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Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

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(3 K'an (Corn) / 17 K'ayab (Turtle) - 224/260 -

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_Close Encounters of the Third Kind_ Collector's Edition DVDx2atomjacked inventory cache (1977)

The thread that ties the whole thing together

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shipwrecked in the Gobi Desert...

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In remote Dharmsala in Northern India, Lacombe and a team of foreign visitors arrive in the heat, buffeted by a multitude of worshippers (wearing white, saffron, and ecru robes) gathering to rhythmically chant five notes over and over again:

Lacombe: Mais, c'est la guerre pentatonique...cinq notes au lieu de sept. (Translation: It's the pentatonic war. That old musical controversy between the five and seven note scales.) Demandez-lui d'ou viennent ces sons. (Translation: I want to know...where are the sounds coming from?)

A group of five leaders (including Lacombe) climb to a nearby hillside, an older Hindu man turns to the crowd below and repeats the question: "Where did these sounds come from?" In unison, the thousands respond with one gesture and voice, pointing skyward.

which direction?

Before an assembled group in the U.S. about one week later, Lacombe speaks in broken English about a "breakthrough":

I want to share with you now the breakthrough that happened in India. We think it means something. We think it is important. To help you learn, I am using the hand signs created by Zoltan Kodaly. Kodaly developed these signs to teach music to deaf children.

One by one, at Lacombe's signal, each of the five notes in the Indian chant are played over the auditorium's sound system for the audience. And then, all five tones or notes in the riff are played - in sequence. Lacombe gestures with the hand signals for each tone. There is evidence that a certain musical pattern can be linked with the aliens' efforts to communicate.

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Close Encounters mashed potatoes
Close Encounters implant devil's tower

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Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Directed by
internal linkSteven Spielberg

Writing credits
Steven Spielberg

Paul Schrader


Genre: Drama / internal linkSci-Fi

Tagline: We are not alone

Plot Outline: A line worker, after a encounter with internal linkUFO's, feels undeniably drawn to an isolated area in the wilderness where something spectacular is about to happen.

Cast (in credits order) verified as complete
Richard Dreyfuss....Roy Neary
Franšois Truffaut....Claude Lacombe
Teri Garr....Ronnie Neary

Teri Garr in Close Encounters

Melinda Dillon....Jillian Guiler

Bob Balaban....internal linkCartographer/Translator David Laughlin

J. Patrick McNamara....Project Leader
Warren J. Kemmerling....Wild Bill
Robert Blossom....Farmer
Philip Dodds....Jean Claude
Cary Guffey ....Barry Guiler

go into the light...do not be afraid...

Shawn Bishop....Neary Children
Adrienne Campbell....Neary Children
Justin Dreyfuss....Toby Neary
Lance Henriksen....Robert
Merrill Connally....Team Leader
George DiCenzo....Major Benchley
Amy Douglass....Implantee
Alexander Lockwood....Implantee
Gene Dynarski....Ike
Mary Gafrey....Mrs. Harris
Norman Bartold....Ohio Tolls
Josef Sommer....Larry Butler
Reverand Michael J. Dyer....Himself
Roger Ernest....Highway Patrolman
Carl Weathers....Military Police
F.J. O'Neil....ARP Project Member
Randy Herman....Returnee #1 Flt. 19
Hal Barwood....Returnee #2 Flt. 19
Matthew Robbins ....Returnee #3 Flt. 19
David Anderson ....Air Traffic Controller
Richard L. Hawkins....Air Traffic Controller
Craig Shreeve....Air Traffic
Bill Thurman....Air Traffic
Roy E. Richards....Air East Pilot
Gene Rader....Hawker
Eumenio Blanco....Federale
Daniel N˙˝ez....Federale
Chuy Franco....Federale
Luis Contreras....Federale
James Keane (I)....Radio Telescope Team
Dennis McMullen....Radio Telescope Team
Cy Young (I)....Radio Telescope Team
Tom Howard (I)....Radio Telescope Team
Richard Stuart....Truck Dispatcher
Bob Westmoreland....Load Dispatcher
Matt Emery....Special Leader
Galen Thompson....Special Forces
John Dennis Johnston....Special Forces
John Ewing....Dirty Tricks #1
Keith Atkinson ....Dirty Tricks #2
Robert Broyles....Dirty Tricks #3
Kirk Raymond....Dirty Tricks #4

rest of cast listed alphabetically
Howard K. Smith....Television Reporter (uncredited)

Produced by
Clark L. Paylow

Julia Phillips

Michael Phillips

Original music by
John Williams
John Williams

Cinematography by
Vilmos Zsigmond

Production Design by
Joe Alves

Film Editing by
Michael Kahn

Allen Daviau....  additional photographer special edition: internal linkGobi desert sequence
  additional photographer special edition: Gobi desert
  sequence director of photography: special edition

David K. Stewart   .... internal linkufo photography
Robert Swarthe....  animation supervisor
Ken Swenson....  model maker
Juliet Taylor....  casting
Don Trumbull....  camera and mechanical design
internal linkDouglas Trumbull  ... special photographic effects
Pete Turner (III)....  still photographer
Jor Van Kline....  model maker
Kenneth Wannberg....  music editor
Frank E. Warner....  supervising sound effects editor
Steve Warner....  location auditor
Murray Weissman....  publicity
Bob Westmoreland....  make-up supervisor
Seth Winston....  AFI intern
Robert E. Worthington....  model maker
Hoyt Yeatman....  project assistant
Matthew Yuricich....  matte artist
Richard Yuricich....  director of photography: photographic effects

Also Known As:
Close Encounter of the Third Kind, The (1977) (USA: working title)
Watch the Skies (1976) (USA: working title)
Runtime: USA:132 (special edition) / USA:135 / UK:127 (special edition)
Country: USA
internal linkLanguage: English
Color: Color (Metrocolor)
Sound Mix: Dolby
Certification: USA:PG / UK:PG / internal linkAustralia:PG /internal linkFinland:K-12 / Germany:12 / Sweden:11

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Ingress portal

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind Mothership model Chantilly Virginia

Close Encounters Of The Third Kind mothership model ingress portal

mothership from Close Encounters Of The Third Kind

14390 Air and Space Museum Pkwy, Chantilly, VA 20151, USA
Latitude: 38.911319
Longitude: -77.444850
Elevation: 88.44 meters

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The Orb - U.F.Orb 12"x2 (blue vinyl)

Orb - U.F.Orb
Unidentified Frequencies Of Orb bootleg CD

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theory: the aliens are us from the future
Alan Watts
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