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blue room

Blue Room

This nOde last updated September 19th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
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The Honorable Barry M. Goldwater
United States Senate

Dear Senator Goldwater:

April 1982

In several publications and letters you are quoted as being denied access to the so-called "Blue Room" at Wright-Patterson AFB during the late 1950s or early 1960s. This "Blue Room is reputed to house the remains of a crashed internal linkUFO and/or its occupants
UFO's over China 1974

I'm certain that you are aware of the rumors of the Government's capture of a UFO and of the many reliable sightings that attest to UFO performancecharacteristics.

In your capacity as a powerful and much-respected U. S. Senator, Chairman of the Intelligence, Communications, and Tactical Warfare Committees and a member of the Preparedness, Aviation, and Science, Technology, and Space Committees, in addition to your high rank as officer in the USAF, it seems that even the remotest of possibilities of this Government's possession of a UFO would be of monumental importance for both your
committees and for this nation as a whole.

If agencies of this Government captured a UFO in the late 1940s or early 1950s, whose technology if applied to our own aircraft and weapons would give us an overwhelming superiority to the USSR, and if the Government is keeping that fact secret from many Presidents, from the Congress, from the Department of internal linkDefense, from the intelligence organizations, and from the aerospace/defense industry, this is a crime against our country and its people.

Will you hold hearings and get at the root of this matter once and for all? Witnesses will be required to testify under oath, risking perjury and prison if they fail to answer honestly.

You have it in your power and authority to convene such hearings. When can we expect you to do so?


Ronald S. Regehr
20822 Catamaran Lane
Huntington Beach, CA 92646

Attachment: Additional petitioners to this request (all respected aerospace engineers/technicians
at Aerojet ElectroSystems Company, most with advanced degrees).

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"i wanna go back to the blue room..." - Kazan, the savant in the film internal link_Cube_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache

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Marco Bailey - White Inferno 12inch on Zinc (2000)

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external linkBlue Room Releasedinternal link604 Label

The Infinity Project
Juno Reactor - Beyond The Infinite

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internal link_Alien Software for Alien Hardware_ compilation

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_Trip Through Sound Volume 1_ compilation

Blue Room Released - TripThrough Sound Vol. 1
_Trip Through Sound Volume 2_ compilation CDbatomjacked inventory cache
Trip Through Sound Volume 2

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logo sighting - conference in the Blue Room with Bono of U2

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_Outside The Reactor Volume 1_ compilation BRR001CD  (1995)

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_Signs of Life_Compilation BR036CD (1997)

blue room released - signs of life

  cover portrays internal linkCrop Circles

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Track: _Blue Room_ by internal linkThe Orb
vocal sample taken from _Fast Forward Into internal linkDub_ MP3atomjacked inventory cacheby Mad Professor (1984), which was also sampled by internal linkGroove Chronicles on the track _Raw To The Floor (original mix)_ MP3 atomjacked inventory cache

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The Orb: _Blue Room_
  [8 Jun 1992] single

   12": 1992 UK (Big Life; ORB PROMO 4) [promo]
   12": 1992 UK (Big Life/WAU!Mr.Modo; BLRT 75 / 865095-1)
         18:45  Blue Room (part 1)
         19:01  Blue Room (part 2)

   CSS: 1992 UK (Big Life; ??)
   CD5: 1992 UK (Big Life/WAU!Mr.Modo; BLRDA 75 / 863095-2)
         39:58  Blue Room
        [CD5 comes in unique cardboard gatefold with outer sleeve for BLRDB 75]

   CD5: 1992 UK (Big Life/WAU!Mr.Modo; BLRDB 75 / 863171-2)
          4:09  _Blue Room (Radio 7)_ MP3 (vK)atomjacked inventory cache
          6:00  _Blue Room (Excerpt 605)_ MP3 (192k)atomjacked inventory cache
         14:51  Towers of Dub (mad professor remix)
        [CD5 comes in unique cardboard gatefold and fits inside BLRDA 75]

   CD5: 1992 GE (Logic Records/BMG; 74321 10702-2)
          4:09  Blue Room (Radio 7)
         39:58  Blue Room
         6:00  Blue Room (excerpt 605)
         14:51  Towers of Dub (mad professor remix)

   12": 1992 US (Big Life/internal linkMercury; 863653-1) [Nov 92]
          7:37  _Blue Room (Frank De Wulf Remix)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
        10:00  Blue Room (excerpt 606)
         15:14  Assassin (oasis of rhythms mix)

   CD5: 1992 UK (Big Life; ORB PROMO CD4) [promo]
          4:09  Blue Room (Radio 7)
          6:00  Blue Room (excerpt 605)

   VHS: 1992 UK (Big Life; BLORB VID 3) [promo]

   12": 1992 US (Big Life/Mercury; PRO-1009-1) [promo; repeats both sides]
          7:37  Blue Room (frank de wulf remix)
         10:00  Blue Room (excerpt 606)

   CD5: 1992 US (Big Life/Mercury; CDP 804) [promo]
          3:09  Blue Room (edit)
          7:37  Blue Room (frank de wulf remix)
         15:14  Assassin (oasis of rhythms mix)
         40:00  _Blue Room (Full Length)_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache (39:58)

  [Mixers: Blue Room]
        [mixed by The Orb]
        39:58  Blue Room
        [remixed by Frank de Wulf]
          7:37  Blue Room (frank de wulf remix)

Last Update: 13 May 1997

Copyright 1997 by Ernie Longmire (Lazlo Nibble)
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Ernie Longmire, P.O. Box 93775, Albuquerque, NM 87199
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In June 1992, the new single _Blue Room_ hit the British Top Ten. The longest single in chart history at just under 40 minutes, it earned the internal linkOrb a spot on Top of the Pops, where they ruminated over a internal linkchess game and waved at the camera while a three-minute edit of the single played in the background.

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Burning Man 98 - Blue Room Bucky Dome and Fire Truck play loud

internal linkBurning Man 1998.  after the community internal linkdance, during a internal linksurreal morning on the last day,
the Blue Room fire truck hoses down a crashed and burning internal linkUFO that housed the laser show the previous night.

Blue Room truck to the rescue burning ufo 98

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Blue Room Pod speakers


blue room house pod Minipods The Grid - Evolver CD on deConstruction (1994)


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external linkBlue Room Released

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