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Dr. Octagon - Automator and Kool Keith

Dr. Octagon

This nOde last updated January 15th, 2008 and is permanently morphing...
(9 Et'znab (Flint) / 6 Muwan (Owl) - 178/260 -

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Dr. Octagon, MD - Kool Keith

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Dr. Octagon - _Dr. Octagonecologyst_ CDratomjacked inventory cache
Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagonecologyst
DJ Qbert in the video for Blue Flowers by Dr. Octagon
Dr. Octagon 12"x3 front cover

half shark alligator half man

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stop. octagon intensifies Jack Black Sesame Street

Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   I Got to Tell You (A Visit to the Doctor)
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

"Hello, this is the offices of Dr. Octagon.
 If you have insurance or medical problems, I'm here for you
 for any type of intestine surgery, rectal rebuilding, relocated
 saliva glands... and chimpanzee acne!  And of course moose bumps.
 You can call 1-800PP51-DooDoo. I'm in your corner."

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Dr. Octagon - Dr. Octagon 12"x2 (1996)

Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith) f/ Sir Menelik
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   Dr. Octagon
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

[Kool Keith]
Live, November 6, 1996
at the Great Western Forum in Inglewood, CA
Dr. Octagonecologyst and Chewbacca Uncircumcised
perform with  Curt Kobane and Roger from Zapp

[Sir Menelik]
The plane managed to land, the skeleton at the controls
A place called the Twilight Zone
Are extraterrestrials able to accomplish this?
I will explain but you'd become more internal linkpuzzled at the possibilities
Earth ending trilogies, wacky stuff
Like gas passing internal linkdinosaurs
While I stroll in circles blindfolded
Gave a lady some wrinkle cream out of rat poop
You might just laugh so hard your skull cracks
Brain spills thick blood shooting out like a champagne cork
Females so horny and mean, sucking scales off of live rattlesnakes
My boy gave his girl money for groceries, she got a new hairdo
Women like this could even make the devil commit suicide
hung from a tree on Johannesburg with no parachute
Big-Bigfoot captured by internal linkUFO's
UFO's in China 1974

Haloes were found, at the landing sites, vanishing
Vanishing victims, kept alive on metal examining tables
Ex-Experts baffled they could survive the caustic exposure
to laser scalpels, internal linkgreen berets
internal linkFlowing cold heads in mechanical wombs
Radioactive constant temperature circular appendages
Cripples start shaking sending distress signals
We're not alone in the internal linkTwilight Zone
The Twilight Zone light cone vortex

            "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple
*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple

[Kool Keith]
Back in spiral, I roast humans like a gyro
New York, Atlanta, Africa to Cairo
Diplomat King Presidential offspring
Two miles from Westinghouse, with internal linklights down South
Government chemical internal linkvoodoo man miracle
Super disease your brain is more hysterical
My urine see paralyze your ability with space codes
electrodes you're ready for a pap smear
Wax in your inner ear, doodoo in your outer ear
Two cows a zebra will jump through your atmosphere
Giraffe-Funk will raise beamin through your trunk
Steam of Legion, to burn up in your anal region
Power contracting with bombs in his rectum factor
Utilized phonic likeinternal linkwater in your Panasonic
Trip or slip or fall
Right into the earth pit, gamma ray toilet
Microbes on your earth shit
Dr. Ludicrous, I turn into a internal linkoctapus
Grab internal linkeight species, isolate like an incubus
Convert with probes,internal linkgreen shit is on your earlobes
Attack what stomach with juice they call gastric
internal linkAlien bugs with sickle cell, get they ass kicked
Dermatologist examine more black cysts
Radiation butter pouring down your sinus, it's Dr. Octagon

*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple
*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple

[Sir Menelik]
Utilize to abuse minds
Slice head halves, let's probe the subconcious lobe
Mathematical parabola, ACT test and just ex-plorating
the creative arctic regions, or isolating cockpit
A regular pitstop monitoring with enough fuel to internal linkfly a small dirigible
To a place an oasis in a nebula, Earth
Universal charting unseen atmosphere
Requesting assistance, I speed through internal linkwaves like a Concorde SST
Then open aperature
The shape of Octagon selects forward morphing it's the vertical internal linkFrankenstein
Prototype of like Kervorkian
Mind pedestrian controls
Spend internal linkelevation gobble the ignorant supersonic cruise
Hidin to think, internal linkfocus psychosis with Von Blowford
Black internal linklotus releases when life is flailing external
terminal update, thermal conducted power source supplied
Man on the internal linkmoon pumps amps, or souped up cable boxes

getting up impossible
The speaker needs another dose, concoct
Concoct the scenario view, in a position of a coroner
describing current events bent on human dismemberment
To a point of no resemblance
We're not alone in the Twilight Zone

*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple
*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple

[Kool Keith]
Like Enoch, I wear my cape, you can't destroy
my impeccable caliber that makes your vision blur
I drop particle X when having Rhythm sex
internal linkVoodoo arrangers with the kids Power Rangers
Make me see other men, gorillas masterbating with human strangers
Legally through court, you're stung by a genital wart
Chlamydia, through the city-a
internal linkLos Angeles Texas has a serpent that's urgent
for the mass appeal biomedical test your rectum
squeezing in internal linkbanana peels
Outwards backwards towards Boston
It's costing androids leaving humans with hemerrhoids
Thinking more of what they can't explore, like
the internal linkcartoon Donald Duck is giving fellatio on the floor
with Reed Richards, looking at The Thing's naked pictures
Taking Ex-Lax to relax with the needle and thread
sewing up all the other buttcracks
In the industry there's no one who can mess with me
Dr. Octagon, now serving coleslaw and pink pickles

            "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple
*scratched* "They waved among the trees at breakneck speed... their internal linkbikes"
[Kool Keith] Keep it simple
            "Detached his bike, and leaped to safety
             Just before they collided with a tree..."

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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   Earth People
Typed by: OHHLA.com

   Verse 1

   First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer
   Breakin' his back, chisel necks for the answer
   Supersonic bionic robot internal linkvoodoo power
   Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex
   With power meters and heaters gauge anti-freeze
   Octagon oxygen, aluminum intoxicants
   More ways to blow blood cells in your face
   React with four bombs and six fire missiles
   Armed with seven rounds of space doo-doo pistols
   You may not believe, livin' on the Earth planet
   My skin is internal linkgreen and silver, warhead lookin' mean
   Astronauts get played, tough like the ukelele
   As I move in rockets, overriding, levels
   Nothing's aware, same data, same system


   Earth People, New York and California
   Earth People, I was born on internal linkJupiter x4
Jupiter's sclerosis of the eye

     Verse 2

   Now my helmet's on, you can't tell me I'm not in space
   With the National Guard United States Enterprise
   Diplomat of swing with internal linkaliens at my feet
   Comin' down the rampart through beam on the street
   Obsolete computes, compounds and dead sounds
   As I locate intricately independent
   Economic rhymer got savoury store food
   In Capsule D my program is ability
   For a reaction and response to a no-one
   Identification Code: Unidentified
   I got cosmophonic, pressed a button, changed my face
   You recognised, so what? I turned invisible
   Made myself clear, reappeared to you visual
   Disappear again, zapped like a android
   Face the fact, I fly on planets every day
   My nucleus friend, prepare, I return again
   My 7XL is not yet invented

   Repeat chorus

   Verse 3

   Space Ranger, contact tubes, send synthetics
   I program one and go to Earth through the fax machine
   My number's Seven-Oh-Nine Seven-Five-Five Six-E-L-Three
   Computer File: Nine-Three
internal linkDigital level, standing on the terminal
   Upside down through polygons fightin' pentagons
   Changin' blue skin, my brown colour's comin' back
   I'm internal linkpsychedelic this internal linktime, come in rainbow
   Look at the green lights and y'all see my brain glow
   Five colours: yellow, black and red and green...purple

   Repeat chorus

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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   Blue Flowers
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

"Let me show you somethin" (2X)
Spock shows emotion from blue flowers in the pilot episode

Dr. Octagon, paramedic fetus of the East
with priests, I'm from the Church of the Operating Room
with the strike support, scalpels since the holocaust
I do indeed in greed, explore meet the patients
Back to brooms with the nurse with the internal linkvoodoo curse
Holding up office lights, standing at huge heights
Back and forth, left wing swing to North
East and South with blood pouring down your mouth
I come prepared with the white suit and stethascope
Listen to your heartbeat, delete beep beep BEEP
Your insurance is high, but my price is cheap
Look at the land...                                     Blue Flowers!
Drawing by the purple pond, in the purple pastures      Blue Flowers!
Drawing by the purple pond, yellow ink that internal linkflows       Blue Flowers!
Drawing by the pond, look, it's raining yellow
Would you care to listen to me more?  Thank you

Holding bags on down right from the hospital
It's a patient that's worth to keep the germs off the turf
internal linkCybernetic microscopes and metal antidote
Two telescopes that magnify the size of a roach
Three computers to cup of coffee planted with my hand and
astroplanets detached turn on rear foggers
Cut the light on the kid, and turn the bright on
Supersonic internal linkwaves combine and burn as brainwaves
I see the mascot of Evil he's not Kneivel
internal linkShakespeare's gone don't even think about it
Yes, as I'm going to the park, I see...                 Blue Flowers!
It's raining internal linkgreen, by the pond                         Blue Flowers!
It's totally raining green, pouring                     Blue Flowers!
I smell the bees and the birds                          Blue Flowers!
Different aspects of life, blue flowers

*DJ Q-Bert cuts and scratches*
*"Let me show you something" sample repeats in background*
*DJ Q-Bert continues amazing turntablism that can't be put into words*

fusion telex

Artist: Dr. Octagon
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   Blue Flowers Revisited
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Dr. Octagon, paramedic internal linkfocus on the East
for priests my anisthetics prescribe a certain fertilizer
Homegrown computer wise on the microphone
Utilizing tracks inverted by animical
High typical internal linkforce, space sex intercourse
You get lost, and memorize to the Enterprise
Scotty the Captain, Mr. Spock keeps rappin
4212, the shit moves at warp speed
Dynamic 7, navigation of the coppers
Moving in crystals, operating lightspeed
I see the plants, they're growing

Blue Flowers (2X)

Cyber analog through internal linkvirtual reality
Different colors of earth rocks in variety
Medical equal, with helmets on the space people
Galactic at internal link8, the verdict can't demonstrate
You be confused, and disobeying planet rules
Biochemistry, with stars for publicity
Megasonic bass, with data chips in your face
Nuclear lend drums, that bang hard on dark tracks
Reacting reverb, concious spots on your nerve
I take a break like James Brown to the bridge
*singing* Sailing, takes me away
          To wherever I'm really going.. shoobedowop
          Up, up, and away!
          In my beautiful, balloon!
Optical biointernal linkfeedback, magnetic borders
X-Ray you see skeletons fly North for the next day
We give passes covered with dioxalyn gases
*singing again* Here's George Jetson!
Back with intriguing positive minerals
You enter the center search and raiding at random
with no condom, no rubbers will reach the testicles
and effect em, by animal means, I'm in your spectrum
As I walk through the garden of orange tomatoes, I see

Blue Flowers (3X)
blue flowers... yes...

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Artist: Dr. Octagon
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   I'm Destructive
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Taking a patient out of the bathroom into internal linkwater
That's right, get in the water and touch the internal linkelectricinternal linkwires

Hold this... here's some bread!

"Now you tell me how you can live in an apartment, with the pieces
 of a person, rotting away with decay and not know?"
        "I was totally sick, to tell the truth"
"Washing bones, why were you washing bones?"
        "Cause they were smelly"

[Kool Keith]
Think about it, if you was there standing looking at me
What would you do, if I hit your face with dog doodoo?
Smear purple flies on your forehead
Spit in your salad, vomit on your brother's breakfast
Take your ass outside, burn your mother's house
Bring pet mice, and scare your sister with my gray mouse
Then drop him under the bed, and leave him there dead
Take out your parakeet, with scissors, clip his head
Then get the charcoal, whassup, burn your dog's legs
Walk by the barbershop, and hit the glass with eggs
Then go in the club and internal linkdance, mix the alcohol
Great with roach spray, here's a drink, have a ball
Dance to the music, watch it party pooper
Yeah, you know...
I'm destructive (4X)

Bash in your head with ten full cans of Campbell's soup
I'm on the roof, I'm not another pigeon out the chicken coop
Stole your checks, and flush money down the toilet bowl
Look at the internal linkfrog, he's gone too down the commode

War paint on the carpet, your fur was my target
Give the baby some gum, a pack of BubbleYum
Stick it in the rugs, smearing green internal linklightning bugs


all around the walls, down the halls
Checking out doodoo on flame pits, niggaz with they armpits
down, smellin funky, check out the junkie, spit
I'm destructive!! (4X)

Like a green red blue reindeer, dead lying down with a fawn
Copulating, having sex
Mating with a babboon with buffalo wings

Like Hitler, the German Shephard, coming down from the Bronx
fighting moose you sound as soft as a goose
We all hang with tickets for Van Halen
Orifice, Autopsy, Def Leppard and Spaz
C'mon, drop the jazz Grateful Dead, rock with it
I'm destructive!!! (3X)

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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith/Mr. Gerbik)
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   halfsharkalligatorhalfman
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Intro One: (only on Dr. Octagon "hidden track" original version)

I would have been completely dead had it not been for the Shark Man.
        Shark Man?  *chuckling*
Judging from his appearance, that's the most appropriate
name I could come up with for him.
                I hate this kid.
        This uhh... THING you're talking about.
        It had the body of a shark, and the arms and face of a man?
That's the chap.
        Holy jumping jackfish!

Intro Two: Mr. Gerbik

*moaning, growling*
Yes, you have met the dangerous 208 year-old Uncle of Dr. Octagon.
I myself Mr. Gerbik.  Half-shark, half-man, skin like alligator.
Carrying a dead walrus.  Check it.

Verse One: Mr. Gerbik

With my white eyes, gray hair, face is sky-blue yellow
Sideburns react, my skin is colored lilac
My skin turn orange and internal linkgreen in the limousine
People think I'm mixed with shark, drinking gasoline
Underwater I breathe and let loose on my sleeve
Walking down Hollywood Boulevard with a credit card
Three alligators behind me, feel my skin is hard
Transvestites, and people watch space parasites
I left his head in the store, legs in the street
Body in Wilcox, with blood dripping off my feet
L.A.P.D. through gray clouds couldn't see me
I first turned rainbow, closed my eyes, watch my brain glow
People got scared and ranned away they think I'm weird
I was born this way, halfsharkalligator
Is he weird??

Chorus: Mr. Gerbik *singing*

        "Half man, half shark!"
        "Half man, half shark!"

Verse Two: Mr. Gerbik

My vomit fluctuates, covers your skull like protoplasm
internal linkLightning bugs turn pink, on my internal linktongue catches spasms
Green elephants, I battle streets with a zebra
My mechanism is more than Dionne's psychic internal linkvoodoo
African beads, snakeskins, cold script through you my medical passes
You can't see, with greedy glasses
Carbon dioxide, pour right through em with gases
My description internal linkdinosaur
I was made half-shark-half-man, my skin is like razor blades
Seven-oh-seven, Mr. Gerbik
Verbally no one change my thoughts, animals internal linkfly from Philly
My appetites more big it's time for wildabeasts
Adjust my skulls, seven eyes switch hydraulic scribbles
and shrimps, mack gorillas like a pimp

Chorus 2X

Verse Three: Mr. Gerbik

In my internal linkreal world, orangutangs internal linkdance for Thanksgiving
With skeleton bones and skunk tails, is my mission
Holding backward raps to all my power packs
Babboons clap, and girl horses wanna hit the sack
We're too bold for ocean internal linkwater, monkeys sniffin ice
internal linkContact Jupiter pools Martians bring my rice
I'm out flyin with purple capes in the twilight
Oooh ooh ooh, tonight's the night
My oxygen region's, New York to California
Half shark alligator half man!

Outro: PBS "Nature"

        It takes a supreme feat of strength to swim through
        the water plows while dragging two hundred and
        fifty pounds on your back... the crocodile's teeth
        are designed to seize and hold, not to cut through
        skin.  During all the hours the somber lay in the internal linkwater,
        but are unable to penetrate the deer's tough hide.
        The crocodiles make a few token objections; but in the
        end, give up the struggle

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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album:  Dr. Octagonecologyst
Song:   3000
Typed by: dj.flash@pobox.com

Three thousand!!!
Three thousand!!

I crank up lyrical flows, spit spats, what's that
The pattern records, don't touch the DATs, yo
Check out the pro skills, medic fulfills
internal linkContact react to style I'm back you lack
Channels and handles, Automator's on the panels
Turnin knobs you slobs suckers like Baskin Robs
Carvel don't tell your whole crew is ice cream fudge
Rappers that budge, makin moves step in internal linkgrooves
And ride the pace like at thirty-three dark shades
Now you seein me
Rap moves on to the year three thousand

Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!

Let me shuffle red red red see the black heart it ain't hard
Pick and choose you lose oops you lost
Check out the boss on Broadway down to walkways
Suckers with mics that end up with tooth decay
I, the Doctor, stop ya, in your world rock ya
Heads bop, forever tunes and they won't stop like hip-hop
keeps growing, sick of sick of showing
Scratches in matress business money reattaches worldwide
deep inside stops the diamond rocks
In a million world, billion world, quitrillion world
Rap moves on to the year three thousand

Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!
Three thousand!

As space I've shown participator acts walk up clog up and mess up
water down the sound, that comes from the ghetto
In the middle the core you tour explore experience
what is real you feel, changing ways
Commercial rap's in the grave, stuff on disc that's very wack
that you saved, you think it's good won't go platinum
or even turn wood, sell the cassette
Your homey's tape deck gets wet
You my internal linkpet, my poodle chicken noodle's on the rise
Open your eyes and see my life
Rap moves on to the year three thousand!

Three thousand!!
Three thousand!!
Three thousand!!
Three thousand!!!

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Artist: Dr. Octagon (Kool Keith)
Album: Dr. Octagonecologyst
Title: No Awareness

featuring Sir Menelik

[Dr. Octagon]
Your organic medical talk propels off my arms
The atom bomb final Lionel Richie not couth for this battle
I battle sing sing sing like bing bing bing
ricochet rapid grab it like a poppa
Watch you jam like a techer with old energy it's me
lyrically bionically you're panicked B
You end up in the ?  as I begat
Fertilizin your chrome  dome boils sore medicated
All internal linkflows rose and have a tweakin speakin
Puerto Rican the powerful machine gun stun
Ba-bum-bum-bum-bum-bum, ambulence, lights bright
Paramedics fetish your legs with eggs chicken you can hatch
Can't find too they dead ex, but the skin don't match

Chorus: Dr. Octagon (repeat 3X)

And you say, no awareness, swift as gold

[Sir Menelik]
Bio-production is greatly increased, magnetic fields
Velocity of projectiles, electro-liquid experiments
Theoretical observances and critical procedures, cool
to seventy-seven Kelvins, by submerging, steel cylinders
Secure capacitated it in the cyrogenic containin the crude samples
One millimeter, in diameter
Since the last explosion, December 3rd, 1992
Reinforce mixin copper nickel-beryllium oxide
Concentric layers, proportional carbon density of the radius
Indisturbed existance if it does produce contradictory statements
or internal linkquantuminternal linkwave functions, mechanic mind out of matter
This behaviour is accompanied by concious experience
Remains internal linkastral, flexing as ever
Ask Copernicus about pushing limits


[Dr. Octagon]
Like a twenty-five, pep-a-pep-pep, pellets beebee guns
will stun buns, kickin up dirt dust, must you see me
hittin like beepers, beep beep, vibrate
Take swift shake swift with myth, while you smoke a spliff
Change strange and detour thought more
minds with signs of minds on 8 by 10
class when atomic lines
You keep a deep thought, bop bought
My planet court rehearsal is a must, lust my vital
is a point to bust my inhabitants, past.. tense
ever since Presidents.. Lyndon B.
Jerry, John, George and Carter like Optimus
deep silk reflects on a starter
Megatron! Rejuvenate!

Chorus 1.33X

[Sir Menelik]
internal linkEdge, dislocation specifically, opportunity to form
and ultimately fail, under stress depends, on science immobile
epoxy, or stock composites
New conductors maximum amp use much finer, filaments
Eighteen percent, of volume, minus . three six nine degrees
Celsius, a record for resistive, electromagnets
A hybrid design, seven-hundred thirty-thousand gauss
for all types of DC residents, absorbed in
flowin through fifteen=thousand one-hundred watt, lightbulbs
Tremendous heat is generated, driven by direct
but not internal linkoscillating, current
Extremely, powerful, fascinating
Engineering reflections, acoustic depth by analysis
Vulnerable, to legal talents
High exposure, requires, mental protection, replica
Artificial dynamic internal linkMicrosoft tech
Heavy black cables Nova robot, demanding, internal linkbattery power
internal linkAcids found, in Josephalia, the master gene

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