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defend (dî-fèndŽ) verb
defended, defending, defends verb, transitive
1. To make or keep safe from danger, attack, or harm.
2. To support or maintain, as by argument or action; justify.
3. Law. a. To represent (a defendant) in a civil or criminal action. b. To attempt to disprove or invalidate (an action or a claim).

verb, intransitive
To make a defense.
[Middle English defenden, from Old French defendre, from Latin dêfendere, to ward off.]
- defendŽable adjective
- defendŽer noun

Synonyms: defend, protect, guard, preserve, shield, safeguard. These verbs mean to make or keep safe from danger, attack, or harm. Defend implies the taking of measures to repel an attack: defending the island against invasion; tried to defend his reputation. Protect often suggests providing a cover to repel discomfort, injury, or attack: bought a dog to protect the children from unfriendly strangers; wore sunglasses to protect my eyes; has to learn to protect herself. Guard suggests keeping watch: police guarding the entrance to the embassy; guarded the house against intruders. To preserve is to take measures to maintain something in safety: fighting to preserve freedom; ecologists working to preserve our natural resources. Shield suggests protection likened to a piece of defensive armor interposed between the threat and the threatened: His lawyers tried to shield him from the angry reporters. Safeguard stresses protection against potential or less imminent danger and often implies preventive action: The Bill of Rights safeguards our individual liberties.

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Defender, the first of these games to be released (in internal link1980), puts you in control of a small, one-person spaceship, cruising above the earth's surface. Here you engage a variety of internal linkalien ships in combat, while trying to prevent them from picking up the humans roaming the surface and converting them into "mutants" (evil, flying hybrid alien/human ships), all the while avoiding weapons fire from enemy craft. As it happens, this is quite difficult to do, particularly as the game progresses to the higher "internal linkwaves". The aliens get quicker and more aggressive (particularly the Baiter, a superfast rectangular internal linkgreen enemy ship which is usually nearly impossible to out do), and appearing in relentless numbers. Allow all humans to be snatched by aliens, and the planet below explodes, thrusting you into space with a suddenly multiplied bevy of aliens awaiting you. Game play quickly reaches an internal linkintensely manic pace where all but the most hardboiled "Defender-heads" are doomed to a quick death at the hands of ruthless aliens.

Defender is classic Williams; exciting and extremely addictive. Its sounds are very good and contribute immensely to the overall quality of the gameplay. One of the all-time greats.

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Start Free Man Lander Pickup Ship Materializing Swarmer
Defender - Start wav
Defender - Free Man wav
Defender - Lander Pickup wav
Defender - Ship Materializing wav
Defender - Swarmer wav

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The Jesus Lizard - Liar 12" (picture disc)

The Jesus Lizard - Liar 12" (dark red vinyl)
Computor Rockers - Galaxy Defenders on Psychic TV - Magick Defends Itself 12inch on Temple (1986)
S.O.A. - State Of Alert - Henry Garfield (Rollins) on vocals 1980
Linton Kwesi Johnson - Dread Beat & Dub 12inch (1981) Don Caballero 2 on Touch and Go (1995)
Archers Of Loaf - All The Nations Airports on Alias (1996)
Brant Bjork - Jalamanta 12"x2

Brant Bjork - Jalamanta 12"x2

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