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concrescence (ken-krès´ens) noun
1.Biology. The growing together of related parts, tissues, or cells.
2.The amassing of physical particles.

[Latin concrêscentia, from concrêscêns, concrêscent-, present participle of concrêscere, to grow together.]
- concres´cent adjective

concrescence (noun)

union: concrescence, coalescence, internal linkfusion, merger, mixture

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Converge-Agoraphobic Nosebleed split on Relapse (1999) The Hafler Trio - All That Rises Must Converge CD on Grey Area (1995)


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I don't see it as a "versus" situation, although we tend to think dualistically in this sector of the universe. I think that's in our genes. (internal linkDNA = pairs of opposites). I'll bring in the idea of "concrescence" here. At some locales in the internal linkflux of internal linkTime, qualities or energies aggregate and form a internal linkcritical mass, and something entirely new is born. This is related to the idea of "emergent properties" which internal linkTerence explains somewhere with the example of gold. You can have a certain number of gold atoms, but they won't be the element gold until there are a certain number of them. At some point they are just gold atoms, and then at a certain concentration they take on the qualities of what we call "gold" i.e. a pale yellow color and so on.  So the color "gold" is an emergent property of gold atoms. I guess you could say the same about consciousness. It's an emergent property of the human nervous system. I would also add that Novelty is not merely something new or different, but also a measure of greater connectedness and complexity.

 - post off of the Novelty mailing list

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"The tryptamine state seems to be in one sense trans-temporal; it is an anticipation of the future.  It is as though Plato's metaphor were true--that internal linktime IS the moving image of eternity.  The tryptamine internal linkecstasy is a stepping out of the moving image and into eternity, the eternity of the standing now, the NUNC STANS of Thomas Aquinas.  In that state, all of human history is seen to lead toward this culminating moment.  Acceleration is visible in all the internal linkprocesses around us...What is obviously happening is that everything is being drawn together." - Terence McKenna - internal link_The Archaic Revival_  atomjacked inventory cachep. 113

DNA Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always The Archaic Revival by Terence McKenna
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