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chaos, in science, field of study devoted to processes that exhibit complex, apparently random behavior, such as cloud formation or fluctuations of biological populations. Attempts to predict the behavior of these systems led to the development of an interdisciplinary science, NONLINEAR DYNAMICS.


chaos (ks) noun
1. A condition or place of great disorder or confusion.
2. A disorderly mass; a jumble: The desk was a chaos of papers and unopened letters.
3. Often Chaos. The disordered state of unformed matter and internal linkinfinite space supposed in some cosmogonic views to have existed before the ordered universe.
4. Obsolete. An abyss; a chasm.
[Middle English, formless primordial space, from Latin, from Greek khaos.]
- chaotic (-tk) adjective
- chaotically adverb

Chaos (ks), in Greek mythology, the vacant, unfathomable space from which everything arose. In the OLYMPIAN myth internal linkGAEA sprang from Chaos and became the mother of all things.

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"Freedom is just Chaos, with better internal linklighting."
- Alan Dean Foster, "To the Vanishing Point":

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"A chao (pronounced "cow") is a single unit of chaos...therefore, chaoboys and chaogirls wear designer genes of future myths..." excerpted from THE internal link23 ERISIAN MYSTERIES.

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"Babylonians, internal linkEgyptians, and Greeks all acknowledged the primal dragon of Chaos even as the gods of their civilizations felt compelled to tame and organize the beast. Christianity tried to erase the goddess altogether. That is why the Church decided that God created the world ex nihilo, from nothing at all. But you can still smell the briny spew of the primal goddess in the formless, watery void that opens Genesis -- a distinct echo of the older Babylonian myth.

"The internal linkdragon of Chaos wore a far more honorable face in the East, where it was known as the internal linkTao. For ancient internal linksages like Chuang-Tzu, the subtle order of natural chaos was rich and bountiful compared to the bankrupt legalism and moralistic strictures of Confucian civilization -- which paradoxically produced the very disorder it wanted to suppress. The Taoists felt that only by tearing down the State of things -- including ordinary internal linkconsciousness -- could we return to the golden age, the mixed-up harmony symbolized by the wonton (which derives from Mr. Hun-tun, Chuang-Tzu's lord of chaos). If these anarchic internal linkdreams could not be realized in society -- as Lao Tzu hoped to do -- then at least they could be realized in the body, through spiritual and physical practices which would open up the spontaneous chaos within. "

- Erik Davis - _Spiritual Chaos?_

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Chaos often breeds life, when order breeds habit.
Henry B. Adams (1838-1918), U.S. historian. The Education of Henry Adams, ch. 16 (1907).

To find a form that accommodates the mess, that is the task of the artist now.
Samuel Beckett (1906-89), Irish dramatist, novelist. Conversation with John Driver, 1961. Quoted in: Deirdre Bair, Samuel Beckett, a Biography, ch. 21 (1978).

In all chaos there is a cosmos, in all disorder a secret order.
internal linkCarl Jung (1875-1961), Swiss psychiatrist. Collected Works, vol. 9, "internal linkArchetypes of the internal linkCollective Unconscious," pt. 1 (1959; ed. by William McGuire).

There is nothing stable in the world; uproar's your only music.
John Keats (1795-1821), English poet. Letter, 13-19 Jan. 1818, to his brothers George and Thomas Keats (published in Letters of John Keats, no. 37, ed. by Frederick Page, 1954).

Chaos is a name for any order that produces confusion in our minds.
George Santayana (1863-1952), U.S. philosopher, poet. Dominations and Powers, bk. 1, pt. 1, ch. 1 (1951).

 "Chaos is present everywhere in countless ways and forms, while Order remains an unattainable ideal."
M.C. Escher, 29 December internal link1947

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internal linkFeedback is all around us.  Some philosophers and scientists believe that internal linkconsciousness itself is nothing but feedback; it's the brain thinking about the brain.  Thinking about thinking creates feedback, and that may have been one of the sparks of human consciousness.  That is what is so interesting about seeing a smaller example of a feedback system and be able to, when you look at one of these patterns, to see everything from hurricanes to swastikas, and all kinds of things in between. Some mathematicians to this day, even with chaos theory and nonlinear dynamics, say "How can such complex behavior arise from such a simple system?"  These systems also have meaning in the physical world.  What we have in video feedback is an incredibly simple system that is deterministic in design yet we get incredibly complex output from the system, even if there's no human internal linkintervention. When everyone thinks of fractals they think of a digital environment, and here is this totally analog environment which I never understood before producing beautiful, self- referential images.

feedback and iteration...


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"Everything is sentient." - internal linkPythagoras.

A "failure of logic" in a "paranoid democracy", ghost in the machine? Sentient Electronics?  As technology develops also our dependence on that system increases, even fault tolerant computers are vulnerable to overload, no standards have as yet been developed, "software is not predictable".  The nine hour breakdown of AT&T's long distance internal linktelephoneinternal linknetwork in New York dramatizes the vulnerability of complex computer systems everywhere and that chaos is evident in all systems.  Chaos breaks across the line that separates scientific disciplines because it is a science of the global nature of systems.  Science was heading for a crisis of increasing specialization, dramatically that specialization has reversed because of terms of their constituent parts, internal linkquarks, chromosomes or neurons, chaos is looking at the whole.  We have to look at chaos. internal linkNorbert Wiener, father of cybernetics, defined internal linkinformation as "essentially a negative entropy".  In modern communication theory entropy is equated with noise which causes a waste of information.  According to the second law of thermodynamics "the general direction of physical events is towards decrease of order and organization". internal linkSchrodinger was led to postulate the existence of an ego which ultimately "controls the motion of the atoms".  Whatever the theory, something unseen and as yet unkonwn is at work behind the mechanisms of the world and the universe.  From the beginning of consciousness man has been all too aware of the existence of some mysterious internal linkforce, and we can see this most obviously reflected in his spirituality.
    - from the liner notes for the track _NYC Overload_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkClock DVA off of _Man-Amplified_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Contempo (1992)

the Network Information lives Schrodinger's Cat

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In the beginning, according to the Pelasgian mythmakers, there was chaos, which is where most creation stories originate.  To the Pelasgians, however, chaos was not just a great cloud of nothingmess.  Rather, it was dynamic region that contained tremendous potential- a place of great energy but no differentiations to define things as separate or individual.  There were, in short, no dualities.  The grand scheme of creation, in this view, was to impose order on a limitless kernel of possibility.  This idea was passed down through the centuries and has become part and parcel of our very definition of the universe.  'cosmos' is the Greek word for 'order.'

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_Aimless Wandering: Chuang Tzu's internal linkChaos Linguistics_ by internal linkHakim Bey from internal linkFringeware Review 10:12

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Chaos: Making A New Science
Tsuyoshi Suzuki Sympathy In Chaos
Sparklehorse - Good Morning Spider (1999) Metallica - Master Of Puppets
Hakim Bey - TAZ\ Bill Laswell Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis) on Axiom (1992)

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internal linkI Ching symbol for chaos

chaos I Ching

The internal link23rd hexagram of the I-Ching signifies chaos, Disintegration.

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"One must have chaos within oneself if one is to be a internal linkdancing star."

internal linkFriedrich Nietzsche 

Friedrich Nietzsche

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"our categories: authors, chaos vs. internal linksuperstring, and rubainternal linkdub..."

- What Do Kids Know? game show host in film _Magnolia_ (1999)atomjacked inventory cache directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

Magnolia - quiz categories chaos vs. superstring...

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internal linkUsenet: alt.chaos

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external linkThe Chaos Experience - a layman's guide to chaos

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