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Crop Circle - geometric layout with glyph center 1997

Crop Circles

aliens? plasma-vortex? sound imprints? transdimensional communication?
art? hoax? does it matter?

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internal link604 entity Crop Circles aka internal linkPleiadians aka Etnica
Members: Max Lanfranconi, C. Paterno, M. Begotti, A. Rizzo, Francesco Damato, Filippo Scrmizzi


Different Species (off of internal link_Psychedelic-internal linkVoodoo_ MixCDx2)
Full Mental Jackpot             KICK58
Full Mental Jackpot EP         AURA001
Lunar Civilisation                AURA003
 sample: "Personally, I'm convinced that there must be many, many higher civilizations in this enormous and incredibly ancient universe of ours." (internal linkArthur C. Clarke quote) Crop Cirlces - Lunar Civilization sample stream
pun on the film _Full Metal Jacket_ directed by internal linkStanley Kubrick

Arthur C. Clarke 1990 Stanley Kubrick Full Metal Jacket

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blue room released - signs of life Speedy J - Public Energy #1 on Plus 8 (1997)

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Crop Circles are internal linkentheogenic.   If they are fake, it might be the only true art form left  (and possibly the grandest ever conceived and executed).  If it falls under the notion of "prank", by definition, it must remain anonymous.  Those who claim the work, when demonstrating their technique, fall miserably short of the intricacies involved, especially in the dark, clandestine, and with a internal linktime limit.  There are no mistakes, and they are always complete, finished within a matter of hours, and no-one being able to spot them in the internal linkprocess.  The most aesthetically pleasing ones defy explanation, no matter how you look at it.  In order for this art to be effective in its internal linkintention, no credit must be taken, painstaking planning and implementation are involved, and skilled stealth techniques must be practiced and acquired.  There is internal linkno school for this.  The real art school seems to be the earth and its fields of grain and stalk.  You can't sell it, it's temporary, and it transcends the ego driven, heroin induced, and very urban "artist mystique".  The experience, the work, speaks volumes beyond words. - @Om* 10/3/01

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Tristeza - Dream Signals In Full Circles on Tiger Style (2000)

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Psycho-Social, Chemica, Biological and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness 12"x2 cover

Jedi Mind Tricks - The Psycho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electro-Magnetic Manipulation Of Human Consciousness 12"x2 (red transparent vinyl)

Manmademan - Lovetechnology Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala
The Big Rhino In The Sky

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Double Helix Crop Circle

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THE internal linkDouble Helix CROP CIRCLE from The Kryon Quarterly

On June 17, 1996  a spectacular crop circle was discovered in England. The formation looked strikingly similar to the blueprint for human internal linkDNA. The circle measured 648 feet long, with a double-helix type design, and appeared in a field of barley..

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Crop Circle Kabbalah Buckyball unfurled Antahkarana crop circle formation
internal linkKabbalah
internal linkBuckyball
internal linkAntahkarana

Crop Circle - Mandelbrot Set 1991 at  Ickleton, south of Cambridge
internal linkFractal
Mandelbrot Set

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The final crop circle formation of 1997, was the "internal linkStrange Attractorinternal linkfractal at Hackpen Hill .   The term means "an irreducible invariant set that attracts the trajectories of all nearby points." This term was used byinternal linkTerence McKenna to describe the "internal linkOmega Point," which sucks our internal linkevolutionary trajectory towards it, like the plughole at the end of internal linktime.

Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always Strange Attractor Crop Circle - Koch Snowflake Fractal

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we're not alone in the twilight zone... keep it simple.
internal linkTwilight Zone
internal linktimeinternal linktunnel  July 15, 1995 Cissbury Ring

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Crop Circle formation near internal linkStonehenge

Stonehenge Julia Set.  First reported on 7 July 1996, this internal linkimpressive formation apparently appeared within the space of half-an-hour or so, in broad daylight, right next to one of the most visited sites in the world.   Measuring 900 by 500 feet, with 151 circles, the glyph was visited by thousands of people.  The farmer wisely chose to charge an admission into the field, and recouped the cost of his damaged field many times over.  This intricate glyph was one of two Julia Sets to appear in the summer of 1996, and was linked to internal linkfractals, and possibly internal linkchaosHail Eris! theory (or even the new vogue of chaos internal linkmagic).  Stonehenge is one of a number of places that attract crop circles over and over again through the years, along with Silbury Hill, the Punch Bowl at Cheesefood Head and East Field at Alton Barnes, to name a few.  HOwever, Stonehenge appears to be one of the pivotal points in the world of crop circles, with a majority of the formations occurring within a forty-mile radius of theWorld Heritage site.
 - _The Crop Circles of Wessex_atomjacked inventory cache

Crop Circle formation near stonehenge Stonehenge

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30:08 This sign structure is found on Nordic Bronze Age altars and in prehistoric internal linkEgypt.30:16 is also a heraldic sign known as a mirror. As a Bronze Age ideogram it was most probably a internal linksun symbol.
  Compare with the internal linkMayan cross30:47, and with , found in ancient Troy and made up of five sun signs and an arrow cross.
  In eighteenth-century chemistry this sign was used for saccharum or sugar.
  The same structure, but with a filled inner circle, , is a modern German map sign for radio beacon (the sign 08:7 is a synonym).
  In August 12 1989 this structure was a crop circle in southern England.

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In his extensive internal linkdatabase, leading crop circles researcher Colin Andrews notes several accounts of a trilling sound heard by people prior to witnessing crop circles forming. The reports describe a total stillness in the air; the morning song of birds stops, proceeded by a trilling sound and the banging together of wheat heads despite an absence of wind. The crop then lays down in spiral fashion, the whole episode lasting no more than fifteen seconds.

This sound was eventually captured on magnetic tape and analyzed at internal linkNASAJet Propulsion Lab (located in internal linkPasadena, California, started by internal linkJack Parsons) as mechanical in nature and beating at a internal linkfrequency of 5.2kHz. The same sound had been previously heard by a BBC cameraman whilst recording an interview near a crop circle, shortly before crossing the formation's threshold which proceeded to render two $50,000 TV cameras obsolete. Obviously, if sound is a main component in the creation of crop circles it can certainly be interacted with.

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my crop circle windchime crop circle windchime detail

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A quote from Freddy Silva of Crop Circular:

"This coincidence echoes the repeated claims by many channelers/mediums/sensitive people at the beginning phase of the phenomenon that the Earth is undergoing a change in internal linkfrequency - a raising in the Earth's vibrationary rate, a sentiment also shared in the prophesies of native tribes around the world concerning Earth changes of this period. Further corroboration comes from internal linkNASA whose recent soundings of Earth from space record a rise in the frequency 'hum' emitted by the planet."

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Crop-circle articles that appear in scientific journals, when they appear at all, are usually of the debunking variety. But here follows the abstract from a recent paper printed in a European journal. It presents data that could lead to a technique for separating "internal linkreal" crop circles from hoaxes.

"Crop formations consist of geometrically organized regions ranging from 2 to 80 m diameter, in which the plants (primarily grain crops) are flattened in a horizontal position. Plants from crop formations display anatomical alterations which cannot be accounted for by assuming the formations are hoaxes. Near the soil surface the curved stems often form complex swirls with 'internal linkvortex' type patterns. In the present paper, evidence is presented which indicates that structural and cellular alterations take place in plants exposed within the confines of the 'circle' type formations, differences which were determined to be statistically significant when compared with control plants taken outside the formation. These transformations were manifested at the macroscopic level as abnormal internal linknodal swelling, gross malformations during embryogenesis, and charred epidermal tissue. Significant changes in seed germination and development were found, and at the microscopic level differences were observed in cell wall pit structures. Affected plants also have characteristics suggesting the involvement of internal linktransient high temperatures."

(Levengood, W.C.; "Anatomical internal linkAnomalies in Crop Formation Plants," Physiologia Plantarum, 92:356, 1994. Cr. N. Talbott)

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On one hand, mainstream scientists, when they deign to notice them at all, pronounce that all crop circles are the work of hoaxers, as in the article by J.W. Deardorff referenced below. On the other hand, several books and a flood of reports in fringe publications claim that the crop circles, particularly the complex ones, are evidence that extraterrestrial intelligences are attempting to communicate with us. There is also a middle ground upon which stands G.T. Meaden, a physicist, and a few other scientists. Meaden has summarized this third position in the following paragraph:

     "...we believe that the formation of real crop circles is a rare phenomenon resulting
     from the motion of a spinning mass of air which Professor Tokio Kikuchi has modelled
     by computer simulation and calls a nanoburst. This disturbance could involve the
     breakdown of an up-spinning internal linkvortex of the eddy or whirlwind type. On this theoretical
     model such a internal linkprocess leads to plain circles and ringed circles---types which are
     known from pre-hoax times in Britain and other countries, and are the only species
     which credible eye-witnesses have seen forming. All other so-called crop circles
     reported in the media news in recent years are likely to be the result of intelligent
     hoaxing, while the so-called paranormal events to which Deardorff alludes are nothing
     but the consequence of poor observation and/or exaggeration by susceptible mystics
     and vulnerable pseudoscientists. In the absence of hoaxing the subject would still be
     unknown to the general public because the average number of real-circle reports per
     annum is small (indeed in some years it may be internal linkzero)."

(Meaden, G. Terence; "Crop Circles: The Real and the Hoaxed," Weather, 47:368, 1992. Deardorff, J.W.; "Crop Circles: Someone Had to Say It!" Weather, 47:142, 1992.)

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internal linkUsenet:

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external linkThe Crop Circular - Is sound behind the creation of crop circles?
external linkCrop Circle Connector

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