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disco volante

Disco Volante
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spanish for "flying disc"
Notes on _Thunderball_ (1965):
- The budget was $5,500,000 ($500,000 of which was spent on Largo's yacht the Disco Volante).
- The first 007 movie to be filmed in Panavision.
- Stuntman Bill Cumming was paid a $450 bonus to jump into Largo's shark infested pool.
internal linkIntended to be the first 007 movie, but legal wrangles with its co-author lead to _Dr. No_ (1962) being chosen instead.
- Molly Peters  is the the first Bond girl to appear in the nude (albeit behind shower glass).
- Martine Beswick ('Paula Catlin') had previously appeared in   _From Russia with Love (1963)_.
- The many underinternal linkwater scenes stem from writer Kevin McClory's interest in watersports.
- Claudine Auger  was a former Miss France, but being French her voice was internal linkdubbed.

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The Disco Volante has generated far more interest and internal linkattention that its production run (if one could call it that) warrants and that shows just how succesful it was in its own way. It was primarily a show car, a car to get Alfa noticed and talked about, but secondly it was built as a test-bed for a new 3-litre six-cylinder power unit. It was also meant to earn its keep in sports car racing, where it was intended that the model would gain even more useful publicity for Alfa. It took its name (which translates as "flying saucer") from its voluptuous two-seat coachwork, built by Touring in association with Alfa engineers Colombo and Satta. Six were built and tested during 1952, two of 'em short-wheelbase models with the internal link1900 four-cylinder engine. As a result of this development programme, the car was extensively modified for 1952 when a team of four coupes was entered in the Mille Miglia, one a 2-litre four the others powered by 3.6 litre six-cylinder engines. The 2-litre retired early in the race, but the other three cars all held the lead at some time during the event. However, engine failure eliminated one car, a transmission oil leak another, while the third car, driven by Fangio, suffered a partial steering failure, only the righ-hand wheel responding. As a result, the car could only be driven slowly round bends, was overtaken by a Ferrari, and finished second... One of the 1953 works cars was then sold to Jo Bonnier and fitted with an open two-seater Zagato body, in which form it was raced during 1955. It should be remembered that the competition models did not have the same rather outrageous bodywork of Touring's original, the car that everyone thinks of as the Disco Volante.

1952 Disco Volante

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John Zorn

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internal link604 entity Disco Volante

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Mr. Bungle - Disco Volante

experimental rock release _Disco Volante_ by Mr. Bungle (1995)

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