger Hauer ....   Roy Batty
Sean Young ....     Rachael

Sean Young as Rachael - prototype

Edward James Olmos ....     Gaff
M. Emmet Walsh ....     Bryant
Daryl Hannah  ....     Pris
William Sanderson ....     J.F. Sebastian
Brion James (I) ....     Leon
Joe Turkel ....     Tyrell (internal link_The Shining_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache (internal link1980) - Lloyd the bartender)

Joe Turkel as Lloyd the bartender

Joanna Cassidy ....     Zhora
James Hong ....     Chew
Morgan Paull ....     Holden
Kevin Thompson (III) ....     Bear
John Edward Allen ....     Kaiser
Hy Pyke ....     Taffey Lewis
Kimiro Hiroshige ....     Cambodian Lady
Robert Okazaki ....     Sushi Master
Carolyn DeMirjian ....     Saleslady

         rest of cast listed alphabetically
Leo Gorcey Jr. ....     Bartender
Sharon Hesky ....     Bar Patron (uncredited)
Kelly Hine ....     Showgirl (uncredited)
Tom Hutchinson (I) ....     Bartender (uncredited)
Charles Knapp ....     Bartender
Rose Mascari ....     Bar Patron (uncredited)
Jiro Okazaki ....     Policeman (uncredited)
Steve Pope (II) ....     Policeman
Robert Reiter ....     Policeman (uncredited)

Produced by
Michael Deeley (I)

Hampton Fancher

Brian Kelly (II)

Jerry Perenchio

Ivor Powell

internal linkRidley Scott

(co-producer) (uncredited)
Bud Yorkin


Original music by

Cinematography by
Jordan Cronenweth

Costume Design by
Jean Giraud

Michael Kaplan

Charles Knode

Production Design by
Lawrence G. Paull

Film Editing by
Marsha Nakashima

Other crew
Bud Alper     ....        sound mixer
Vickie Alper     ....        production co-ordinator
Newt Arnold     ....        first assistant director
B. Eugene Ashbrook     ....        boom operator (as Eugene Byron Ashbrook)
Michael Backauskas     ....        visual effects assistant editor
Robert D. Bailey     ....        matte photography
Brydon Baker (II)    ....        cable person
Don Baker (II)     ....        camera operator: special photographic effects
Peter Baldock     ....        assistant dialogue editor
Philip Barberio     ....        optical line up
Albert Bettcher     ....        camera operator: "b" camera
Ray Bickel     ....        stunts
Janet Brady     ....        stunts
Winnie D. Brown     ....        ladies costumer
Joseph W. Cardoza     ....        assistant chief lighting technician
Diane Carter     ....        stunts
Morris Chapnick     ....        second assistant director
Ann Chatterton     ....        stunts
Dick Colean     ....        camera operator
Gilbert B. Combs     ....       stunts
Peter Cornberg     ....        first assistant director
Charles Coutes     ....        camera operator: special photographic effects
Tom Cranham     ....        effects illustrator
Peg Cummings     ....        set decorator
William Curtis     ....        special effects technician (as William G. Curtis)
Stephen Dane     ....        assistant art director
Howard Brady Davidson     ....        transportation captain
Linda DeScenna     ....        set decorator
David Dryer     ....        special photographic effects supervisor
Rita Egleston     ....        stunts
Bud Elam     ....        special engineering consultant
Gary Epper     ....        stunts
Jeannie Epper     ....        stunts
C.O. Erickson     ....        executive in charge of production
Ken Estes     ....        special effects foreman
Joel Fein     ....        recording mixer
Jane Feinberg     ....        casting
Mike Fenton     ....        casting
Mike Fink     ....        action prop supervisor
Linda Fleischer     ....        action prop consultant
Leslie Frankenheimer     ....        set decorator
Logan Frazee     ....        special effects technician
Terry D. Frazee     ....        special floor effects supervisor
Steve Galich     ....        special effects technician
Joe Gallagher (I)     ....        assistant sound editor
Michael Genne     ....        first assistant camera
Rocco Gioffre     ....        matte artist (uncredited)
Joyce Goldberg     ....        production office manager
David Grafton     ....        special engineering consultant
George D. Greer     ....        second assistant camera
Carey Griffith     ....        key grip
Katherine Haber     ....        production executive
Robert Hall (IV)     ....        optical photography supervisor
Jim Halty     ....        stunts (as James Halty)
David R. Hardberger     ....        camera operator
Alan Harding (I)     ....        special camera technician
Richard Hart (II)     ....        chief internal linklighting technician
Graham V. Hartstone     ....        chief internal linkdubbing mixer
Don Hauer     ....        second assistant director
Les Healey     ....        first assistant editor
Jerry Herrin     ....        costumer supervisor: day crew
Jack Hinkle (II)     ....        film co-ordinator
Richard E. Hollander     ....        computer engineering
Mike Hopkins     ....        dialogue editor
Bob E. Horn     ....        costumer: men
Mentor C. Huebner     ....        production illustrator
Gerry Humphries     ....        chief dubbing mixer
Jeff Imada     ....        stunts (as Jeffrey Imada)
Saul Kahan     ....        publicist
Michael Knutsen     ....        craft service
Sherman Labby     ....        storyboards
James Lapidus     ....        costumer: men
Terry Lewis (VI)     ....        props
internal linkBasil Lombardo     ....        stand-by painter (as Buzz Lombardo)
Ronald Longo     ....        camera operator: special photographic effects
Linda Matthews     ....        ladies costumer
Gordon K. McCallum     ....        sound mixer
Tim McHugh     ....        camera operator: special photographic effects
Gary McLarty     ....        stunts
Karen McLarty     ....        stunts
Michael McMillen (II)     ....        model maker
Gregory L. McMurry     ....        electronic engineer
Syd Mead     ....        visual futurist
Virgil Mirano     ....        still lab
Beth Nufer     ....        stunts
Roy K. Ogata     ....        stunts (as Roy Ogata)
James F. Orendorff     ....        construction co-ordinator
Shirley Padgett     ....        hair stylist (as Shirley L. Padgett)
Peter Pennell     ....        sound editor
George Polkinghorne     ....        cinetechnician
Bobby Porter     ....        stunts
Steven B. Poster     ....        additional photographer
Lee Pulford     ....        stunts
David Q. Quick     ....        assistant props
Ana Maria Quintana     ....        script supervisor
Gary Randall (I)     ....        gaffer
Terry Rawlings     ....        supervising editor
Ruth Redfern     ....        stunts
Victoria E. Rhodes     ....        dga trainee
Richard Rippel     ....        optical line up
John W. Rogers     ....        unit production manager
Thomas L. Roysden     ....        set decorator
George Sawaya     ....        stunts
Curtis A. Schnell     ....        set designer
Richard Peter Schroer     ....        second assistant director
John A. Scott III     ....        assistant props
Arthur Shippee     ....        assistant props
Steve Smith (V)     ....        first assistant camera
David L. Snyder     ....        art director
Tom Southwell     ....       production illustrator
Robert Spurlock     ....        miniature technician
Mark Stetson     ....        chief model maker
Dave Stewart (III)     ....        cinematographer: special photographic effects
Tama Takahashi  ....     matte photography
Charles A. Tamburro  ....    stunts
Robert C. Thomas  ....    camera operator
internal linkAlvin Toffler  ....  futurist
Alvin Toffler

internal linkDouglas Trumbull   ....    special photographic effects supervisor
Brian Tufano  ....    additional photographer
Jack Tyree   ....   stunts
Ian Underwood   ....     synthesizers
Patrick Van Auken   ....    key grip
Stephen Vaughan ....   still photographer
Steve Warner  ....     production controller
John C. Wash ....   animation and graphics  effects animation supervisor
Mike Washlake  ....   stunts
Marvin G. Westmore  ....    make-up artist
Evans Wetmore  ....   electronic and mechanical design
James T. Woods  ....   painting co-ordinator
Matthew Yuricich ....    matte artist
Richard Yuricich  ....  special photographic effects supervisor
R. William Zabala  ....   assistant editor


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