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The primary internal linkintention of a pilgrim's visit to a pilgrimage site is to receive the darshan of the deity resident in the temple's inner sanctum or open-air shrine. The word darshan, difficult to translate into English, generally means the pilgrim's having a sight and/or experience of the deity. Hindus believe that the deity is actually manifest in the image, statue, or icon of the temple. To receive the darshan of the deity is to have a spiritual communion with it. The image of the deity may either be an iconic, or representational, image that bears some resemblance to its mythic subject, or an aniconic form that merely symbolizes the deity. In a large number of celebrated shrines in India no beautiful statues of the gods and goddesses are found, but only aniconic blocks of stone or stumps of wood.  This tradition of aniconic images derives from the rural folk religions of ancient India and bears witness to the great antiquity of the sanctity of certain places. The shrine in its initial phase may have been only a crude little hut covering a stone that both represented and contained some spirit of the natural world. As millennia passed and the small rural village grew slowly into a larger and larger town, both the myths concerning the stone and the shrine surrounding that stone were richly elaborated. It is therefore important when studying or visiting the often monumental pilgrimage shrines of India to remember that they had their architectural genesis in the simple nature-sanctuaries of the pre-Aryan rural folk, and that they had their mythological genesis in an ancient peoples' felt experience of the varied characteristics or qualities of the earth spirit resident at a particular place.

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members: Grant Collins, Mark Robinson

Darshan's studio is near internal linkStonehenge.  It was used to produce house - track _Give Me_ on Ouch! records in (1993)

Darshan - Awakening
Second Flight - Turbulence Re:evolution 2 - Time

Celtic Cross - Hicksville Dragonfly
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