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Copenhagen Interpretation

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Copenhagen (ko´pen-hâ´gen, -hä´-)
The capital and largest city of Denmark, in the extreme eastern part of the country on the eastern coast of Sjaelland. It was a trading and fishing center by the 11th century and became the capital in 1443. Population, 482,937.


Copenhagen (ko´pen-hâ´gen), city (1988 pop. 468,744), capital of Denmark, E Denmark. It is a major commercial, fishing, and naval port, and Denmark's chief commercial and cultural center, with such products as ships, machinery, drugs, processed food, and the pottery known as Copenhagen Ware. Founded by the 11th cent., it survived attacks by the HANSEATIC LEAGUE and Sweden, became Denmark's capital in 1443, and expanded as a prosperous trade hub in the 16th and 17th cent. During WORLD WAR II the city was occupied (1940-45) by the Germans. Its landmarks include the 17th-cent. Charlottenborg Palace, the 19th-cent. palaces on Amalienborg Square, the round tower used by internal linkTycho BRAHE as an observatory, and the statue of Hans Christian ANDERSEN's Little Mermaid.

According to the Copenhagen Interpretation invented in the middle of the Carlsberg brewery 1926 by Niels Bohr, the world-as-known-to-science is not a model of the internal linkreal world but is - at one step removed - a model of the human mind building a model of the real world.  The science of sciences, then, THE SCIENCE, the fountainhead, becomes epistemology, which is a branch of human psychology, which is a branch of primate psychology and of primate neurology.  The primate genetic imperatives of territoriality, pack hierarchy, rage-threat reflexes, rule by an alpha male, all play a role in the theorizing/modeling of domesticated primates like us.  Or, as Eddington said, "We have certain preconceived notions of location in space that have come down to us from ape-like ancestors."  Get into your brain, into the internal linkJungian internal linkcollective unconscious, the internal linkDNA archives, to find the origin of philosophy, art, and modern physics including the Copenhagen Interpretation.

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internal linkJohn von Neumann and other physicists came to the conclusion that "consciousness can be the only agency responsible for the collapse of the internal linkwave function." For that Copenhagen Interpretation subscribe the belief that "the mind, by collapsing the wave function, creates what we observe, from internal linkmoment to moment."

- Steve Mizrach aka Seeker1 

John Von Neumann
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