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Ceiba tree

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ceiba (sâ´be) noun
The silk-cotton tree.

[Spanish, probably from Arawakan.]

silk-cotton tree

silk-cotton tree (sîlk´kòt´n trê) noun
1. A spiny, deciduous, North American tree (Ceiba pentandra) having palmately compound leaves and cultivated for its leathery fruit that contain the silklike fiber kapok.
2. Either of two trees (Bombax ceiba or Cochlospermum religiosum) having seeds surrounded by silky hairs.

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In internal linkMayan - Yaxche, the Ceiba tree, beneath whose branches and shade they might rest and be in peace forever.  The ceiba tree grows very tall. It blooms in the evening and night hundreds of feet above the ground. The small blossoms are perfect replicas
Mayan glyph

of the earflares worn by the Classic Maya kings we see so vividly in hieroglyphics. The kings dressed themselves as the tree of life for the ceiba stands as the model for the sacred World Tree of the ancient Maya also repeated in their writing. The Mayan kings were the embodiment of the ceiba as the central axis - internal linkAxis Monde - of the world. As story told by Linda Schele as the end of the book _Mayan Cosmos_ relates the use of ceiba flowers as decorations for crosses in a modern Maya ceremony. To the modern Maya, the cross was a living being having anatomy of a human being in symbolic terms. The flowers were a statement of  holiness...in the Christian sense "divine". It is interesting to note that science now points to a black hole within the center of the internal linkMilky Way....the symbol of creation to the Maya. The Milky Way was the pathway from the Other world, Xibalba, the blackness....and ask yourself, is it coincidental that the Maya and ancient Chinese had two new years, one summer and one winter?

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internal link604 entity Ceiba based in San Francisco
Ceiba - The Language Of Light compilation CD

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604 release _Goa Gil/Ceiba/Kode IV@internal linkBurning Man_ compilation CDx2 on Ceiba
Goa Gil - Live @ Burning Man


(Disc 2)

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internal link_Burning Man 98 1/4 Degrees Under The internal linkSun CDbatomjacked inventory cache on Ceiba (1999)
Jellyfish Jupiter

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Adam Ceiba is a member of internal linkBig Green Pleasure Machine along with AB internal linkDidjeridoo Oblivion, internal linkNick Taylor of internal linkSnake Thing, and Amanda Wright of Pitch Black

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Maya Religion

The Mayas believed that the universe had been, and would continue to be, created and destroyed multiple times, and that each such cycle lasted somewhat longer than 5000 years. By their estimate, the current universe would be destroyed in the equivalent of the year AD internal link2012. The Mayas conceived of the earth as the back of a giant alligatorlike reptile floating in a pool. Above the earth was a heaven with 13 levels. Below the earth was an internal linkunderworld with 9 levels. The entire universe was linked by a internal linkgreen ceiba tree that stood at the center of the world, its branches extending into the heavens and its roots into the underworld.

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