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we are nothing but floating brains...
Central Nervous System

This nOde last updated December 17th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
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central nervous system

central nervous system noun
Abbr. CNS
The portion of the vertebrate nervous system consisting of the brain and spinal cord.

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The Matrix - Neo unplugged

track _Web In Front_ MP3 atomjacked inventory cache by internal linkArchers Of Loaf off of _Icky Mettle_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache on Alias (1993)

Stuck a pin in your backbone.
Spoke it down from there.
All I ever wanted was to be your spine.
Lost your friction and you slid for a mile.
Overdone, overdrive, overlive, override.

You're not the one who let me down,
But thanks for offering.
It's not a voice and I'm not around.
But thanks for picking it...
extensions... Archers Of Loaf - Web In Front

Up, on the radio.
Sampled your rust from a faucet, I know.
I've got a magnet in my head,
A magnet in my head.
Extra thick, extra long, the way it was wasted.

And there's a chance that things'll get weird.
Yeah, that's a possibility.
Although I didn't do anything,
No, I didn't do anything.

All I ever wanted,
All I ever wanted,
All I ever wanted was to be your spine.


And a mouth kept shut and a internal linktongue   internal linktwist tie.
You're the web in front, you're the favorite lie.
You're a buck my lip, you're a lash my lie.
You're the web in front of a favorite lie.

Stuck a pin in your backbone.
Spoke it down from there.
All I ever wanted was to be your spine.
I've got a magnet in my head, a magnet in my head.
Extra thick, extra long, the way it was wasted... wasted.

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Brain - Access And Amplify (1996) Young American Primitive s/t CD on Zoemagik (1993)
Twilight Zone - Brain Center At Whipple's - Mr. Whipple vs. Machine Melvins - Hostile Ambient Takeover on Ipecac (2002)
Killing Joke - Nervous System Turn To Red/Are You Receiving 10inch on Malicious Damage (1979)
Devo - Duty Now For The Future The Orb's Adventures Beyond The Ultraworld CDx2  (1991)
Budgie - s/t (1971)

The Locust live

The Locust - Flight Of The Wounded Locust 7"x4 interlocking coloured shaped vinyl
Killing Joke Juno Reactor - Transmissions HAL Tristeza - Spine and Sensory on Makota (1999)

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604 entity Nervasystem
Member: Mark Dressler (aka Drezz, of Paradise Connection and Anti-Matter with internal linkTsuyoshi Suzuki), Darren Beale

DNA Gaia

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if we strip ourselves of all our biological tools for internal linkperception, we internal linkimagine ourselves to be "floating brains" with the tail being the spinal column.  this literal jumble of nerves is designed to navigate and deal with the environment so it can continue to survive utilizing internal linkwetware.

spin networks cns

thus the primary interaction for internal linkconsciousness is the internal linkDNA/CNS communication.  all our limbs, skin color, eyeballs,  and toenails are just internal linkevolutionary aids for our floating brains to perpetuate their own existence.

so what is the purpose of the survival of our CNS?  the CNS is a biological manifestation of another recombinatory state:  the interaction of energy (solar) with that of the earth (internal linkgaia).

so we are novelty production engines for variety in forms of the children of gaiasol.

my guess is that this serves some other purpose, perhaps to reach some sort of internal linkcritical mass in CNS/DNA entanglement to produce... what?

      - @Om* 4/27/00

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conscious multiverse

Erik Davis: I know it is dangerous for a nonscientist to make these speculative leaps between science and Buddhism, but there is a passage in internal link_Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind_ where Shunryo Suzuki seems to express something very similar to the idea you and Maturana developed—before you encountered Buddhism—about the nervous system as a closed system.

Francisco Varela: It's important that people don't think that we are saying that the nervous system is closed, but rather that the nervous system has closure. It's not the same thing. Closure is a way of looking at the interactions in a different way from the standard model of inputting internal linkinformation. Closure means that you actually shape what counts as information in the coupling you have with the world. Information is brought forth by the actual activity of an organism or a cognitive system embedded in the world. Some people think that means a solipsistic or autistic world. But the contrast is not between a closed system and an open system but rather an input-driven system and a system that is actively shaping the world. That's the real tension.

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After all, implosion is not just a structural internal linkprocess–it is subjective, phenomenological. Where else do internal linktime and space break down but in the body of a internal linkperceiver? If implosion has any validity at all–and surely it does, if only as an inflated allegory of speed and technocapitalist convergence–then we will feel it in our nervous systems, if not our bones. "I was an infinitely hot and dense dot," Mark Leyner tells us. We get to find out what this feels like. Intimations of the infinitesimal, as when you can no longer tell the difference between Times Square and Shibuya, or when all airports fuse into one, or when your wireless data device, rather than unleashing your inner nomad, reduces your physical movement through space to a shadowy projection of an incorporeal internal linkmatrix. Today's music collapses into internal linkdimensionless data files; the new dollar bills are tattooed with molecular print; and micro-targeted marketing mechanisms reflect you back to yourself, everywhere you turn. Implosion, the internal linkfeedback of free-fall internal linkfusion, is the insistent overtone of contemporary experience.

- Erik Davis - _Anchors Aweigh!_

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Think of your nervous system as if it were visually inverted, dangling from the exterior of your body, as if you had no real outer membrane, nerves and internal linknodes all clutching facets of the ecology around you.  More responsibility probably resides within this subliminal mess of interdependent internal linkprocesses.  Your environment is your extended nervous system - and the internal linkInternet is a fascinating extension at that.


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