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Digital trance formation


This nOde last updated January 14th, 2005 and is permanently morphing...
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digital (dj-tl) adjective
1.Of, relating to, or resembling a digit, especially a finger.
2.Operated or done with the fingers: a digital switch.
3.Having digits.
4.Expressed in digits, especially for use by a computer.
5.Using or giving a reading in digits: a digital clock.
Information in formation

A key played with the finger, as on a piano.
- digitally adverb


Digitize, in computer science, to convert any continuously varying source of input, such as the lines in a drawing or a sound signal, into a series of discrete units represented (in a computer) by the binary digits internal link0 and 1. A drawing or photograph, for example, can be digitized by a scanner that converts lines and shading into combinations of 0's and 1's by sensing different intensities of internal linklight and dark. Analog-to-digital converters are commonly used to perform this translation.


Digital, related to digits or the way they are represented. In computing, digital is virtually synonymous with binary because the computers familiar to most people internal linkprocess internal linkinformation coded as combinations of binary digits (bits). One bit can represent at most two values; 2 bits, four values; internal link8 bits, 256 values; and so on. Values that fall between two numbers are represented as either the lower or the higher of the two. Because digital representation represents a value as a coded number, the range of values represented can be very wide, although the number of possible values is limited by the number of bits used.

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Digital intercourse is now the yoga of the Western world, cultivating and nourishing relationships, ainternal linkvirtual world of telepathic linkage. The computer and the mouse will be compared in the future to the plough when farming started. These improvements are a small reflection of a far greater picture not only joined by an internal linkelectrical grid but because of the new understanding of numeric internal linkmagic and sacred geometry. Now we can peer deeper into the pool of internal linkconsciousness. It's internal linktime to download our consciousness while high internal linkwired to internal linkinfinity.

 - internal linkTIPWorld


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This appetite for digital data, more and faster, can now be recognized as a species need.  The brain needs electrons and psychoactive chemicals like the body needs oxygen.  Just as body nutritionists list our daily requirements fo vitamins, so will our brain-psyberneticians soon be listing our daily requirements for various classes of digital information.
 - internal linkTimothy Learyinternal link_ChaosHail Eris!& Cyberculture_atomjacked inventory cache 

Timothy Leary's finger Chaos & Cyberculture by Timothy Leary

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"The ultimate goal: Where is technology going? Its ultimate goal is to bridge mind and matter in realtime. That is, to have no internal linkinterface, no medium. (The medium is the message - no more message no more medium.) Just direct thought to matter (which is already experienced in Brain) All this is going on in very fast pace right now. If you can translate every matter into 0 1, or into a digit, every texture, every substance, every sensory input or output, every displayform, you are dealing with a complete internal linketherealization of matter. Its becoming cosubstantial with mind by digitization. Digitization is one step beyond atomization.  Atomization remains material - digitization is spiritual atomization. Very very much the internal linkprocess of 2000 years history.   Instant distribution - the internal linknet, huge computers, 20 million co-processors - so we have instant communication everywhere and that is another internal linketheinternal linkrealization of form and it is another transmutation of mind. Completely new associations of internal linkconsciousness are going on - so that's another aspect of this transformation. "

- internal linkPeter Lamborn Wilsoninternal link_Information War_

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"Oh, yes. Digital technology is the new religion. Just this once let us keep internal linkour gods in our own hands." - Paul Joiner

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The scientist John Archibald Wheeler (coiner of the term "internal linkblack hole") was onto this in the internal link'80s. He claimed that, fundamentally, atoms are made up of of bits of information. As he put it in a 1989 lecture, "Its are from bits." He elaborated: "Every it every particle, every field of internal linkforce, even the space-internal linktime continuum itself derives its function, its meaning, its very existence entirely from binary choices, bits. What we call internal linkreality arises in the last analysis from the posing of yes/no questions."

internal linkKevin Kelly

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Shamanic Trance - 1 Dada Funk mixed by Tsuyoshi Suzuki Tsuyoshi Suzuki
digital pizza vortexing

every body

Insect Jazz - Hum and Buzz 12inch x2 on Elektrolux Zoviet France - Digilogue CD on Soleilmoon (1996)
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