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cover of Complete Control single by The Clash

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(4 Oc (Dog) / 18 Yaxk'in (New Sun) - 30/260 -

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clash (kląsh) verb
clashed, clashing, clashes verb, intransitive
1. To collide with a loud, harsh, usually metallic noise: cymbals clashing.
2. To come into conflict; be in opposition: factions that clashed on a tax increase; an eyewitness account that clashed with published reports.
3. To create an unpleasant visual internal linkimpression when placed together: colors that clash.

verb, transitive
To strike together with a loud, harsh, metallic noise.

1. A loud, harsh noise, such as that made by two metal objects in collision.
2. A conflict, as between opposing or irreconcilable ideas. DISCORD.
3. An encounter between hostile forces; a battle or skirmish.

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personal space/time internal linkrelevancy: 1976 through 1979
opened several angles after the internal linkSex Pistols battering ram: politics, internal linkfocus, and eclecticism.  of course, as with all great bands, there had to be tension and dynamics.  the pop wannabe rock star Mick Jones vs. the loud mouth preacher with a message in Strummer.  the balance created is startling.  the only thing keeping this unit from perfection was a consistently grooving drummer on recordings (you can hear great spark from live bootlegs in the case of Topper, but somehow it never translated in the studio). - @Om* 3/9/02


The Clash in full throttle

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_The Clash_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache/CDatomjacked inventory cache on CBS (1977) - produced by internal linkLee Scratch Perry
The Clash s/t (1977) Janie Jones and the Lash - House Of The Juju Queen 7inch (1983)

live at the Barbarellas Birmingham 1. May 1978 via _Rude Boy_

  • _Give 'em Enough Rope 12"atomjacked inventory cache on CBS (1978)

    The Clash - Given 'Em Enough Rop
  • _London Calling_ 12"x2atomjacked inventory cacheon CBS (1979)

    Elvis calling... The Clash - London Calling

    (cover art is a parody of an Elvis Presley record cover)

    Clash - Koka Kola flyer from 1979
  • _Sandinista!_ 12"x3atomjacked inventory cache (internal linkorange vinyl)(internal link1980)

  • The Clash - Sandinista! 12"x3 (orange vinyl)
    Washington Bullets logo 1974-1987
    Lightning strikes not once but twice
  • _Combat Rock_ 12" (1982)

  • Episode 2 Season 1 of _Stranger Things_ (MP4)atomjacked inventory cache the last 2 seconds of _(You're A) Gonowhere_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Reagan internal linkYouth just before going into _Should I Stay Or Should I Go_ by The Clash

    The Clash - Rock The Casbah video - ignore alien orders The Clash - Rock The Casbah - armadillo
  • _Super Black Market Clash_ 10"x2atomjacked inventory cache

    Super Black Market Clash
  • _1977 Revisited_ CDatomjacked inventory cache on Relativity/CBS (1990)

    The Clash - Cost Of Living EP 1979 - intensified
  • _Return To Brixton ep_
  • _Cost Of Living EP_ 7"atomjacked inventory cache on CBS (1979)

  • _DOA_ bootleg CDx2
  • _Rocker Station_ bootleg CD

  • _Rockers Galore_ promo CDatomjacked inventory cache
  • _Punk In London_ soundtrack
  • _Rat Patrol From Fort Bragg - Combat Rock Outtakes - The RCA Tape_ bootleg CD
  • _Louie Is A Punk Rocker_ 7" bootleg (1977)
  • Apart from 'Louie Louie' the EP contains "King of the Road", "White Riot" and "1977". The label is blank but apparently the music is from a Clash concert in Malmö, Sweden in October, 1977.  Apart from the obvious line 'Louie Louie, me gotta go' the lyrics are improvised.
  • _Louie Louie_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache
  • _King Of The Road_
  • _White Riot_
  • _1977_

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    Live at Rock Against Racism, Victoria Park, London - 30. April 1978 via _Rude Boy_

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    Paintings by Paul Simonon:

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    release _La Furia_ cassette (500 pressed) - Clash tribute band sung in Spanish

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    Mick Jones plays Ms. Pac Man while Joe Strummer watches

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    internal linkUsenet: alt.music.clash

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