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The Hallucinatory Effects on Humans of Radio internal linkWaves

An Italian university professor named Cazzamalli placed human subjects in a shielded room, subjected them to high-internal linkfrequency radio waves, and claimed to be able to record a "beat" which he received on a simple untuned receiver consisting of a galena crystal, a small capacitor, internal linkantenna and sensitive galvanometer. Cazzamalli's experiments took place more than 75 years  ago and he did publish early articles on this phenomenon.

The one item which he never mentioned, perhaps because he could not accurately determine it, is the power of his transmitter. He published oscillograms prportedly showing variations of  the "beats" when his subjects were emotionally aroused or engaged in creative efforts. Later  experiments delivered much more startling results: he found that some of his subjects would  hallucinate under the influence of high-frequency radio waves, which by then ranged all the  way up to 300 Mhz.

In the 1950s and 1960s, Cazzamalli's experiments were carefully duplicated with modern  equipment, of much greater sensitivity than his. His "oscillatori telegrafica" (presumably a  transmitter as used for internal linkwireless telegraphy) was replaced with a very modest low-powerinternal linkoscillator. The reason for this was twofold. In the first place, university authorities take a very dim view of experiments on human beings, even if these subjects are the scientists themselves,  volunteering for the part. Second, a previous experiment had indicated in a rather startling way  that power was not required to evoke effects in the human nervous system. In fact, there  seemed to be some sort of resonant frequency applicable to each individual human.

The experiment was suggested by the behaviour of test animals used in earlier work. These   monkeys went through a seqence of behavior which would indicate that something besides thermal effects was operating. To discover if this "something" was subjectively noticeable by an individual, a weak oscillator was swept through the band from 300 to 600 Mhz with the request  that the subject indicate any points at which he might notice anything unusual. The subjects  were not allowed to see the dial. At a particular frequency, varying between 380 and 500 Mhz for different subjects, they repeatedly indicated a point with almost unbelievable accuracy (asmany as 14 out of 15 times).

Subsequent experiments with the same subjects showed that at the "individual" frequency,  strange things were felt. Asked to describe the experience, all subjects agreed there was a  definite "internal linkpulsing" in the brain, ringing in the ears and a desire to put their teeth into the nearest  experimenter. The oscillator in this case was putting out only milliwatts of power, and was placed several feet from the subject.

The evidence is that the human organism "radiates" and "reacts to" radio waves of 2.33 meters
and its internal linkharmonics -- in other words: 129, 258, 387 and 596 mHz.

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