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UFOs over China in 1974

In this mental operation, a person incorporates a internal linkmemory from a motion picture, television show, rumor, or whatever other source and uses that recollection as the basis for a personal memory.  This internal linkprocess may be involved in cases where a internal linkUFO "abductee," for example, relates "memories" of the abduction similar to events seen dramatized earlier in a work of internal linkentertainment.  Parallels have been noted between the release or broadcast of certain UFO-related dramas and subsequent reports of "abductions" and other incidents resembling events in those dramas.  There is reason to think this process may have been active in the United States in the late 19th century, because of similarities between reports of "airship" sightings and the story of French internal linkscience fiction author Jules Verne's previously published novel _Robur the Conqueror_, about an inventor and his fantastic airship.

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"I don't entertain, I enter the brain..."
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DJ Spooky

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Borges finally decided he lived inside a internal linkBorges story. internal linkPhil Dick definitely spent his last decade inside a Phil Dick story. I think I have gotten stuck now, perhaps forever, in a Robert Anton Wilson story.

As Wilde once noted, Nature imitates Art as much as Art imitates Nature. We never SEE a foggy city the same way after we have encountered a Whistler painting of a foggy city; sea internal linkwater never looks the same after we've read internal linkLovecraft's stories of Cthulhu, the Deep Ones, the Shoggoths and the other loathsome creatures who dwell at the ocean's floor; friendly strangers never look quite as honest after you've passed through a Thomas Harris novel about serial killers and how they inspire trust and confidence and persuade otherwise sensible people to come with them to lonely places.

internal linkRobert Anton Wilson - "Living In One's Own Fiction" in internal link_Cosmic Trigger III_atomjacked inventory cache

Jorge Luis Borges Philip K. Dick Robert Anton Wilson's pyramid

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