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Max Ernst - Caduceus collage

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collage (ko-läzh´, ke-) noun
1.a. An artistic composition of materials and objects pasted over a surface, often with unifying lines and color. b. The art of creating such compositions.
2.An assemblage of diverse elements: a collage of conflicting internal linkmemories.

collaged, collaging, collages verb, transitive
To paste (diverse materials) over a surface, thereby creating an artistic product.

verb, intransitive
To create such an artistic product.

[French, from coller, to glue, from colle, glue, from Vulgar Latin *colla, from Greek kolla.]
- collag´ist noun


Collage, an artwork made by pasting together heterogeneous materials. The decisive and characteristic difference between the technique of collage (from French, coller, "to paste") and painting is that in painting the visual internal linkimpression is built up by composition of color and line, whereas in collage, bits of newspaper, labels, buttons, and chickenwire, to mention only a few materials, are attached, internal linkready-made, to the surface. The French painter Georges Braque and Spanish artist Pablo Picasso made collages for cubist works in the early 20th century. American pop art of the 1960s introduced the use of large objects, such as pieces of sheet metal, machine parts, parts from automobiles, and wooden rafters.

collage (noun)

combination: montage, internal linkmosaic, jigsaw, collage
variegation: collage
art: the minor arts, illumination, calligraphy, weaving, tapestry, collage, embroidery, pottery
picture: collage, montage, photomontage


Television is becoming a collage- there are so many channels that you move through them making a collage yourself. In that sense, everyone sees something a bit different.
David Hockney (b. 1937), British artist. Hockney On Photography, "New York: November 1985" (ed. by Wendy Brown, 1988), conversations with Paul Joyce.

internal linkErnst, Max

Ernst (èrnst), Max
German-born artist and a internal linkfounder of internal linkDada and internal linksurrealism. Noted for his use of frottage and collage, he explored the subconscious through his stylistically varied works, such as the painting Old Man, Woman, and Flower (1923).

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"Collage is the essential psychological identity of this century." - Charles Amirkhanian

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