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Theater and Film, 1955

Disneyland opens July 17 at Anaheim 25 miles south of internal linkLos Angeles. Mickey Mouse originator Walt Disney has mortgaged his life insurance, stock holdings, house, and furniture to acquire an orange grove, cut it down, and finance construction of the Jungle River Ride, Mark Twain paddle-wheeler ride, and other attractions of Adventureland, Frontierland, Fantasyland, and Tomorrowland for the $17 million 244-acre amusement park. He will assemble a 27,500-acre tract near Orlando, Fla., to build a Disneyland East that will be part of a vacation resort, but chain-smoker Disney will die of lung cancer at age 65 in mid-December 1965 and never see Walt Disney World.

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boundary dissolution... Peyote

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That a Disney film should be a showcase for this notion is not as surprising as it might first appear.  One has only to recall the carefully choreographed internal linkdances of Oriental internal linkmushrooms in _Fantasia_ to wonder whether some portions of the Disney production group might have been internal linkshamanically inspired.  After all, _Fantasia_ was a very serious and ambitious effort to make internal linksynesthesia a motif for popular internal linkentertainment.  Rumors persist that many of the European animators whom Disney hired for his extravagant projects were aware of the internal linkpsychedelic experience.  Among the Czech animators who joined the Disney group during this period were some who probably knew of the vision-producting power of internal linkpeyote and its chemical constituent, mescaline.

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Adventure Through Inner Space is an oldschool ride that's no longer there, but it held up as one of the more interesting ones.

Adventure Through Inner Space

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On a personal note, i have taken mushrooms at Disneyland twice.  I swear by it.  The place was made for ADULTS to consume mushrooms.  Just walking into the place, knowing the effects of psychedelics, especially mushrooms, makes you feel like you are oozing fungus.  Every little hint, including the very modern and new rides and settings like Toon-town, is tailored made for such adventure.  all the "kiddie" rides now make perfect sense and you do see through the eyes of a child.  fungus motifs are noticeable in EVERY children's ride.  the theme park is a place for smiles so you'll catch yourself with a silly grin most of the time.  the only drawback is waiting in line with possible bad vibes coming from people next to you, but most of the time people don't notice. as far as the notion of the theme park itself, its original internal linkintent, and Walt Disney the man, they are not worth my time or my internal linkattention.  but you have to wonder what went on in the early years...- @Om* 1/29/2000

hint: never bring illicit chemicals INSIDE the park.  rumors abound of internal linktunnels leading directly to the Anaheim police station through an underground tunnel below Tom Sawyer's island, including murals of Mickey and co. in tears being handcuffed.  always consume in the parking lot and walk in empty handed.  cameras are everywhere.
Disneyland underground tunnel map

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For internal linkBaudrillard, the power of simulation only further extends the reach of what Guy Debord castigated in the 1960s as "the society of the spectacle." The media have become a kind of orbiting genetic code that "mutates" the internal linkreal into the internal linkhyperreal, thereby producing "social control by anticipation, simulation and programming."Like internal linkDick, Baudrillard saw Disneyland as the internal linkarchetypal hyperreal environment, though perhaps the technophilic "Gulf War" we watched through the dark glass of CNN, with its smart bombs and internal linkvirtual-reality pilot runs, should stand as the most delirious thrill ride yet offered by the internal linknew world order of simulation.

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Philip K. Dick

internal linkPhilip K. Dick spent his last years in Orange County, living only a few miles from Disneyland. For a writer obsessed with the internal linkmetaphysical tango between the authentic and the artificial, the environment was almost too perfect. Ambiguously characterizing the theme park as an "internal linkevolving organism," Dick tied its synthetic realities to both the global developments of postindustrial culture and to the ersatz constructs of his own books. As he pointed out in his late essay "How to Build a Universe that Doesn't Fall Apart in Two Days."

" ...today we live in a society in which spurious realities are manufactured by the media,  by governments, by big corporations, by religious groups, political groups...unceasingly we are bombarded with pseudo-realities manufactured by very sophisticated people using very sophisticated electronic mechanisms. I do not disinternal linktrust their motives; I distrust their power."

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Disney does most of its communication without resorting to words, and for the most part, the words aren't missed.  Some of Disney's older properties, such as _Peter internal linkPan_, _Winnie the Pooh_, and internal link_Alice in Wonderland_, came out of books. But the authors' names are rarely if ever mentioned, and you can't buy the original books at the Disney store. If you could, they would all seem old and queer, like very bad knockoffs of the purer, more authentic Disney versions. Compared to more recent productions like _Beauty and the Beast_ and _Mulan_, the Disney movies based on these books (particularly _Alice in Wonderland_ and _Peter Pan_) seem deeply bizarre, and not wholly appropriate for children. That stands to reason, because internal linkLewis Carroll and J.M. Barrie were very strange men, and such is the nature of the written word that their personal strangeness shines straight through all the layers of Disneyfication like x-rays through a wall.

Neal Stephenson

Probably for this very reason, Disney seems to have stopped buying books altogether, and now finds its themes and characters in folk tales, which have the lapidary, internal linktime-worn quality of the ancient bricks in the Maharajah's ruins.

I was in Disney World recently, specifically the part of it called the internal linkMagic Kingdom, walking up Main Street USA. This is a perfect gingerbready Victorian small town that culminates in a Disney castle. It was very crowded; we shuffled rather than walked. Directly in front of me was a man with a camcorder. It was one of the new breed of camcorders where instead of peering through a viewfinder you gaze at a flat-panel color screen about the size of a playing card, which televises live coverage of whatever the camcorder is seeing. He was holding the appliance close to his face, so that it obstructed his view. Rather than go see a real small town for free, he had paid money to see a pretend one, and rather than see it with the naked eye he was watching it on television.

And rather than stay home and read a book, I was watching him.

internal linkNeal Stephenson - _In The Beginning Was The Command Line_

Archaic Revival cover Nanotech - the quest for the first molecular assembler Terence McKenna - the force will be with you...always

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How can the internal linkarchaic revival exist in an 'internal linkInterneted' planet of six, seven, internal linkeight, billion people? The answer is what is always the answer: through technology, through internal linkvirtual reality, through internal linknanotechnology. Eventually I want to see us end up in a place where we walk naked on a beach at sunset. We appear to be completely primitive people. Healthy, naked, no infrastructure, no cities, no nothing. But if you were suddenly to find yourself in the body of one of those people and close your eyes, you would see menus hanging in space. These are the menus of the culture: world news menus, world weather menus, latest menus. Talk to your friend on the other side of the planet. In other words, the Internet will become an integrated prosthesis of the human body. Another version of that is...and they are watched by a bird in the top of a palm tree and that bird is as smart and as human as they are. In other words, this thing which we call human intelligence is only human because that's the vessel  in which we find it. What it is is intelligence. It may be that our destiny is to give this intelligence to nature; that we are the awakener and we can touch the grass, the coral reef, the starling flock and say, "Come into consciousness, find yourself in being, join us in the adventure, give us your perspective on being." All nature could profit from intelligence. So, if we can, that would be a fitting payback. It's a kind of peaceable kingdom vision. Or some people say, "Disney run amok," but...[Laughs] I like it. We're going to end up telepathic angels whether god has it in his plan or we have to schedule the surgery to do it. This is where we're headed. We have decided that the human soul collectively shall be born out of our bodies and this is what all this technology is leading to. It would be pretty scary if you didn't believe in the essential goodness of human nature but I do. I'm not very modern, I'm not existential, I'm a Platonist. I believe in the good, the true, and the beautiful, and I believe they're the same thing, same same. So as long as you keep moving in that direction it will hold now and take care of itself. So that's the archaic revival. [Laughs]

internal linkTerence McKenna
Kyoto Journal: external linkhttp://www.kampo.co.jp/kyoto-journal

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The first "technology" corporation to move into California's internal linkSilicon Valley was internal linkHewlett-Packard, in 1938.  Stanford University engineers Bill Hewlett and Dave Packard started their company in a Palo Alto garage, with $1,538.  Their first product was an audio internal linkoscillator bought by Walt Disney Studios for use in making _Fantasia_.

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Disneyland excursions:

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Most artists, if pressed, will admit that the true mother of invention in the arts is not necessity, but theft. Cultural giants steal, and so do corporate giants. Ironically, many of Disney's animated films are based on Nineteenth Century public domain works, including _Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs_, _Cinderella_, _Pinocchio_, _The Hunchback of Notre Dame_, _Alice in Wonderland_, and _The Jungle Book_ (released exactly one year after Kipling's copyrights expired).

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At 12 years old, internal linkSarah Polley (internal link_Go_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache, _eXistenZ_ (vhs/ntsc)atomjacked inventory cache) stood up for her rights at a children's award show when Disney asked her to remove a peace symbol she was wearing (Disney decided to blacklist her from future involvement in their movies).

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ska internal linkpunk track _Artificial Life_ MP3atomjacked inventory cache by Operation Ivy off of _Energy_ 12"atomjacked inventory cache/CDatomjacked inventory cache on internal linkLookout! (1989)

American culture, Disneyland freakshow

screen in your living room
A window for your tomb
You can't compare to the world sitting there
Repress your insecurities watch and escape

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When you enter Disneyland, you are actually on the top floor of a giant complex of underground facilities, providing most of the "heart and health" of the park with security, employee facilities, garbage collection and other important administrative aspects all hidden from view. You don't see garbage stacked outside Disneyland waiting to be picked up, and you never see an employee shuffling out to the lot after a long day. The park has even developed its own nomenclature to insulate gritty details from the public; a 'protein spill' is the code that a child's vomit needs to be mopped up.

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Walt Disney himself:

Rebel Alliance
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Disneyland Jungle Cruise... face, tree, croc - atomjacked March 14th, 2002 Disneyland - Jungle Cruise - Ganesh - atomjacked March 14th, 2002


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Mono - Formica Blues (1997) Neurodisney - Contatto ep

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internal linkUsenet: alt.disney.secrets
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