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Burning Man at sunset

Burning Man

This nOde last updated April 29th, 2003 and is permanently morphing...
(3 Cib (Owl) / 4 Uo - 16/260 -

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"We live in a postmodern world. Everything that's every happened is happening now, yet nothing is terribly compelling. On the one hand you have immense freedom; on the other hand you have this internal linkintense anomie. You can communicate with anybody on the world in the internal linkInternet, but so what? Here we've resorted to a kind of primal psychology, a level of experience that lies at the heart of all ritual: primordial, pre-verbal, prehistoric. The genesis of that feeling is standing around a camp fire. You have to reach back that far to find something that's going to bring people together. And we're going at it in a very American, very pragmatic way. We're doing it because it works. There's nothing internal linksupernatural about it."

- Larry Harvey - founder

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Burning Man 1998.  after the community internal linkdance, during a internal linksurreal morning on the last day, theinternal linkBlue Room fire truck hoses down a crashed and burning internal linkUFO that housed the laser show the previous night.

Burning Man 98 - Blue Room Bucky Dome and Fire Truck Blue Room truck to the rescue play loud

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Burning Man 98

Burning Man '98

internal linkFull Moon At Burning Man 1998

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internal link604 presence:

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_Burning Man 98 1/4 Degrees Under The Sun CDbatomjacked inventory cache on internal linkCeiba (1999)

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"Burning Man - an instant society in a non place is the flesh and blood of cyberspace and the 21st century's hope for new culture"
         (Larry Harvey Burning Man  organizer)

Burning Man 1999

Community dance saturday night:

 9:00 - 10:00    The Burn, laser tunnel procession
10:00 - 10:30   AWD + internal linkdrum circle
10:30 - 11:30   Miss E (internal linkdrum & bass?)
11:30 -  1:00    Lost At Last
 1:00 -  1:30     Ritual of Eternal Return
 1:30 -  2:30 internal linkTsuyoshi Suzuki
 2:30 -  3:15 internal linkNick Taylor
 3:15 -  4:00 internal linkBufo
 4:00 -  4:45    Kode IV
 4:45 -  5:45 internal linkX-Dream

 5:45 -  6:30   Astral internal linkMatrix
 6:30 -  7:30 internal linkShpongle
Are You Shpongled?

7:30 -  9:00 internal linkMedicine Drum

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Winona Ryder Removing Services - Burning Man 2002

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"I believe that the artist doesn't know what he does. I attach even more importance to the spectator than to the artist. " - internal linkMarcel Duchamp

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