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This nOde last updated June 4th, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
(3 Ak'bal (Night) / 1 Zots (Bat) - 3/260 -

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coil (koil) noun
1. a. A series of connected spirals or concentric rings formed by gathering or winding: a coil of rope; long coils of hair. b. An individual spiral or ring within such a series.
2. A spiral pipe or series of spiral pipes, as in a radiator.
3. internal linkElectricity. a. A wound spiral of two or more turns of insulated internal linkwire, used to introduce inductance into a circuit. b. Any of various devices of which such a spiral is the major component.
4. A roll of postage stamps prepared for use in a vending machine.

coil colours

coiled, coiling, coils verb, transitive
1. To wind in concentric rings or spirals.
2. To wind into a shape resembling a coil.

verb, intransitive
1. To form concentric rings or spirals.
2. To move in a spiral course: black smoke coiling up into the sky.
[Probably from obsolete French coillir, to gather up, from Latin colligere. See COLLECT1.]
- coilŽer noun


coil (koil) noun
A disturbance; a fuss.
[Origin unknown.]

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coil up

In 1994, Coil started releasing material under other names. Names used so far and internal linkintended to be used in the future include: The Eskaton, ELpH, Black Light District, internal linkTime Machines, Wormsine, Rosa Mundi, Trial By Music, internal link2012, and Lifestyle.

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coil heating reaction levitation
coil reheating reaction internal linklevitation

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"All kinds of chemicals have been present, but not just illegal ones. There's also various neurotropics - 'smart' drugs which were developed by the military for increasing internal linkperception, intuition, internal linkmemory, and capabilities on an intellectual level. Cognitive enhancers, they're called. We try to use whatever's at our disposal to reduce the barriers between different levels of internal linkreality."

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tesla coil
internal linkTesla coil

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"I don't believe in destroying good mysteries or adding to bad reputations. "    ~~ John Balance, Coil

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snake coiling up the palm

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internal linkvinyl etching: Side A - "We all get the internal linkgods we deserve" off of _Horse Rotorvator_
vinyl etching: Side A - "The Responsible Abuse of Pleasure" off of internal link_NASA-Arab_ 12" (1984)
vinyl etching: Side B - "THE LAST internal linkSPHINX IN LONDON" off of _Black internal linkLight District: A THOUSAND LIGHTS IN A DARKENED ROOM_ 12"x2 on internal linkEskaton (1996)
vinyl etching: Side D - "internal linkAUMAum GENERATOR"
off of _ELpH vs. Coil: Worship The Glitch_ 10"x2 on Eskaton #006 (1995)

Sphinx head on Coil vs. ELpH - Worship The Glitch

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Coil - Constant Shallowness Leads To Evil on Esktaon (2000) Coil - Musick To Play In The Dark on Chalice (1999)
Green River - Chicago St. Patrick's Day Coil vs. ELpH - Protection (Born Again Pagans) on  Eskaton CDs (1994)
Coil - Worship The Glitch 10inch x2 on Eskaton (1995) Coil - Horse Rotorvator on Some Bizarre (1986)

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        The second in a series of limited edition Equinox/Solstice
        releases, issued on Summer Solstice, 1998.

        The 7" is limited to 1300 copies on "internal linkhoney" yellow vinyl and 50
        copies on internal linkgreen vinyl signed by John, Peter, Drew and Bill Breeze.

        The CDEP was deleted on Autumnal Equinox when the third part of
        the series was released.

        Vinyl etching:
        Side A - "internal linkHONEY FROM THE HORNET'S NEST"

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Coil vs The Eskaton: NASA-ARAB
      x 12"     1994    Eskaton/World Serpent           ESKATON 001     UK

        Nasa-Arab (extended) / First Dark Ride
Coil - Nasa-Arab

        Limited to 2500 copies.

        The title track is an extended reworking of the track from STOLEN
        AND CONTAMINATED SONGS. The Eskaton is a Coil pseudonym.

        "First Dark Ride" also appears on the anthology release UNNATURAL HISTORY III.

        Vinyl etching:

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internal linkVortex Campaign/Coil/New Blockaders: DOLBIED


x CS      1984    VC                                              BE
CS      198?    RRRecords                                       US

The tracks have no titles and are each credited to one of the three involved groups. Two tracks are credited to Coil.

The initial release was a limited edition of 50 copies packaged in  a cloth bag with cards of visuals by Vortex Campaign. The re-release is a bootleg.

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_Love's Secret Domain_ on Wax Trax (1991)

Coil - Love's Secret Domain

Band Members: John Balance (J) Stephen Thrower (T) Peter "Sleazy" Christopherson (S)

What are the underlying ideas behind the LP (_Love's Secret Domain_)?

Nikola Tesla Lightning Strikes

J: internal linkElectricity and Drugs. Energies. We started off with the LP three years ago and had the idea of doing a sort of decadent early electronics cabaret album, like internal linkTesla - the inventor, would have done in Berlin. A weird idea. It started like that and internal linkevolved. 

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You have always had interest in rituals and weird science, which for them is partly a spectator sport and partly inspirational. "Eskatology is the study of the end of the world. It sort of ties in with internal linkTerence McKenna and his internal link2012 theory.

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

Instead of the Big Bang being the beginning of history, we are in fact being hurled toward an object or something at the end of history, and that end of history will be 2012. I don't take that may drugs anymore, but I feel there is something going on. Both me and Drew agree with this, that psychic abilities and coincidences are increasing exponentially, or whatever one of those upward going curves is. You feel that internal linktime is overlapping at times, we're actually reaching a spiral point.  Things are getting weirder, people are having weirder internal linkdreams, there's more and more coincidences. It's escalating to the Eskaton."

Having been together for twelve years, and working in the "music industry" for longer they come across a lot of different musics and perspectives. Influences are not noticeable in the records, but are they influenced by others and who? Musically, Atom Heart. I don't know, when people ask that, it doesn't influence me."

"internal linkEnthusiasm as opposed to influence."

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release internal link_Time Machines_ CD by Coil (1998)

4 Tones to Facilitate Travel Through internal linkTime
Time Machines Time Machines Psilocybin
Time Machines Telepathine Time Machines DDOT/Hecate Time Machines DMT

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internal link_Bee Stings_ 7" (1998) Summer Solstice Eskaton 13 Clear Amber vinyl

Coil - Bee Stings

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_Coil presents Time Machines_ on Eskaton (2000)

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_The Angelic Conversation_ on Threshold (1994)

Coil - The Angelic Conversation

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A coil is a series of internal linkloops. A coil made of rigid materials can be fashioned in a spiral or helical shape; see spiral staircase. Flexible materials like internal linkwire, rope, hose, or cable can also be coiled into empty loops, or wound around a central internal linkdrum or spindle.

In electrical engineering, an induction coil is formed when a metal wire is coiled around a core to create an electronic inductor. Polyphase coils are coil systems with multiple phases.

* Spring
* Slinky (coil toy)
* List of coil knots
* Solenoid
* Coil (band)

Coil is a group that has worked in several electronic music styles including: industrial, noise, internal linkambient and experimental musics and which internal linkintentionally tries to stay away from any particular genre of music. The band was formed by John Balance (sometimes credited as Jhon Balance) and Peter Christopherson out of the demise of internal linkPsychic TV, an earlier industrial band.

Coil can only be described as a very eccentric group, sometimes producing only as many as 99 copies of an album, allowing only those who are truly dedicated to the band to seek them out, due to the high prices (caused by high demand). Some critics have accused Coil and its record company of price gouging. As of 2003, Coil has been re-releasing many rare works, mostly remixed, into general circulation.

Coil also has an interesting habit of separating their works into many side-projects, publishing music under different names when it is created using different styles. Some of their side-names are ELpH, Zos Kia, The Eskaton, Black Light District, Time Machines, and one of their newer members, Thighpaulsandra, produces music on his own as well. They contributed music to two of Derek Jarman's films, Blue and The Angelic Conversation.

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Vidna Obmana - Surreal Sanctuary on Hypnos (2000)

David Lynch directing Lost Highway

Ozric Tentacles - Waterfall Cities on Phoenix Rising (1999)
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