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Tycho Magnetic Anomaly 1

Cosmic Trigger
This nOde last updated February 26th, 2004 and is permanently morphing...
(7 Cauac (Rain) / 7 K'ayab (Turtle) 69/260 -

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Johan is a young German producer who looks like Anthony Kiedis with a brain. He lives in a huge house in a small inland village, his room containing little more than a bed, a bhatik print and his gear: Macintosh PowerBook, Akai sampler, keyboard, DAT deck. I'd heard two of Johan's internal linkintense tracks on the internal linkDragonfly label's _Project II internal linkTrance_ (under the name internal linkMandra Gora),  which along with internal linkJuno Reactor's _Transmissions_ and the _Ethnotechno_ and _Concept in internal linkDance_ compilations, is the best stateside introduction to internal linkGoan trance. But Johan doesn't like to DJ—he's one of those hardcore power dancers who treat the night as one long track. "With a combination of good music, a good spot and good dancing, it's like a cosmic trigger goes off," he says of Goa's greatest rites. After a night of cosmic gyration, Johan would return to his studio, download his vibes, dump the bytes onto DAT, and slap the tape onto his DJ friends. "It was like a perfect internal linkfeedback internal linkloop."

- Erik Davis - internal link_Sampling Paradise_

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As captured so well in Robert Anton Wilson's classic counter-cultural wild ride _Cosmic Trigger: Final Secret of the internal linkIlluminati_—which connects meddling internal linkSirians with internal linkAleister Crowleyinternal linkTim Leary's Starseed prison visions, and the strange recurrence of the numberinternal link23—catching the eye of the internal linkpyramid has a lot to do with your internal linkattention, with consciously tuning into coincidences and weird internal linkinformation sources (odd books, internal linkdreams, drugs, incantations) until glittering patterns emerge. The challenge is that unless you want to get  slurped into what Wilson calls a "internal linkreality tunnel" and wind up carrying a sandwich board, you must adopt a kind of a bemused internal linkschizophrenia, a yin/yangbalance of the force... of skepticism and lucid madness.     About the only concrete thing Whitley Streiber's doctors could suggest to him was that he learn to live with a high degree of internal linkuncertainty. Not a bad postmodern prayer.

- Erik Davis - _My Favorite Martians - A internal linkUFO Epistemology_ 

Illuminati Timothy Leary's finger
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